Women`s outfits in popular sportswear looks are now commonplace in the cities. There are only a few situations in which sporty women`s fashion leaves you feeling underdressed these days. The sporty models impress with top comfort. On Keller x, you`ll find clothes and shoes that you`ll want to wear day in, day out. Find out more!

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Women`s sportswear for the city

You`re an energetic, dynamic woman who likes to enjoy the benefits of sportswear during everyday life, right? Well, you`re sure to be excited by our selection of women`s products. By the way, your way of dressing has a name: it`s a trend called "athleisure" that combines the words "athletic" with "leisure", which is the precise definition of what this style is about. To follow this trend, you need clothes that give you optimum freedom of movement and that can be worn for going shopping and working out at the gym. It`s super practical because it means you don`t have to change clothes. This kind of sportswear is actually a hybrid fashion with different goals. You can dress in athleisure gear from head to toe - and we offer headwear, clothes and comfortable women`s sports shoes in our shop.

What to expect from women`s sports fashion

Apart from feminine cuts, these models come with several practical functions, which are the result of combining quality materials: cotton is naturally breathable, but several high-tech fabrics made from synthetic fibres and mixed fabrics also allow excellent air circulation. When your garment contains any of these materials, you won`t feel like you`re sweating and your skin will stay dry. Summer models will even come with mesh panels made from perforated material that makes ventilation even better. Of course, these materials are stretchy and adapt to the shape of your body. The shoes in our collection are comfortable - we offer trainers and slides from famous international sports brands. The flat soles of these women`s shoe models enable a natural running/walking experience.

Sporty women`s fashion in eye-catching designs

One aspect is suitability for sports. The other aspect is design. While most specialist sports models are kept minimalistic, casual sportswear comes with all kinds of fashion highlights; after all, you`ll be sporting your lifestyle clothes in the city for everyone to see, whether you`re at uni, college or even the office. Unlike functional clothing for specialist sports disciplines, casual sportswear comes in a wide variety of colours and designs. Aesthetics are obviously very important here. Trendy trainers will even get you some envious glances at a nightclub. Unless you`re celebrating a wedding or spend your days working at a bank, a sporty outfit is likely to suit the occasion.

The pros and cons of women`s sportswear

When it comes to comfort, sportswear really only offers benefits: you`ll feel free to move without any restrictions. Another plus is the functionality of the pieces. Women`s sports fashion comes with sweat-wicking and breathable properties. The only drawback to this trend is that it might not be appropriate for occasions that require you to dress more formally.


  • Sporty chic
  • Excellent fit
  • Breathable
  • Good moisture management
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast-drying


  • Not made for competitive sports
  • Not always suitable for office work or formal occasions

Feel free in comfortable sportswear

There`s nothing nicer than wearing comfortable yet stylish clothes all the time. In our online shop, you can browse through many different models from renowned labels. Research this latest women`s fashion trend and pick out your favourite pieces in the nicest colours. Combine the garments in a unique way to create your own personal city outfit.