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Women's outfits in the trendy sportswear look are now firmly established in the cityscape. There are only a few occasions when you look underdressed in sporty women's fashion. The sporty styles are also very comfortable to wear. At Keller x you'll find clothes and shoes that you won't want to take off. Learn more!

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Womens sportswear for the city

Are you an energetic and dynamic woman who wants to benefit from the advantages of sportswear in everyday life? Then you, like many other women, will certainly be enthusiastic about our range. Your passion has a name, by the way: Athleisure is the name of the trend, made up of the words "athlete" and "leisure". The latter means "leisure" in German. So you combine sport with your everyday life. For this, you need clothes that offer you optimal freedom of movement. You wear the same fashion that you used to do your shopping during the day to your evening workout in the studio. This is very practical because you don't have to change. Sportswear is a kind of hybrid for different purposes. You can wear it from top to toe. We carry outerwear as well as comfortable women's sports shoes.

What your sportswear for women has to offer

In addition to a feminine cut, the models have various practical functions. These are in turn the result of a combination with particularly high-quality materials. Cotton is naturally breathable. But various high-tech fabrics made from synthetic fibres or blends also allow excellent air circulation. As a result, you don't sweat and your skin feels pleasantly dry. Very summery models are equipped with mesh inserts, then the air circulates even better through the perforated material. Of course, the fabric is stretchy and very adaptable. The shoes are also comfortable. There is a choice of sneakers and slides from well-known and internationally successful sports brands. The flat soles of these shoe models for women create a pleasantly natural walking sensation.

Sporty women's fashion with a stunning look

Sportiness is one thing. The other is the design. While most special sports models have a minimalist design, sportswear convinces with various refinements. After all, you want to be seen in the city in lifestyle clothing. It is quite common to wear women's sportswear at university, school or even in some professions. Unlike functional clothing for specific sports, sportswear comes in a much wider range of colours and designs. There is a clear focus on looks here. In hip sneakers you will also earn envious glances in the disco. Behind the bank counter or at the dance at a wedding, on the other hand, an outfit that is too sporty is often inappropriate.

The advantages and disadvantages of sportswear for women

In terms of wearing comfort, sportswear offers only advantages. You feel free and unrestricted. Another advantage is the high functionality. Sportswear for women has sweat-wicking and breathable properties. The only disadvantages are the way it looks on inappropriate occasions. And that is always when a too casual style of dress is not desired.


  • sporty chic
  • Excellent fit
  • Breathable
  • good moisture management
  • easy-care
  • quick drying


  • not made for special sports
  • not always appreciated in the office and for upmarket occasions

Feel free in comfortable sportswear

There is nothing better than wearing well-fitting and stylish clothing at all times. In our online shop you can choose from many different styles from well-known labels. Find out about the latest women's fashion trends and secure your favourite pieces in one of your favourite colours. The best thing is to combine the individual pieces to create a personal city outfit.