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Outdoor wear with a distinct street influence, which simultaneously meets the highest fashion demands. A balance of style and function. This is exactly what White MOUNTAINEERING represents. Learn more!

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White Mountaineering



The label represents the pinnacle of everyday wearability; the fusion of modern styling with rugged functionality and technology is a perfect recipe, and at the heart of it all is Yosuke Aizawa, White Mountaineering’s Founder and Creative Director.


"Yosuke has cultivated this duality for 15 years now, mastering this balancing act of form and function and establishing the label in the global fashion market. Keller X/Sabukaru/Sam Le Roy and Adrian Bianco had the opportunity to interview Yosuke Aizawa with the aim to get an insight to his brand, design philosophies and influences growing up. "

White Mountaineering is an extension of yourself as a nature lover. Where and when did you discover and realize your passion for nature?

When I was a kid, I lived outside of Tokyo, so I used to go to the mountains with my dad. He loved fly fishing and we camped in the mountains every week. My father had many hobbies, he also went hunting sometimes. I felt his real outdoor clothes were cool.


Combining this love of nature with your obvious affinity for design and fashion is where you have found great success with the brand. How and when did you start to conceptualize this fusion?

I went into fashion after studying contemporary art and textiles. First, I worked for Comme des Garçons as an assistant designer for 5 years. Through this experience, I found that I could present my vision through fashion. I started to be interested in functional textiles. In Japan, there are many companies that produce synthetic fabrics, so I started using these functional fabrics. These experiences convinced me that the White Mountaineering concept perfectly combines the outdoor clothing I've liked since childhood with the fashion I learned at Comme des Garçons to create functional fashion.


White Mountaineering hits a sweet spot - a middle path between labels dedicated to total functionality and those that focus purely on form. How do they balance this duality and what challenges does it present from a design perspective?

I always design based on the fabric. As you know, clothing is made entirely of fabric, with the exception of accessories like zippers and buttons. I first work to design a functional textile, then I consider which item will work well with its fabric. I don't like clothes that have too much design or focus only on trends. But we don't make performance outdoor clothing that focuses on its functionality, like outdoor brands. It's important to me to notch functional clothing that is important for our daily lives.


"There are not many times you have an opportunity to have your own brand in life. So, it was 15 years ago that I thought of the brand concept that I could see myself working on for my entire life. I have never changed its concept from the start." - Yosuke Aizawa, 2020




Balance. It is only finally achieved when forces that actually counteract each other cancel each other out: the moment of balance. For many years outdoor wear came closer and closer to it, but never completely reached it. Too intensively the function tore. The style, however much it gained strength, still lacked weight. Until Yosuke Aizawa founded White Mountaineering in Tokyo in 2006 and gave his brand a clear mission. He defined three factors: design. Use. Technology. Nothing has more meaning, nothing less. Everything is decisive. After all, we always wear our clothes somehow outdoors, says White Mountaineering. Therefore, Brand wants to combine the elements without submitting to any market or sales dictates.

Brief interim report: It works. Whether you are dealing with outdoor fashion with a penchant for streetwear or streetwear with a weakness for outdoor fashion is never entirely clear. The materials are high quality, the cuts are both functional and stylish, the designs are always street- and even runway-compatible. Indeed, White Mountaineering has already appeared prominently at fashion shows in Paris and Milan. Outdoor wear with fashion aesthetics simply arouses interest. And attention brings collaboration. White Mountaineering has not only been a regular guest in some of the most famous boutiques on the planet, but the Japanese brand has also teamed up with one or two big names from the fashion scene. adidas. Levi's. Ugg. Whether working together or on their own, the brand always tries to back up high-quality materials with unique designs.

Yosuke Aizawa discovered his love for fashion thanks to some camping equipment his father once gave him. Yet he rarely develops nostalgia. This does not mean that White Mountaineering is blind to the traditional eye. Rather, the label wants to translate tradition into the present. And it does so. White Mountaineering, for example, has already delivered its own interpretation of the adidas Stan Smith – and, as with its in-house creations, always kept an eye on balance. Of design, utility and function.


The best. Some claim that it is just good enough for them. White Mountaineering prefers to work with it. With fabrics that really pass every material and weather test. Founder Yosuke Aizawa himself, for example, regularly stands on a snowboard and knows what is important. The functional aspect. That's why White Mountaineering trusts nothing less for its jackets, parkas and windbreakers than GORE-TEX®, that material functional legend that keeps moisture out without sealing your body airtight. The brand's hoodies and shirts are made of pure cotton.


Anyone who balances design, utility and functionality in such a stylistically confident manner is welcome to draw attention to himself. But it does not have to be. So White Mountaineering doses. Some shirts carry a large brand logo, some have a highly visible print or embroidery. It works just as well without a conspicuous signpost of origin. After all, a classic parka works best without additional conspicuous features. Practical patch pockets or discreetly hidden pockets plus hood and a traditional long cut are quite sufficient. Shirts and hoodies by Brand, on the other hand, like to rely on a regular to slightly oversized cut. After all, a well-chosen cut can sometimes be all that is needed for the necessary spark of attention.


A parka made of GORE-TEX®, which has all the functions of an outdoor jacket, but whose style promises relaxed streetwear. A good idea not only on the really cool days. White Mountaineering's olive green mods are accordingly popular. You can treat yourself to an extra dose of elegance with the Wool Balmacan coat from the Japanese brand. You hardly notice its pockets. But you enjoy the advantages of the GORE-TEX®-Upper, look as if you're going to dinner, and thanks to the White Mountaineering Sale you're equipped as if you're about to have an extensive snowboard session.


The parka also works so well because it excludes no one. Neither the skinny nor the tapered jeans, neither the chino nor the dress. He is not picky about the top either. The print teas from White Mountaineering again look great in combination with a cap or beanie, while a slightly oversized hoodie over slim jeans turns the style wheel particularly hard. White Mountaineering's sneakers, designed in collaboration with adidas Originals, will attract the attention of your companions and casual encounters in the city.


The fact that you can put on a logo tea as well as a parka or a hoodie, beanie or cap means that chins are no longer subject to gravity. However good the combination works. For an extra touch of extravagance, Du White Mountaineering combines products with a Miki by Béton Ciré, a cap that does not need a shield and is inspired by French fishing hats. You can get these at Keller x as well as the high-quality bags from Aevor With their help, you can combine Japanese bag-making craftsmanship with the Japanese triangular relationship of design, utility and function from the White Mountaineering Shop at Keller x.