The idea? As simple as contemporary. Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion thought that it should be possible to produce sneakers both sustainably and fairly. Two pillars of three. The third? A minimalist, high-quality look. The Veja V-10 expresses this perfectly. And it must. After all, the brand celebrated its tenth anniversary with the release of the V-10. Learn more!

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The Veja V-10

Some messages are so catchy that they do not need the additional advertising drive. Its content sets off a chain of passing on and rapid dissemination that overtakes any finely planned advertising campaign in passing. If a new sneaker-brand decides, for example, to have its shoes produced in Brazil both fairly and sustainably from now on, while keeping an eye on the style at all times, in order not to increase the price in the end, this is exactly the dynamic that is created. Was created.

Since 2004, Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion have been successfully trying their hand at particle accelerators. Impressed by a visit to a Chinese clothing factory, the two decided to make some changes themselves. So they waved goodbye to the financial sector once again, only to then set up a new sneaker brand. One crucial point: Morillion and Kopp found out during their research trips that over 70 percent of the sales price of a shoe was spent on advertising. This left only 30 percent for production and material.

So they decided to do without advertising, invested in close relationships with their producers in Brazil, looked for ways to use products as sustainably as possible and founded Veja. Same price, different priorities. The brand wants to make a positive impact with each new sneaker, so it is always looking for innovative production possibilities and new materials. For example, rubber comes naturally from the Amazon, and the organic wool used in Veja sneakers is recycled. Veja also pays attention to the working conditions in the partner factory in Brazil. Even vegan Veja models are available.

The Veja V-10 is not one of these, but the firing process used to tan the leather is more environmentally friendly. Name? programme? Long since merged. "Veja" is Portuguese and stands for "look". "Look behind the product" is how François-Ghislain Morillion explains the name of the brand. And that's exactly what it takes to be a magnet. It attracts, arouses interest, says Morillion. So Veja has also opted for a minimalist style with the V-10, which is always based on the question of what we really WANT to wear. That's why the Veja V-10 has a little more volume, but at the same time a smooth, elegant upper. Just the right look to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the brand. This is exactly what Veja developed the V-10 for: an additional ad campaign? Nobody needed.

Features of the Veja V-10

Minimalism does not mean that the visual appeal breaks for the sabbatical. Discreet style on the one hand, a characteristic eye-catcher on the other. It works too well not to bring it together permanently. That's why the V-10 Vejas now also carries the well-known "V" for a walk, which on the one hand is made of 60 percent natural rubber, which at the same time has long since told the avid observer about the sneaker's sustainable and fair origins.

The upper is dominated by clean white, which is repeatedly broken up by more or less intense colour accents. The slightly thicker midsole in off-white also stands out discreetly but emphatically. The Veja V-10 leather sneaker is also available online for both men and women, as monochrome styles and with a suede upper. It goes without saying that Veja uses (as far as possible) sustainable, ecological materials and that everything is Fairtrade.

Key facts about the Veja V-10

  • Original name: Veja V-10
  • First release: 2015
  • First colorway: White / Red / Blue
  • Price range: 105 to 130 €

How can the Veja V-10 be combined?

Minimalism shifts the style line towards the horizon until it is hardly visible. The Veja V-10 can therefore not be limited. The women's models of the V-10 give an additional optical highlight to the dark, long skirt or the relaxed dress. The V-10 for men is compatible with skinny as well as wide jeans, chino and shorts. Hidden sneaker socks? High, colourful versions? The products from our Veja V-10 shop bring harmony either way. Also in combination with hoodie, shirt, t-shirt, crewneck or discreet top.

The Veja V-10 at Keller x

Veja consciously chooses the path of minimalism, but does not forgo versatility or creativity. You can see the result of Veja V-10 Store at Keller x. There you can find the Veja V-10 online in monochrome as well as in the legendary white-blue-red Colorway, plus the women's version of the V-10. White usually dominates the sneaker, but still leaves room for more: At Keller x you can also order the V-10 Bastille with brown suede upper, black outsole and coloured details in the net.