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VEILANCE is characterised by minimalist, functional design. No wonder that this basic idea is not only popular in sports. Learn more!

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Veilance stands for performance. Performance means comfort. Once people experience it, there’s no way back.


In recent years Veilance has been under the watchful eye and creative direction of Taka Kasuga. As creative director, Mr. Taka has continued to experiment across all fabrics and materials while maintaining the primary ethos and character of the Veilance line. Together with Sabukaru Online // Charlie Duong & Adrian Bianco we sat down with Mr. Taka to talk about his past and early career as well as the present, the future and the design philosophy of Veilance.

When you were growing up, when was the moment you knew you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

I knew that I wanted to become a designer at an early age in my teens. Although I was young I always felt like I knew where I wanted to go, and could best express my ideas through drawing and design.

Tell us about your time at Junya Watanabe and then transitioning to VEILANCE. How was it going from a traditional fashion house to a performance and technical driven house? What have you brought with you from your time at Junya Watanabe?

After graduating from Fashion Design at Bunka College, I worked at CDG under Junya Watanabe, starting in sample making and pattern making. At CDG, I came to a realization that people are inclined to dress in an ultimate utilitarian purpose (ie. jeans were invented for mining, t-shirts came out of the military). At that time CDG was just starting to partner with utilitarian brands like The North Face and Levis, and I wanted to be part of the next thing after t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, which I grew up in. This led me to New York where I spent ten years before moving to Vancouver.

The VEILANCE design aesthetic puts minimalism forward without compromising functionality. From a design perspective, it’s a big feat as it takes many iterations to get to a concise minimal outcome. How have you guys been able to keep this ethos of VEILANCE’s design aesthetic?

It’s a synergetic result of modern-day-uniform and advanced design solution which has been derived from Arc’teryx engineering. Ultimately our goal is to provide personal freedom, without being constrained by environments and circumstances.

How would you describe the relationship between mainline Arc’teryx and VEILANCE?

Veilance was founded in 2009 with the purpose of introducing all of Arc’teryx’s expertise in highly technical outdoor gear to a new audience. So Veilance only exists through the history of Arc’teryx. Now, it is a true accumulation of knowledge and shared resources between our teams. While each end result takes a different form, everything is purpose built for targeted end uses between Arc’teryx and Veilance.


Arc’teryx HQ being based in the Vancouver area with a close proximity to the city and nature, how does it enhance and influence the way you design, trial, and iterate?

Being based in Vancouver is a major advantage for Arc’teryx, because our proximity between mountains and city allows us to test products more easily in real world situations. Our design floor is a constant source of inspiration because there’s such a diverse range of backgrounds working to solve tangible problems. I’ll see something that the outdoor team is working on and have a revelation how it could be applied to the Veilance context.

As VEILANCE is becoming more seasonless with core products, how has this affected your consumers? How do you guys look at the overall approach towards consumption and the part you play in that?

We are exploring a design solution that inspires a minimalist lifestyle – how do you do more with less? That may be a big difference between us and more traditional fashion industry. Arc’teryx operates more like a design company in the sense that the intent needs to be clear from the very first stage. We also launched a re-commerce platform this year called Re-System that allows consumers to trade in pieces they’re no longer wearing. This in one of the initiatives toward more circular design.

What is your personal favorite VEILANCE piece? What do you consider as a core VEILANCE product and design?

As much as I like my older Veilance pieces such as Galvanic Coat and Actuator Jacket, I enjoy more experimental wear test samples made out of leading edge advanced materials. So my favourite piece is coming soon!

If we talk about the modern-day-uniform and all the aspects of urban life in the year 2020, what are the requirements for a functional outfit in your opinion?

The lockdown from the pandemic accelerated the casualization trend (tees and sweats) as well as mental and physical well-being (athleticwear). It also encouraged people to be closer to nature (outdoor). I think these trends will not go away even after the pandemic is over. As a company, we have an advantage to address the shifts that are happening today and the future.

Last year VEILANCE celebrated its 10th year anniversary, what do you think has changed in the market regarding performance wear in that 10 years and where do you see in the future for performance wear going?

Performance = comfort. Once people experience it, there’s no way back. Ten years ago, it was us, ACRONYM, and Stone Island who were the core of the performance wear space. In ten years, there are more brands who have entered this space, or traditional houses who’ve leveraged collaborations with sport brands to produce something more technical. Ultimately I think it’s a natural evolution and it makes sense – if you have one article of clothing, and then another that looks equally as good but performs better, which would you choose? People are naturally adopting more functional wear because now you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable, but to focus on what you are passionate about doing in life.

What are you doing currently in this global pandemic to stay stimulated and inspired?

My main inspirations come from the Arc’teryx design floor where magic happens. It’s exciting to think about applications of new and improved technologies to design better experiences.

"Ultimately our goal is to provide personal freedom, without being constrained by environments and circumstances."

- Taka Kasuga. 2020




Since 1989, the brand has been offering athletes high-quality, innovative clothing and sports equipment that is ahead of its time. Always a pioneer, always pointing the way. The logo of Arc'teryx Equipment, the manufacturer of VEILANCE, also embodies this pioneering spirit: archaepteryx lithographica is the name of the first reptile that developed feathers for flying. The prehistoric reptile also provides the inspiration for the manufacturer's name, Arc'teryx Equipment, and the logo, which was long used in the collections as a brand name ("Arc'teryx Veilance"). A stalwart which is always one step ahead and progresses practically and functionally. "Vapor", the first harness of the company, was designed in a garage - by climbers, for climbers. In the meantime, the company has spread its wings and is one of the world's leading brands in the mountain sports sector.


The creative minds behind the highly functional sportswear describe their headquarters in Canada as a "Design Center" - and not without reason. Over 200 employees across 25 divisions create prototypes with a high level of understatement. Any part that leaves the Design Center can go into production exactly as it is. From the design to the selection of fabrics, everything has been thought through to the smallest detail, has been tested by the designers themselves and is the best solution: lighter, faster and more efficient. True to the motto of the brand: there is always a better solution. And they always find it.


The products only leave the Vancouver site when they have been put through their paces and are perfect - a process that can take years. Quality takes time. And the time factor plays a big role in climbing harnesses, jackets or backpacks: not only are they visually timeless, they also withstand time by providing athletes with consistent quality every season. That makes the products sustainable individual pieces. VEILANCE lives this philosophy: after a single investment, the products should be used as long as possible. That's why Arc'teryx Equipment offers its customers a repair service. The idea behind it: using functional textiles, instead of throwing them away, minimising the ecological footprint together.


Every step taken, for example, by the Arc'teryx Equipment classic - the "Alpha SV Jacket" - has been taken into account and optimised for a highly positive eco-balance, from design to washing and sorting. The VEILANCE brand also observes the highest standards in handling materials. Because technical outdoor materials often need to be made from synthetic raw materials to achieve the best possible performance and this in turn requires the use of chemicals, Arc'teryx works particularly closely with their suppliers and is a partner of the Bluesign® system. Bluesign® is committed to a secure and sustainable textile industry. Natural materials, such as down, for example, are only purchased from farms that can ensure appropriate, proper animal husbandry.


The materials are therefore processed in a particularly complex manner in order to guarantee durable, impeccable quality. And in all areas: from zipper systems that do not let water through to jackets that are warm and breathable at the same time. Because on the way up, you need partners you can rely on. Just a few years after its foundation, VEILANCE set up such a partner with W .L. GORE. The result: VEILANCE equipment - for all weather. With the waterproof, windproof and yet breathable materials, nothing stands in your way during sport - whether you are knee-deep in the snow or climbing a rock face with beads of sweat on your forehead. The aforementioned "Alpha SV Jacket" outdoor jacket, for example, was developed in cooperation with GORE and revolutionised the market: never before had there been a lighter jacket with this functionality, with the typical GORE Teflon membrane - 300 grams lighter than comparable models. Top athletes such as Toni Lamprecht, Jason Kruk and Grant Statham, among others, have recognised that they can count on VEILANCE equipment and wear mountain sports equipment of the highest standard from head to toe with VEILANCE.


VEILANCE is characterised by its minimalistic, functional design. No wonder that this basic idea is not only appealing to sportspeople. Polished for success, the Canadians also design simple-looking blazers or polo shirts, which stand out in a sophisticated way from conventional shirts by skilfully playing with details: a zipper, instead of a placket, high-quality merino wool, instead of conventional materials. Even the streetstyle pieces of the brand promise success, because even these benefit from the cooperation with GORE: the water-repellent blazer will help you make any meeting - no matter where it is. And the classic polo shirt will become an all-round favourite item in your wardrobe thanks to its unique wearing comfort and simple elegance. The pieces of the Arc'teryx x VEILANCE collection show that functionality and elegant, clean streetwear do not have to be mutually exclusive. On the contrary: only in combination do they develop their potential and become your daily companion - on the steep path to the next mountain peak or in the rainy streets of the city. If you are always looking for perfection, with VEILANCE, you can be sure that you have found the best solution.