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From boat shoes to skate and streetwear shoes, on to the fashion label. A transformation in three steps. Vans has successfully completed it – and still doesn't stop there. Learn more!

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The American brand radiates joy of life and embodies a call for self-expression. READ MORE READ LESS


Sometimes the roots of a consensus sprout to such an extent that their origin hardly seems to fit the outcome. From boat to board, into streetwear and high fashion? From a simple idea to the shoe consensus of modern times? Paul and Jim Van Doren probably wouldn't have believed it themselves when they founded their Van Doren Rubber Company with Gordon Lee and Serge Delia in Anaheim in 1966. Their mission was simple: to develop a new type of boat shoe, a revolutionary deck shoe. One that would give support on deck. One that is also pleasantly light. One that also has visual qualities. The sole was the decisive factor. The look of a waffle met the adhesive properties of a superglue. So the #44 of the Van Doren Rubber Company – today better known as "Authentic" – found its way from the boat deck to the skating deck.

The surfers of Southern California again served as a bridge from water to land. They had discovered the relaxed sneaker for themselves in the early 70s – and skaters had a good look. In 1974, they rolled over streets and through empty pools all over Southern California, which served as a fun park, especially branding. Across the pool wall to a sense of achievement. That's how it was done back then. "Off the Wall" was heard by the inclined viewer as soon as someone in the pool had confessed a new trick. "Off the Wall" stood at the back of every Vans sneakers from 1976. Brand had chosen the short form and listened carefully to the skate scene. "Doren", "Rubber" and "Company" in the label name gave way and a new sneaker was created. #95 – now known as Era – was based on #44, but with a thicker padded shaft and new colourways it was more responsive to the needs of the skatescene.

At that time already omnipresent: the simple as canvas. For the long famous "Jazz Stripe", which was actually only created because Paul van Doren had scribbled a little. For new models like the Slip-on, the Old Skool, Mid Skool or Sk8 Hi. For the entrance into surfing and snowboarding, into pop culture, even into high fashion. Since 2003 Vans has been publishing its Vault by Vans Collection. Traditional sneakers met premium designs. Sneakerbrand met star designers and artists. Among others, Vans worked together with Marc Jacobs to give his models that special touch. Just one aspect.

Because collabos and special editions have long been part of the standard Brand programme. The Marvel and Star Wars universe. Mickey and Goofy. Beatles and Simpsons. They have all performed on Vans' different silhouettes. The colourful side. In addition, the Brand's Schuhe continue to be characterised by simplicity and therefore fit perfectly into almost every day life. Even in the high society. Pharrell wears the Authentic, A$AP Rocky and Bella Hadid walk through the city in the Old Skool. Vans are everywhere, running through pop culture and high fashion, staying on the skate deck. Shoe consensus found!


The canvas? Does it like being made of canvas? vans? Also canvas. Whether it is pure coincidence or at least in the sense of the inventor, has not been finally handed down – in the end it is of secondary importance. Because the minimalist silhouettes of the brand in combination with canvas tops actually serve as canvas for different colourways and designs. Especially as the material is robust, yet comfortable to wear. But canvas does not lapse into loneliness. There are also leather and suede variants. They are always made on the famous waffle-shaped rubber sole. But Vans also offers the more advanced version. In 2012 Brand introduced its WAFFLECUP? sole. It combines the robustness and support of a cup sole with the famous board feel and grip of the legendary waffle sole. In the meantime, more sophisticated cushioning systems such as Comfy-Cush have been added. Pro versions are also designed directly for the skate deck and are therefore more robust than models for the street.


Height is not a feature for ankles support. Even flat sneakers can adequately protect the joints from buckling. Although Vans has all variants in its luggage anyway. Griptape once rolled out low-cut variants such as Authentic, Era and Old Skool, later on medium – with the Steve Caballero, Vans even presented the first signature skate shoe ever as a mid-cut variant in 1988 – and high-cut sneakers such as the Sk8-Hi. The choice is yours. You'll be stylish with all Vans products.


The view into the past is often particularly pleasing. Especially when it grins into the future in such a stylish, legendary design as that of Vans. Often the choice still falls on the first sneakers of the brand today. Era and Authentic are as much a part of the city as converted industrial buildings and Euro pallets cycled into relaxed seating areas. And even the old school keeps the intervals between appearances short. Vans' Old Skool is not only visible at the feet of celebrities. The simplicity of the performance is fundamentally convincing – and yet always remains stylishly down-to-earth.


Take a simple sneaker, a very simple silhouette that is perhaps a little more, perhaps a little more intensely dipped in the paint bucket. A shoe that moves confidently between loud statement and confident restraint. Stylistically, you tear down every boundary. Shorts. Skirt. Skinny jeans. Wide Chino. dress. Everything fits to the styles of Vans. Also to the coat, the bomber jacket or the relaxed shirt, the sneakers of the Brand cut a great figure. You see: combining Vans is easy.


The new sneaker is only as good as its care. If it already loses its shine after the first few trips to the city, it loses style points. Jason Markk kknows the problem and gives you the right care products for your vans to take with you to a relaxed dinner or a drink after work. It's best to have them with you at all times, without having to break up your relaxed shoe style with a bulky bag. Cross-Body-Bag? Backpack? Stylish bag? Côte & Ciel is responsible for that.