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Sneakers are in tune with the spirit of the times. With their functional features and sporty looks, they are perfect for your sporty leisure time. But you can also use these comfortable shoes for casual looks at parties or outings. Whether with track pants or a summer dress - make women's sneakers the highlight of your outfit! Learn more!

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The casual shoe with a sporty character

Sneakers are classically versatile sports shoes that facilitate your training with numerous functional features. At the same time, the footwear offers you a particularly high level of wearing comfort that will take you effortlessly over long distances and through the entire day. Many sneakers for women are specially designed for various sports. Basketball shoes, trainers and skating shoes are among them. In the meantime, however, you will also find numerous sneakers in the range that are ideally suited to the needs of your everyday life away from sport. Narrow cuts and thin soles make the difference. All categories offer you numerous, different designs, among which you will find the right one for your personal style.

Optimal support for your training

The selection of women's sneakers at Keller x will convince you with high quality. Our range offers you select brands and styles that suit you and your indoor or outdoor training. For example, choose sneakers made from genuine impregnated leather to give your feet the perfect fit and protection against rain. A thick lining will keep your feet warm for a long time, even on cold days. Chunky sneakers with extra thick uppers offer you protection from impact, which is especially beneficial if you play team sports. Uppers like linen or cotton, on the other hand, make your sneaker particularly light and airy - perfect for your short, sporty sessions under bright blue summer skies. Especially if you do intensive activities, you should pay attention to the cushioning integrated into the sole and a well-designed footbed. This protects your joints and simplifies your movements at the same time.

Sneakers for intensive sports or a walk by the lake

The special feature of women's sneakers is primarily their versatility. Whether in the gym or while hiking - the flexible shoes are an ideal companion for your sporty lifestyle. Sneakers are easy to handle: put them on, tie them, and you're done! If you're looking for a real all-rounder, we recommend a well-equipped model with a cushioned tread sole and robust, breathable outer material as well as an intelligent sole with memory foam. You can use these sneakers for both intense and light activities. A lightweight canvas sneaker is less suitable for climbing a mountain or jogging in the park. Choose your shoe according to your individual needs and opt for more functionality rather than less.

Extravagant trainers as your visual highlight

Sneakers have long since broken out of their sports niche. In the meantime, the trainer has also conquered the fashion world in all its sizes and shapes. Now you can wear your sneaker not only for sport but also for everyday life. For example, you can combine a discreetly designed, slim-fit model with an outfit for the office in an extremely trendy yet stylish way. Chunky women's sneakers with a midi skirt or dress will turn your look into an edgy eye-catcher. Be inspired by the diverse colour combinations and styles of women's sneakers in the Keller x online shop!

Advantages and disadvantages of women's sneakers

Women's sneakers are suitable for your sporty appearance and numerous sporting activities. However, you can sometimes achieve big ambitious goals faster and easier with more specialised shoes.


  • Long wearing comfort due to breathable materials and good fit
  • For sporty indoor and outdoor activities
  • Stylish looks for fashion-conscious women


  • Low-cut without protection for the ankles
  • Often insufficient protection against rain
  • As an all-rounder, they are not usually specialised for the needs of experienced sportswomen.

Your self-confident appearance with the latest women's sneakers

Sneakers have become an indispensable part of modern women's shoe racks. They are just as suitable for improving your training as they are for optimising your outfit for parties or travelling. The uncomplicated shoes always offer you pleasant comfort. Discover our diverse range of sneakers especially for women in the Keller x online shop. Choose your look from the numerous stylish or sporty designs and enrich your casual outfit with sporty chic!