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Sneakers. Your sports shoes complete your outfit. Originally created for use in sports, trainers have conquered the streets and are now indispensable. In our sneaker online shop you will find a huge selection of different models made of leather, synthetic, mesh, fabric or natural materials. In trendy sportswear style or for use in training. Choose your favourite from various models, colours and designs! Learn more!

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No other shoe is as trendy as the sneaker and has been since the 1980s. Whether athletes, Hollywood stars, musicians or politicians - they all love their comfortable leisure shoes. Michael Jordan wears Nike, Pharell Williams wears Adidas sneakers, Rihanna has Puma sports shoes on her feet and Barack Obama, as a passionate runner, was often seen in ASICS. The everyday trainers are more than a fashion cult, popular collector's item or rare investment. Sports shoes look back on a history of more than 160 years. Sneakers began as croquet shoes in the USA and England in 1860. The characteristic features of sneakers are the rubber sole and the canvas upper. They are sporty shoes that are mainly used in everyday life. Americans refer to almost all sports shoes that are also suitable for other areas as sneakers (translated: "sneakers"). The term is an allusion to the quiet, creeping gait, because the leather soles that were common until then caused a relatively loud appearance.


As a counterpart to shiny polished leather shoes, sneakers are part of casual everyday wear. They are easy to care for and available in a wide variety of colours and designs. This makes the trend shoes the ideal part of sportswear, which fits perfectly into the urban ambience of the city. Based on the oxford upper cut, most models have a sandwich bottom made of different plastic layers as well as a long wedge heel. The cushioning is usually much better than that of a conventional leather low shoe. The sneakers are breathable anyway. To ensure that you enjoy your sneakers for a long time, they have an abrasion-resistant sole with good grip. Nothing stands in the way of a fast sprint on rain-soaked asphalt or a night of dancing at the party. In sneakers, everyday professional life can be managed much more comfortably and relaxed while standing or moving than in leather business shoes.


Even today's retro models have little in common with the simple trainer of yesteryear. In the meantime, innovative technologies ensure above-average wearing comfort. You don't sweat in the shoes because there is excellent moisture exchange. If you like it particularly airy, then you should order perforated sneakers online. The air-permeable mesh material increases circulation and gives you a feeling of summery lightness. You can order both fashionable sneakers and sporty trainers with various extras. Both styles are super soft and ultra comfortable. If you want a running-style model, there are shoes with a sock-like fit that gently enclose your foot. The responsive boots have above-average cushioning. When it comes to fastening, there are now several options open to you. In addition to classic sneakers with laces, you can also buy practical sneakers with Velcro fastenings online. Magnetic quick lacing systems are no longer science fiction in the sneaker scene.


Sneakers are among the most popular shoes with good reason. They convince with fashionable chic and are comfortable. Moreover, the sneaker tends to be a light, airy shoe for the summer and transitional seasons. Thanks to breathable material, they offer good moisture management, which is why you don't even have to take the shoes off in summer. Many manufacturers cooperate with athletes, famous designers or musicians, while other producers focus on retro styles or special materials. Many trainers achieve collector's value when the number of rare trainers is limited. Whether high or low, white or black sneakers, classics like Stan Smith, Nike Air Jordan or Puma Suede - you are guaranteed to find your favourite sneaker in the Keller x online shop. As a Keller Premium member, you also have access to rare sneakers and models that are not easily available on the market ("Members only").


Your old shoes are no longer up to date? No problem, we've got just the thing for you. At Keller x you'll always find new models in our range, so you can order the latest sneakers online from various labels such as Adidas Originals, New Balance or Diadora Heritage. Sometimes minimalist and sometimes elaborately designed, sometimes pompous, sometimes sporty or casual - our online shop has the right sneaker for everyone. You can order shoes with a retro look or a futuristic design. You'll find sneakers made from natural raw materials like pigskin, linen and natural rubber as well as models made from innovative high-tech materials. Let us surprise you with our wide range and find your personal favourite in your favourite colour!


Sneakers want to be worn. In return, every sneaker lover probably wants their shoes to always look like they just came out of the shoe box (DS look). This means that sneakers also want to be cleaned after wearing. But how do you clean sneakers properly without breaking the shoes? Searching the internet turns up lots of shifty housewife tips and supposed life hacks. Here are the most common pieces of advice, how well they actually work and what type of sneaker they are best suited for:

  • Sneaker Cleaning Set: the most obvious, safest, gentlest and quickest solution for sneaker cleaning is a professional cleaning set, for example from Jason Markk, which is suitable for all types of shoes.
  • Hand wash: With lukewarm water, a soft brush and a little mild soap, you can achieve good results with all types of shoes, but you will have more work than with a cleaning set.
  • Foam & upholstery cleaner: Caution is advised when cleaning with active foam from the drugstore. It is best to test the cleaner on an invisible area first. Not suitable for suede sneakers.
  • Water & toothpaste: Rub the toothpaste onto the shoe with a brush, let it work in and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Make sure to use colourless toothpaste. Good for smooth leather, not suitable for suede shoes.
  • Dishwasher & baking soda: The mixture of soap and baking soda powder (1:1) is applied to the sneaker and rinsed off again after a soaking period. Here, too, you should test on a part that is not visible. Primarily suitable for fabric sneakers.
  • Water & baby powder: You can often read this tip on the internet, but we cannot confirm the effect of this cleaning method. It is better to choose a different cleaning method.
  • Stain eraser: This is an insider's tip among life hacks. The eraser from the drugstore is especially useful for lines or rough stains on smooth leather or plastic sneakers. Beware of new streaks from the eraser itself.
  • Washing machine: This cleaning method poses the greatest risk to all shoes. Not only can it break the sneakers, but also the washing machine. The temperature and spin cycle are too much of a strain on the sneakers, which are often only glued.