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Taking care of high-quality clothing and leather shoes ensures a long life and perfect appearance. Tangent GC makes care products from natural ingredients. This helps you maintain your clothes, and protect the environment. Shiny shoes, colourful fabrics and functional membranes with breathability for years to come? This is the result of optimum best care - without any chemicals. In our online shop, you can purchase Tangent GC products which will help you enjoy your sports or leisure clothing for a long time.

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Tangent GC: the idea behind the brand

The Swede David Samuelson founded Tangent Garment Care in memory of his grandfather. In the past, people knew how to take good care of their limited numbers of clothes for years. Even the chimney sweep, who had little money and yet always maintained his clothes. David Samuelson still remembers how his father cleaned and polished his shoes, brushed the jacket of the Sunday suit and starched the shirt collar. These clothes, which were expensive for him, lasted for many years and always looked good. Over the decades, inexpensive commodities came into our lives. They have neither the quality nor value to make them worth caring for. In the meantime, the production behaviour of manufacturers has changed, because the consumer now expects quality again. This means that brands have reverted to high-quality materials. This means that care and maintenance have also become important again.

Leather shoe care by Tangent GC

Shoes only look really good when they are well maintained. Instant care products match our hectic times. Put on, restricted, worn. After a few hours, the shoes look like they did before. High-quality shoe polish is absorbed into the leather and cares for the natural material from the inside. Beeswax, carnauba wax and turpentine oil penetrate the pores and make the leather supple again. Small cracks disappear, as care refills them. A soft sheen makes the leather shine. If your shoes are worn, choose the polish in the leather colour, then your shoes will even get their colour back in dull areas. If your leather shoes are still new, then you can choose a colourless shoe polish. You can then use this all your shoes and do not need your own shoe polish for every colour. So it makes sense to think about shoe care when making purchases.

The right shoe care is crucial

Tangent GC gives you everything you need for shoe care. The care process is like in grandfather's time. First, brush the dirt and dust off your shoes with a soft shoe brush. Then apply the polish and polish the leather with a soft cloth. If necessary, use high-quality, nourishing shoe grease. It absorbs and prevents water from penetrating the shoes. Your leather shoes remain breathable.

Tengent GC: the right care for every material

A chemical-free detergent cares for sports clothing and functional clothing gently and completely removes odours from clothing. This works for almost all synthetic fabrics as well as blended fabrics. Breathability and windproof properties are retained, even after frequent use. The care line of Tangent GC includes a range of practical products.

  • Denim detergent
  • Sportswear detergent
  • Mild detergent without chemicals
  • Fabric softener, chemical free
  • Natural stain remover

Tangent GC - high-quality care without chemicals

Ecological care products for your sportswear, outdoor functional clothing and of course leather shoes of all kinds: this is the small but fine range of the Tangent GC brand. The products preserve the functions of membranes and let colours shine like they are brand new. The sooner you use your apparel with the chemical-free Tangent GC products, the longer it stays beautiful and functional. Thinking about the care of your shoes and functional clothing is defintiely worth it.