Stance produces socks. At first, this does not sound like anything special. Everyone wears socks, that too is normal. And then there are the people who wear Stance socks. And this is where everything changes. Because the brand makes extraordinary, bold, funny and colourful socks. These socks are more than just footwear. Stance stands for lifestyle, art and self-development. Be like the punks and poets who show the world that they are different. In our online shop, you will find the unique Stance products with which you can tailor your style individually.

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Design, Quality - Stance

Stance saw a niche in December 2009 and closed it. Recounting the success story of the American brand is that easy. The five young founders Jeff Kearl, John Wilson, Taylor Shupe, Ryan Kingman and Aaron Hennings set up the company in sun-drenched California, in San Clemente. The location is perhaps one of the reasons behind the creative and bold designs that the label brings to market. California is perfect for a business that focuses on lifestyle, coolness and celebrities. Just nine months after its founding, Stance was operating nationwide and since then has been shipping many millions of pairs of socks every year. And not just in the US - Stance is the epitome of sports and lifestyle socks in over 40 countries around the world.

More than just socks

In 2015, Stance successfully sought out major investors and started producing its new men's underwear collection in a 50 million USD campaign. This brought the company into another niche that other fashion companies had neglected. The casual, soft boxer shorts are equally impressive as the socks, with dazzling colours, exciting designs and extremely high wearing comfort. A collection of T-shirts for men and women, as well as some unisex models, completes the current range.

Stance and the NBA

Stance has been the official sock supplier of the NBA since 2015. For the first time, the NBA allowed the use of the brand logo on clothing for all of its 30 teams and also on the licensed socks with the NBA and Stance logos. The elite baseball organisation of the USA, Major League Baseball, or MLB, has engaged the brand as an official outfitter since 2016. The logo on the socks is adorned with 4 'X's. But what makes the Stance socks so good that the NBA and MLB use them?

The anatomy of a Stance sock

For sports socks, design is not everything, the successful brand knows that. That's why the company also relies on scientific knowledge and works with special fibres. Each sock has its own structure, depending on the purpose. For example, Stance's NBA sock consists of seven building blocks. The makers of the label also see themselves as craftsmen. Because with different knitting techniques and different fibres, they construct supportive and flexible zones on the socks. Cotton is combined with different synthetic fibres and stretchy elastane. A seamless toe area, heel, forefoot and toe padding in different strengths and ribbed cuffs: all of this ensures an exact fit and high wearing comfort.

Stance Punks and Poets

Stance's marketing is as unconventional as their entry into the market was aggressive, as brazen as their designs can be. The American label has prominent brand ambassadors. Of course, many athletes are among them. Whether golfers, runners, skateboarders, motocross and Formula 1 drivers, basketball and baseball players, surfers, summiteers or skiers: the punks and poets of the sport world are wearing Stance socks. Even musicians, artists and stars are promoting Stance. Global star Rihanna has been working with the designers of the label since 2015 and has already created some attractive collections. Stylists, influencers and successful entrepreneurs hold individuality dear and thus opt for the brand Stance. Some of the athletes who work with the label are:

  • Allen Iverson - NBA legend
  • Bubba Watson - American professional golfer
  • Daniel Ricciardo - Formula 1 racer
  • Big Sean - globally successful rapper
  • Joasiah Wells - New Zealand freestyle skier
  • Jimmy Chin - professional climber and skier
  • Silje Norendal - Norwegian snowboarder
  • Didi Gregorius - Dutch baseball player for the New York Yankees

The design diversity of Stance

If you are looking for colourful socks, then Stance is the perfect brand for you. The comfortable socks stand out with motifs and designs that no other sock manufacturer can offer. For kung fu fans, there are socks with Bruce Lee; other movie scenes or comic motifs also feature as sock decorations. Rappers, hip hoppers and other celebrities are on the socks. The designs are usually created in collaboration with artists, athletes and designers. The left sock does not have to look exactly like the right one. Stance designs pairs of socks that go well together and yet do not match. So the motif may be the same on both socks. But the cuffs, toe or heel have different colours. Anyone who is not familiar with Stance will be given cause to ponder. Did you put on odd socks this morning, or are they meant to look like that? With the American label, the answer is simple : they are meant to look like that, because the socks are as original and special as you are.

Stance: originality is the motto

Do you prefer subtle socks or do you want to enjoy the high wearing comfort of the socks in the workplace? Then the unicoloured Icon models are a good choice. They differ in detail from other black socks. The subtle Stance socks are made in different types of knits and support the back of your feet. A different colour stripe and the Stance logo then provide for the small highlights. The ladies' socks of the label often have romantic motifs, delicate colours or witty sayings. The material is fluffy and cuddly, or pleasantly smooth. Lettering underlines the core message of your Stance socks - making them real eye-catchers. Be inspired by Stance and stay true to yourself. Make your statements with these lifestyle socks and show the world what and how you feel. Stance is the brand that makes your street style something special and as individual as you are. Check the online shop to see what new ideas Stance has for you.