Trainers embody the spirit of the time. With their functional properties and athletic looks, they`re perfect for active leisure time. The casual looks are also ideal for parties and travelling, so you can enjoy these comfortable shoes pretty much all the time. Whether you pair them up with training pants or a summer dress, women`s trainers are sure to be the highlight of your outfit!

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The leisure shoe with a sporty character

Trainers have always been very versatile sports shoes that facilitate your training with several functional properties. This kind of footwear provides a particularly high level of comfort that will make long-distance runs seem effortless and long days on your feet a breeze. Many women`s trainers are designed to be suitable for a wide range of sports. Basketball shoes, gym shoes and skating shoes all fall into this category. But in our selection you`ll also find several trainers that are ideally suited to the challenges everyday life poses, without even mentioning sports. Slim fits and thin soles are what makes the difference here. All of the categories come in different designs, so you can find products that suit your personal style.

Optimum support throughout your training

The selection of women`s trainers at Keller x has one clear focus: high quality. Choose from a wide range of brands and styles that suit your indoor and outdoor workouts. Buy trainers with a genuine leather upper that adapt beautifully to the shape of your foot and guard against the rain. Thick lining keeps your feet warm on cold days, while bulky trainers with an extra thick upper protect you from the inevitable bumps and grazes that are part and parcel of team sports. On the flipside, upper materials like canvas and cotton make a shoe light and breezy - perfect for short workouts under a clear blue summer sky. If you practise intense sports, you should look for well cushioned soles and a quality footbed so you don`t put too much pressure on your joints and enable smoother motion sequences.

Trainers for intense workouts or a walk around a lake

What makes women`s trainers special is their versatility of usage. Whether you`re in the gym or heading off for a hike, these flexible shoes are the best choice for a sporty lifestyle. Trainers are also easy to wear - just slip in, lace up and set off! If you`re looking for a good all-rounder, it`s best to find a model with good grip and a cushioned sole with a good tread. Add to that a robust yet breathable upper and an intelligent sole with memory foam and you`re sorted! This kind of trainer will be just as suited to intense workouts as it is to gentler activities. A lightweight canvas trainer, though, might not be ideal for climbing a mountain or going for a jog in the park. Decide what you`ll be using the shoe for and choose properties that are appropriate; when in doubt, choose functionality over style.

Bold gym shoes as an optical highlight

Trainers broke out of the sports niche long ago. Gym shoes are now available in all shapes and sizes and have taken the fashion world by storm. You can now wear your trainers for so much more than just sports activities - they`re perfect for everyday life too. A discreet, slim-fitting model can be incorporated into your office outfit for a trendy, stylish look. Bolder women`s trainers are a great way to turn a midi skirt or dress into an edgy head-turner. Take inspiration from the wide range of colour combinations and styles of women`s trainers you`ll find in the Keller x online shop!

Pros and cons of women`s trainers

Women`s trainers are perfect for sports activities and for an athletic look but if you have big plans for your athletic performance, you might be better off with more specialist shoes.


  • Long-lasting comfort thanks to breathable materials and good fits
  • For sports activities both indoors and outdoors
  • Stylish looks for fashion-conscious women


  • Low tops provide no protection for your ankles
  • Often not waterproof enough to withstand a heavy rain shower
  • All-rounders are usually not specialised enough for serious athletes

A confident style with the latest women`s trainers

Trainers are an integral part of every modern woman`s shoe cabinet. They`ll help you improve your training and they`ll make your party and travel outfits pop. Uncomplicated shoes also offer much-needed comfort. Discover our varied selection of women`s trainers in the Keller x online shop. Complete your look with stylish, sporty designs and add a touch of sporty-chic to your leisure outfit!