In the US, trainers are often referred to as "sneakers", a word that derives from the noiselessness of shoes with rubber soles, which makes them ideal for sneaking around quietly. Trainers are ideal for everyday wear. The canvas upper is a hallmark of this sporty, lightweight shoe category, and it`s perfectly suited to urban environments. Be it for shopping or chilling with friends, men`s trainers are true all-round stars.

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An incredibly versatile shoe

The trend of wearing gym and sports shoes for everyday activities came about in the 80s. The boom has endured ever since and trainers are now available in an extensive range of colours and designs. Unlike conventional sports shoes created exclusively for training, trainers are more about the look, although they impress with a high level of comfort and a full gamut of sporty features. There is, of course, the distinction between performance trainers and normal trainers. The former are designed specifically for athletic use, but the line is becoming somewhat blurred recently. Lifestyle trainers are comfortable footwear for all kinds of activities - walking around the city, trips out in nature and music festivals, where they`re practically a requisite.

The construction of trainers

The basis for a trainer is actually an Oxford construction with a soft upper that wraps closely around the foot. Depending on the model, the collar will end either below, above or right on top of the ankle bone. Most trainers come with a shaft made of canvas, which is made of a thickly woven fabric. Classic trainers have a lace closure and a sandwich footbed composed of several layers of material. The cushioning qualities of each model depend on the construction and the thickness of the sole. Trainers tend to have a wedge too. Similar to other sports shoes, many trainer models come with a lightweight, treaded rubber outsole that`s hardwearing and offers excellent grip. Many manufacturers make the shaft out of reinforced synthetic fibres and embellish it with the brand`s logo. Nowadays, you`ll find trainers in the collections of most large sports shoe brands. Furthermore, several premium labels pour a lot of time and effort into the design of their very own trainer collection.

Youthful, dynamic - typical of trainers

Most sneakerheads are young and in love with their independence. Trainers come in all kinds of different price categories, so everyone can afford a pair. Trainers work well with casual clothes and jeans. If you want to look up to date, pair your men`s trainers with some athletic-looking jeans and a breezy tracksuit jacket - perfect for an evening party after a hot summer`s day. If you want a more cosmopolitan look, opt for more elegant trainer styles. In the trainer capital, New York city, the design and label of your trainers can even tell a stranger what stage you`re at in life. This sports style is also part of a completely different lifestyle. Trainers are a big part of the underground movement and the hip hop, rap, grunge and punk scenes.

Pros and cons of men`s trainers

Men`s trainers are comfortable everyday shoes that lend your outfit a sporty look. They`re ideal for all kinds of occasions but might not be as suited to specialist sports disciplines as performance models. Most trainers are made of a breezy fabric that makes them perfect for the warmer seasons.


  • Comfortable thanks to excellent fit
  • Breathable and skin-friendly
  • Flat, soft soles
  • Lots of modern colours
  • Versatile usage


  • No supportive features as good as specialist sports shoes
  • Less cushioning
  • Often not waterproof
  • Better suited to everyday life and leisure than sports

A must-have for trendy guys

Whether you have just the one pair of trainers or several, you need this footwear in your shoe cabinet. The athletic components will ensure you feel like you`re walking on clouds wherever you end up. At Keller x, you`ll find trainers in all kinds of different designs and colours. Mix and match your trainers with your favourite fashion to suit your mood and add a touch of colour to all of your daily activities!