Originally designed for sports, trainers are now taking over the streets and are now an integral part of everyday life. On our trainer online shop, you`ll find models in popular sportswear styles and shoes made for professional use on your training ground. Just choose your favourite models, colours and designs!

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From professional sports shoe to popular sportswear

Trainers have been a unique kind of shoe since the 1980s and, although these sports shoes have gained modern cult status nowadays, their history goes a long way back - right back to 1860, when trainers started off as croquet shoes in England and the US. The hallmarks of a trainer include a rubber sole and a canvas shaft. These are athletic shoes mainly used for everyday wear. Americans call most shoes in this category "sneakers", which refers to the lack of sound caused by the rubber soles compared to the loud conventional leather shoes of the time. This noiselessness allows the wearer to "sneak around" undetected.

A significant difference

Unlike polished leather shoes, trainers form part of your casual everyday wear. They`re easy to clean and available in a whole host of different colours and designs, which makes them the perfect addition to a sporty outfit for wear in a city life setting. Based on the Oxford shoe style, most models come with a footbed made up of several layers of synthetic fabric and a heel wedge. Cushioning is usually much better than that of conventional leather shoes, and so is breathability. To ensure you enjoy your trainers for a long time, the quality models sport a hardwearing sole with a good tread. In trainers, you can choose to go for a quick jog on wet tarmac or party the night away.

Extra comfort features

Today`s retro models have little in common with yesterday`s basic gym shoes. For one, we now have innovative technologies that provide extraordinary comfort. You also won`t feel sweaty in your shoes because they offer excellent moisture managing properties. Looking for a fresh, well-ventilated shoe? Order perforated trainers online! Their breathable mesh material encourages air circulation to keep you feeling fresh in summer temperatures. You can find both modern trainers and more athletic trainers with all of these additional extras. Plus, both kinds of shoes are super soft and comfortable to wear. If you`re looking for a running-style trainer, we have models that offer a sock-like fit by wrapping the foot in a comfortable shaft. Reactive boots, however, are best known for their superb cushioning features. When it comes to fastening the shoe, there are models with all different types of fastening styles. Apart from the classic lacing system, you can buy practical trainers with velcro straps. Even magnetic fastening has moved from the science fiction sector onto the trainer scene.

The pros and cons of trainers

Trainers are one of the most popular shoe categories around - and for good reason. They impress with modern chic and are very comfortable. Trainers tend to be light, breezy shoes better suited to spring, summer and autumn, but their lightweight construction has its drawbacks. If you`re going to be walking in mud or snow, you`re better off with weatherproof boots.


  • Light and comfortable
  • Breathable material
  • Flat soles
  • Good moisture management
  • Relatively well-ventilated - perfect for warmer temperatures
  • Good cushioning


  • Not necessarily waterproof
  • Textiles tend to get dirty
  • Less cushioning and stability than professional sports shoes
  • Not suited to winter conditions

Time to buy new trainers

Your old shoes not up-to-date anymore? No problem, we have the perfect thing for you. On Keller x you`ll always find the latest models, so you shop online for the best trainers by a large selection of labels. Some are minimalistic, some are bold, some more "luxe", some more sporty… on our online shop, there are the perfect trainers for every taste. Choose retro looks or futuristic designs, trainers made of natural raw materials like pigskin, canvas and natural rubber or models made of high-tech fabrics. Our varied offer has a lot in store for you - find your personal favourites in colours you love!