Just slip your feet in and you`re ready for your next adventure - men`s slides adapt to your feet in seconds, so they`re the perfect choice for those moments when you don`t have a second to lose. When you`re about to start working on a new training goal or you`re at the end of a long day, men`s slides feel just as home on a trip as they do on the beach and in the garden.

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Feel comfortable in men`s slides

Looking for traditional, practical sandals? Try men`s slides. They`re as comfortable as flip-flops and as functional as innovative sports shoes, offering the right amount of stability and ventilation. The classic slide is the Adilette, launched in 1972 but still in with the current times today. The adidas cult shoe has now been joined on the slides market by various new models by quality brands like Nike and Jordan.

Men`s slides combine functionality and comfort

If you want your feet to breathe, slip on a pair of slides. Their minimalistic design consists of a sturdy sole with robust edging around the heel. The reduced components of the shoe actually come with many functional properties. The open cut allows air to circulate freely, keeping the temperature and moisture levels of your feet under control. The innovative materials provide even more natural breathability, as most men`s slides are made of antibacterial synthetic materials. The fast-drying surface of the shoes allows you to wear them in the shower and during those moments when you`re sure to break into a sweat. The ergonomically shaped footbed means that slides give you a certain amount of support while you walk, so you can feel relaxed and comfortable after practising sports. The hardwearing soles are non-marking, so you can use the slides on indoor courts.

Extras for special requirements

Apart from outstanding comfort, some slide models boast special designs with more cushioning in the midsole or flexible grooves on the tread for lighter, more anatomically correct transitions. Other design extras include adjustable straps with a velcro or buckle closure to keep your feet securely fixed onto the shoe. For an even better fit, choose models with a robust tread and a non-slip footbed. Their functional comfort makes men`s slides good all-round footwear for sports and leisure activities. Before and after training, the moulded soles will give your feet some much-needed relief. The open design allows for pleasant ventilation, while the non-slip sole provides enough grip for when you`re heading to the showers. Thanks to their flip-flop roots, men`s slides are still widely seen at the poolside and on the beach.

Men`s slides go with everything

The normcore style has gained increasing popularity over the past few years, so slides have become well-established streetwear pieces. Being uncomplicated unisex shoes, they go well with all summery leisure outfits. If you have a relaxed dress code at work, school and/or uni, you can even wear men`s slides for your daily comings and goings instead of conventional sandals and other open shoes. Put on your favourite ankle-grazer jeans or mix and match ¾-length pants for a cool look. Shorts and swimming trunks are of course the obvious choice to go with this breezy footwear. One thing to avoid: socks. The breathable properties of this shoe style will keep your feet at the perfect temperature without having to resort to the fashion faux pas. Men`s slides in white and blue colours highlight the shoes` maritime character, while black-and-white classics blend in seamlessly with practically any outfit. Bolder colours are best combined with clothes of a little more subdued style to avoid any clashes. The athletic air of slides makes them as easy to combine as trainers - and the comfort levels are also comparable to those of the world`s most popular sports shoe type.

Pros and cons of men`s slides

Slides impress with their unmistakable look and wide array of colours, shapes and additional functions, so you need to choose a pair that suits your needs.


  • Easy on/off
  • Fast-drying upper materials
  • Breathable
  • Moulded footbed
  • Hardwearing sole


  • Basic models provide insufficient support for certain activities

Men`s slides: flexible, functional & foot-friendly

Be it before or after sports or during your leisure time, men`s slides are a great way to relax your feet with a combination of anatomical fit and performance material - just what you need to get off on the right foot.