Slides are, without a doubt, a summer hit - they come in many trendy colours and designs and you can just slip in or out of them in seconds. They`re great for a stroll around the city, hanging out in your garden or visiting the local swimming pool. Whether they`re completely wacky, athletic-looking or minimalistic, among the hand-picked Keller x selection you`re sure to find the perfect practical slides to suit your style.

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Sporty summer fashion for your feet

You only have to glance at our well-organised selection in our online shop to see that sandals can be light and chic at the same time. Here you can find modern sandals that aren`t just for wearing as sandals but also work well while out and about in the city. Slides have achieved a cult status and they offer an enormous variety of designs. Unlike the mass-produced flip-flops, our selection of elegant slides is offered only to a more exclusive group of customers. Sandals in our Keller x online shop are made of high-quality materials and have been crafted with great care. They`re the product of globally renowned sports labels and stand for superb quality and a long product life.

Ideal for spontaneous trips to the beach

Sandals and flip-flops are the predecessors of today`s slides. Waterproof properties are the hallmark of the current models. The upper is made mainly of synthetic material and the sole is usually polyurethane or elasticated phylon and EVA foam, so water doesn`t stand a chance. Slides are also comfortable and well cushioned. Particularly elegant models come with an enveloping leather upper and soft lining. These shoes are particularly comfortable to wear. When designing and producing their models, most labels take biomechanical principles into account, an example being the Fitflop sandals. Scientists research how the shoes affect muscle activity and they work on trying to improve overall body posture and pressure distribution on the feet.

Urban + cosmopolitan

Slide-style shoes are casual but they have this special something about them. Expressive designs can turn a pair of normal slides into a real head-turner. Whether they come with two straps or just one, the construction of slides is mainly done for aesthetic reasons. Bold dashes of colour and details of either a fine or complex nature all add together to create a unique look. Minimalist and sporty shoes are just as easy to find on Keller x as slides with bright all-over prints. Some models look elegant, others more flamboyant and yet others are embellished with bizarre patterns and prints inspired by the art scene. But these flat shoes certainly weren`t designed for the red carpet - swinging your hips in these is practically impossible. It would take a lot of confidence to wear slides to the opera or a gala dinner, but feel free to show them off to the world when you`re strolling around the city or visiting the swimming pool.

The pros and cons of slides

The biggest benefit to having slide-style shoes is the practical construction. They`re ready to go in seconds. You don`t have to lace up, buckle up or strap up, just slide your feet in and go. The soft material envelops the foot in complete comfort - ideal for the beach or for any other leisure activity in summer, but maybe not for long hikes and workouts, because you won`t get the necessary support from slides. As these are leisure shoes, they may not be suitable for formal occasions or workplaces with a strict dress code.


  • Easy on/off
  • Well ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Modern design
  • Mostly waterproof
  • Fast-drying
  • Robust and long lasting


  • Not a particularly elegant gait
  • Not much support due to lack of heel strap
  • Only suitable for leisure time

Follow the trend!

Still don`t have any slides of your own? Then it`s high time you got into this trend! When you walk on the street in slides, it`ll feel like you`re treading on clouds and you`ll enjoy a ventilated feeling on your feet. Keller x`s selection offers sporty sandals by the most renowned sports articles manufacturers in the world - for both men and women. Choose your favourite slides now in a colour that suits your style!