Your shoes are what completes your outfit, even when we`re talking about athletic-looking everyday wear. As part of your sportswear wardrobe, trainers and slides aren`t just a visual highlight but also a practical piece of the puzzle. Modern sports shoes come with top functionality. Browse through the vast selection of products on our online shoe shop and you`ll find the latest designs from a variety of labels.Find out more!

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For an athletic look

Looking sporty has its advantages, even for a walk around the city. Find sportswear on our Keller x online shop that reflects your active lifestyle, but if you want a complete outfit, you need the right shoes too. A large selection of them is also available in our shop. Simply find shoes in a colour that suits your style and order them online. You could even buy shoes and clothes together to ensure your outfits are perfectly matched. By the way: we recommend buying what you like straight away, as several of the models are available only in strictly limited numbers, which is why you`re very unlikely to see anyone else wearing the same limited edition designs as you. We also offer trainers for any season and summer slides.

Buy shoes online - extra comfort

If you spend your everyday life in trainers, you`re doing your feet a favour. If you shop for shoes at Keller x, you`ll find products that based on tried-and-tested sports models. The trainers are extremely functional, i.e. breathable (reducing sweat build-up), moisture-wicking and temperature-controlling. We offer you trainers made from modern high-tech materials and shoes made of natural raw materials, like leather and canvas. The summer models come with perforated, high-quality textile panels for a breezy feel, but you`ll also find excellent sports shoes for a winter season in the urban jungle. Depending on the model, some of these will be high-tops made from wind- and waterproof fabric.

Order trainers and slides online on Keller x

Our selection includes sports shoes and slides in a variety of different designs. The closed sports shoes are ideal for everyday life, leisure time and even school/uni/work, depending on dress codes. While the classic trainers have been around since the 1980s, slides are a new phenomenon. These practical shoes are perfect for just slipping on and wandering around the city or staying by the poolside. The models on Keller x have little in common with conventional flip-flops nowadays. The excellent material quality of slides means that they last a long time and provide top comfort - this is the case with athletic models by renown brands and also trendy-looking fashion shoes.

Pros and cons of sportswear shoes

Trainers & co. are significantly more comfortable than conventional leather upper shoes and sports kicks come in a much wider range of colours and designs. But a sporty look isn`t always appropriate, and these everyday wear shoes might not be suited to specific sports. An ambitious runner should choose a specialist running shoe, and cyclists also require specific bike shoes.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Modern design
  • Breathable
  • Good moisture management
  • Versatile


  • Not as performance-oriented as a specialist sports shoe from Keller Sports
  • Not suitable for formal occasions

Complete your outfit now

Complete your sportswear outfit with matching shoes. On our online shop, you can order slides and trainers in the latest, most fashionable colours and the boldest designs. You benefit from a large selection of globally renowned labels and will find cult status shoes and boots. Keller x is constantly on the lookout for interesting new products, which is why trendsetters like you should browse our varied selection regularly and grab your favourite shoes online now!