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With more than 120 years of tradition and experience in shoe manufacture, Saucony is a company that knows what running shoes should look like. Saucony Originals take things to the next level. Developed in the 1980s, the brand's most successful running shoes are now experiencing a revival. Saucony Originals combine the design of yesteryear and the technology and materials of today. This combination produces sneakers that you can train and run in. The vintage models also go with the distinctive street style or casual look. Be inspired by the Saucony Originals and enjoy the highlights of the Golden Eighties in a new light.

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From the small Saucony shoe factory ...

The Saucony Shoe Manufacturing Company was founded in Kutztown, Pennsylvania in 1898. Four young entrepreneurs founded the shoe factory in a brick building on Saucony Creek. They named their company after the creek; the name, incidentally, is pronounced "so-ko-ni". The company's focus may have been on making running shoes, as it is to this today, because the first Olympic marathon took place two years before it was founded. In any case, the entrepreneurs were producing 800 shoes a day as early as 1910, but still no running shoes. In 1968, Saucony relocated to Cambridge in Massachusetts, where it is still headquartered today.

... The first Saucony running shoe with spikes

Since the first marathon and in the following 50 years, athletes of all nations discovered the sport of running. They ran in normal leather shoes made by Saucony and other shoe factories, on spikes, or even barefoot. Running shoes were unknown. Saucony wanted to change that. In 1958, the American brand produced its first running shoes. The 7446 was made of lightweight kangaroo leather and fitted with long spikes. They were perfect for runs over fields or dirt tracks, but not suitable for roads. It took many years for Saucony to launch the first running shoe for the road. The crucial factor was an American athlete winning gold in the Olympic marathon for the first time. Frank Shorter sparked a running mania in the USA after his victory in 1972. That was the beginning of Saucony running shoes.

The Golden Eighties: people get running

In 1977, the company received the "Best Quality" award from Consumer Reports for its running shoes. Up to that point, Saucony had been a niche brand. Now, they had achieved a new level of recognition. The running shoe quickly became the hottest shoe in running. In the 1980s, the makers did not rest, but celebrated success with more new running shoes. Saucony's greatest achievement was Rod Dixon's victory in the 1983 marathon. His running shoes were flat Dixon Racing shoes. The marathon runner had developed these together with engineers at Saucony. This made the brand famous and popular in their homeland. Many successful running shoes were created in the 1980s. This was the laying of the foundation stone for the Saucony Originals brand 30 years later.

The original Saucony Originals

It was the Originals of the 80s that brought the brand success and made them true trendsetters. Elite athletes and passionate recreational runners wore Saucony Originals. The performance models, competition shoes and training shoes included the following models:

  • 1980: Model Trainer 80 - the comfortable training shoe
  • 1981: The Jazz model - winner of the Best Quality award
  • 1984: The DXN Trainer - designed by marathon winner Rod Dixon
  • 1985: Shadow Original - with soft EVA
  • 1985: Model Bullet - with spikes
  • 1988: Azura ST - light performer
  • 1989: Shadow 5000 - ahead of its time
  • 1991: Model Grid SD - the icon with the new cushioning system
  • 1991: Shadow 6000 - stable and supportive for long distances
  • 1993: Model Grid 8000 - new comfort through curved design
  • 1994: Model Grid 9000 - with plush lining

More innovations from Saucony

The idea of the spikes dates back to the 1950s. The modern implementation was a minor revolution in cross-country running in 2003. The Kilkenny XC Spike was created in collaboration with elite athletes and is very light and comfortable. Together with the spikes, the strongly profiled sole offers good grip on soft ground. The soft upper is gentle on the foot. It provides support and flexibility at the same time. Since the beginning of the 1980s, Saucony has relied heavily on working with athletes. In 2009, the Kinvara marked another milestone in comfort and production process. The cushioning remained the same, however, a 4 mm blast between forefoot and heel was used for the first time. The running feeling became much more natural, much lighter. The first reduced running shoe changed the Saucony product range and with it the entire industry.

The current models: Saucony Originals

Saucony had its biggest success with its Originals running shoes in the 1980s and 1990s. The current editions of the running shoes hark back to these days. The legendary styles live on in the Saucony Originals brand. The brand has continued the successful design of these shoes to the present day. Innovative functional materials and improved cushioning systems also bring the Saucony Originals into the present. Depending on the model, the design has either remained unchanged or had a slight remake. Fresh shades and contemporary colour combinations make the vintage models into state-of-the-art running shoes and classic sneakers.

Saucony Original: the red-hot Azura sneaker

Thirty years after it's first release, the Azura running shoe is back on the market. This Saucony Original retained its classic colouring. With glowing stripes on a white background, it is a real eye-catcher. The Azura was already something special in its original incarnation: a true performance running shoe that sits lightly on the foot and puts a spring in your step. The materials do not have much in common with the original Azura. The attractive sneaker impresses with its suede look, but is made of synthetic micro suede. The water-repellent and robust material is combined with ripstop mesh. Mesh is extremely breathable and loosens the look of the running shoe in different places. The sole is non-slip and multi-layered. The stabilisation is made of TPU and the midsole is made of EVA. The different-sized triangles on the bottom of the outsole give you grip. In addition to the performance and cushioning, the best thing is the look. The sole is divided into differently coloured areas. These colours match the different overlapping materials. In the same colours as the sole, they create an eye-catching design. The Azura shoe was a hit 30 years ago and today, the vintage shoe is more contemporary than ever. You can train and run in it. Or you simply wear the Saucony Original Azura in your leisure time as a sporty yet chic shoe.

Saucony Original: Shadow 5000 Vintage Sneaker

The Saucony Original models can hardly be any more different. While the Azura is an eye-catching runner, the Shadow 5000 impresses as it did years before with its understated and classy aesthetics. Genuine suede in various subtle shades not only gives the running shoe stability, but also a high-quality appearance. Nylon and mesh inserts provide a good climate in the shoe and high breathability. The overlapping arrangement of materials which differ in appearance and function ensures a distinctive design. The shaft is comfortably padded and coloured. The padded lining ensures high wearing comfort.

The multi-coloured Saucony Original Shadow logo under the laces captures the eye, as do the colour-contrasting guides for the white laces. The vintage Shadow 5000 running shoe by Saucony Originals goes perfectly with your streetwear. The outer sole is made of monochrome black rubber on the bottom. The wide midsole is bright and, depending on the model, colour-contrasting at the back of the heel. The signature Saucony triangles on the front of the sole give you superb grip, even on damp surfaces. The Shadow 5000 is a high-quality and comfortable vintage-look sneaker. And, of course, it is suitable for training. The slim, slender running shoe is also perfect for casual wear. Whether for jeans or corduroy trousers, the Saucony Original Shadow 5000 Vintage is comfortable and adaptable.

New again: Saucony Original

Making the successful even more successful: Saucony Original employs tried and tested solutions together with innovative ones - combined in one running shoe. The sneakers inspire with the design of yesteryear. The comfort comes from more than 120 years of experience in the manufacture of shoes. The decade-long collaboration with elite athletes has produced high-quality running shoes for runners. The Saucony Originals came out of collaboration too - this time with designers. The result was vintage sneakers which are easy on the eye. Saucony Originals will bring more successful models to the market. In any case, the sneakers impress in bright, contemporary colours and modern materials. Pick your favourite model and combine the sneakers from Saucony Original with your casual wear in your own personal style.