Want to know what technology, music and design have in common? Browse through the selection by Satisfy Running and you`ll find the answer. Running clothing by this Parisian fashion label is refreshingly different from mainstream running wear. Satisfy Running has cult status! If you enjoy running and looking cool at the same time, you should check out Keller x.

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Performance activewear label from Paris

The French capital is known the world over as the place to go for fashion, but it`s not just about extravagant catwalks - it deals in sportswear too. The label Satisfy blends the top current trends with a sporty style so you can turn heads on the running track and the gym. The brand`s inspiration comes from the solo long run. The creators behind Satisfy Running see this kind of run as a transformative experience, a spiritual elevation, the next level of awareness - and this is reflected in the label`s progressive sportswear designs. The runner experiences intense reflection, a state of ecstasy that takes him or her to a higher level of creativity. The team at Satisfy refer to this state as the "High".

What makes Satisfy sportswear special?

The essence of every creative process behind each extravagant design is the "High". Satisfy fashion is inspirational but modest, focussing only on the essentials. Every Satisfy feature has its own specific function. There is no such thing as a Satisfy piece that isn`t suitable for running. The brand conceives and creates many of its models in a Parisian design studio. The fabrics are either developed onsite or are sourced from trusted suppliers. The brand Satisfy stands for technical running clothing that blends different positive properties into a single garment. Traditional craftsmanship is combined with the highest attention to detail, refinement and luxury in a symbiotic relationship.

Practical chic, top functionality

Satisfy designers and product developers are aware that looks aren`t everything, which is why several of the brand`s models are created with innovative materials, no matter what they look like. Breathable and windproof, you can rely on this clothing to provide the perfect performance during runs in all weathers. You won`t get sweaty and you`ll feel dry all over because perspiration is quickly absorbed by the fabric, so it can evaporate. Many Satisfy models are also windproof and have some waterproofing too. Weatherproofing is very important if you do your running training outdoors. Don`t be a "sunny weather runner", train regularly and pursue your sport with passion to stay in shape. You can count on Satisfy for support.

Changing the way you think about running

Sportswear by Satisfy is venerated by athletes in Europe, the US, Canada, Asia and Australia. High-tech, creative, functional running clothes designed by a multidisciplinary team will help you achieve a new personal best and enjoy the journey from training to victory. Find out for yourself what inspires the Satisfy designers and discover your new favourite pieces among our selection!