Reebok x Victoria Beckham

High-Fashion translated into everyday life, into street- and sportswear. A feat? For Reebox x Victoria Beckham everyday working life. The fashion icon lends the sports brand her sense of elegance in the minimalist, her style - and you get apparel between hoodies, tees, leggings, sneakers and accessories that will dress you perfectly at all times, both in the gym and on a relaxed day in the city. Learn more!

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<p>As in previous seasons, each model is tested and worn by Victoria Beckham herself. Her vision of style, her love of sportswear and the many hours she spends in the gym are reflected in every single piece.</p>


Beckham's approach as a fashion designer is then combined with Reebok's technology and innovation. The result: high-performance pieces that can be worn both in the gym and on the street - and beyond.

What is the background of the collaboration between Reebok and Victoria Beckham?

Victoria Beckham founded her eponymous fashion label in 2008, and since then it has become the epitome of modern minimalism. It is celebrated for its versatility, strong sense of sophistication and effortless approach to dressing women for every walk of life. Developed in Victoria's London studio, the collection began with a series of figure-hugging dresses. It now includes two ready-to-wear lines, footwear and accessories, as well as a long-term partnership with fitness and lifestyle brand Reebok. Bold, intuitive and sophisticated, each collection features the finest craftsmanship and materials. It is an adaptation of Victoria's own personal style to the needs and desires of international women who swear by the brand's distinctive, high-quality garments. A timeless approach to modernity, designed to highlight your active lifestyle.


What distinguishes the special collections?

A fashion icon herself, Victoria Beckham creates unique looks for Reebok that are new and eye-catching without losing the brand's signature character. Sporty, comfortable, unusual and trendy - that's what Reebok's collections with Victoria Beckham stand for. Victoria Beckham redefines the feminine: through edgy cuts, masculine details and unusual colors. For this season, strong silhouettes set the tone. Drop Four, the fourth collection from Reebok x Victoria Beckham, brings body-hugging styles with sharp but subtle branding accents. For Drop Four, the range has been evolved with new ribbing reminiscent of the trim on vintage pieces.

“Reebok x Victoria Beckham is about clothes that make me feel confident, but that I don’t have to think too much about. I want true performance pieces for the gym, that have been thoughtfully and meticulously designed to be adaptable, and to move with me for all facets of my life.” — Victoria Beckham, Creative Director



Sense of a style icon x sportswear legend

Victoria Beckham has never been accused of lacking elegance. Noble - even "posh" - but never obtrusively dressed, she never stepped and performs. Victoria Beckham cultivates her own style and obviously likes to share it. By founding her own fashion label, she made her feeling for modern minimalism accessible to others. Dresses. Apparel for everyday life. Shoes. Accessories. In her London studio, Victoria Beckham and her team have been designing women's wear for a slightly glamorous appearance and for elegant everyday life since 2008. The boundaries are no longer clearly drawn anyway. A shot of glamour on the street. A little relaxed understatement for dinner or for the party. So why set the limits? Why not team up with a sports brand?

And with one that has stood for legendary performances in the female fitness scene since the 1980s. Who is therefore always looking for testimonials and faces of strong women. Reebok met Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham met Reebok. The winner is you. Because brand and designer translate Victoria Beckham's sense of elegant simplicity into a mix of sports and streetwear that will take you not only to the gym but also to the city. Monochrome style meets individual cuts, plus leggings and workout tops, even sneakers by Reebok x Victoria Beckham. The collaboration grabs the entire city and declares it a fashion walk. Inspiration is provided by sports styles of the 90s as well as California's surf culture. The style is decisive. The minimalist. The elegance that blurs with the utility.

Reebok x Victoria Beckham = Function x elegance x quality

Shell and core as a unit. Compulsory programme for Victoria Beckham. Accordingly, style and elegance are only one side of the spectrum. Craftsmanship and quality must also keep up. So Reebok x Victoria Beckham uses only high-quality materials for its styles, which are designed to accompany you in your everyday life for a long time. Tees and hoodies made of pure cotton are therefore just as much a standard feature as leggings and sports bras made of high-quality synthetic fibres. The result is a quartet of wearing comfort, style, elegance and quality.

Oversized x logo prints x minimalism

The high school of fashion design comes to an end when you make a positive impression by being inconspicuous - and Reebok x Victoria Beckham items do just that almost in passing. Monochrome tees have a large but never obtrusive Reebok print on the back. Hoodies adorn large hoods, plus the odd smartly placed logo. The cut? Gladly oversized. Also for the military style jackets. The Brand makes the sports tops and leggings from a single piece to increase wearing comfort by dispensing with seams. And then there are the sneakers.

They are inspired by some of Reebok's own icons, reminiscent of the high-cut basketball sneakers of the 80s and 90s and a subtle runner silhouette. The backpacks, on the other hand, rely on a simple yet perfectly shaped exterior, wearing restrained black. They come with just as many pockets as you need to be well equipped on your way through the city or towards the gym. With Reebok x Victoria Beckham products, style and elegance are always in your luggage anyway.

Sneakers and oversized apparel by Reebok x Victoria Beckham

Sneakers from Reebok always fit. The evolution of Reebok x Vicoria Beckham is no exception. Especially as the brand combines a monochrome leather upper with some colourful details and a mesh toebox. The tops of the Brand are similarly popular. Hoodies. Tees. It does not matter. What matters are casual oversized cuts that fit both the gym and the café. They radiate a great deal of elegance despite their comfort, and the Kollabo logo is perfectly balanced between spotlight and discreet restraint.

Combine Reebok x Victoria Beckham products

The wide hoodie for legging. The oversized tee over the short runner shorts. With discreet sneakers. Basically, you can dress yourself for everyday life between sport and city with Apparel by Reebok x Victoria Beckham. The military jackets by Brand also go well with chino or skinny jeans, the wide tees with a relaxed cut skirt - and you can also strap on a cross-body bag by Brand.

Sneaker company for Reebok x Victoria Beckham at Keller x

Reebok x Victoria Beckham feels particularly at home in the ping-pong between sport and fashion, between function and street style - and she is not alone in this. Vans also cultivates its roots in sport, but has long since adopted a streetwear approach. All the more reason why the brand's skate sneakers are a perfect match for the styles in the Reebok x Victoria Beckham shop at Keller x. Or you can combine legging and hoodie from the label with the minimalist, eco-friendly sneakers from Veja.