Reebok Aztrek

The classic 90s Runner - and then somehow not. Reebok's Aztrek is strongly reminiscent of the running sneaker culture of the early 90s, but with straight lines it deliberately chooses its very own shape. With success. The sneaker has long since found its place in streetwear and along the way has even influenced pop icons and the fashion world. Learn more!

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The Reebok Aztrek

The running shoe concept at the beginning of the 90s worked. A few curved lines, one or two eye-catching splashes of color, plus comfortable cushioning - the statement on and off the trail was ready. Reebok was no exception, but in 1993 it went a different way. By chance Christian Tresser came across the fire. He had actually aspired to a career between professional soccer player and artist, but one day he helped out in his father's car repair shop.

There, a customer told him that he had a footwear consulting agency and some good ideas for it. Only drawing is a bit of a hitch. Tresser was supposed to, wanted to, and was able to help out and ended up at Reebok a little later. The assignment: a new runner. The idea: an approach off the norm. The loyal partner: the ruler. Tresser pulled this out and enhanced a white sheet of paper with various straight lines, which after some time resulted in a small total work of art - the Reebok Aztrek.

The Reebok Aztrek should be different, looking for its own direction. He found it also thanks to the diamond graphic on the toebox, which seems to merge seamlessly into the tongue. Reebok also mixed clean white with striking colours - some neon shades in turquoise, yellow or purple. Optically, the Aztrek fitted the street without any problems - and technically, it could go anywhere else. Hexalite and EVA provided cushioning and the sole provided the necessary support.

Tresser also designed the sneaker to be as relaxed and seamless as possible to the foot. Comfort instead of pressure points. Perfect for the trail. Perfect for the streets. And the road has long since taken over. Both Cardi B and Gigi Hadid sat down with Reebok's design team to create their own version of the Reebok Aztrek. Pop culture meets 90s Runner. The concept still works.

The features of the Reebok Aztrek

Retro Runner and Streetwear. Who's going to be Batman and who's going to be Robin is not clear. But the little inconsistency does not harm the common bond - also and especially not in the case of the Reebok Aztrek. The shoe combines early-90s style with just enough technology that comfort and looks find their way together towards a symbiosis. Hexalite in the forefoot combined with EVA makes you feel relaxed, while the raised outsole at the heel provides additional protection against moisture. For the upper, Reebok uses textile or suede.

In terms of appearance, overlays in contrasting colours break up the clean running silhouette. They harmonise partly with reserved, partly with eye-catching colourways, which sometimes help themselves from the neon bucket. For women, Reebok has also placed its Aztrek range on a platform sole, which ensures the Aztrek Double Mix gets even more attention. Exactly the same model that Gigi Hadid chose for her own version, while Cardi B used the original as a source of inspiration. The sneaker gets additional corners and edges in its evolution, the Aztrek 96.

Key facts about the Reebok Aztrek

  • (Original) Name: Reebok Aztrek
  • First release: 1993
  • First colorway: White / Turquoise
  • Designer: Christian Tresser
  • Price range: around 90 to 130€

How to combine the Reebok Aztrek

The style-conscious break in style. Nobody masters it as unerringly as the 90s runner Reebok Aztrek. Silhouettes that tilt further into the sporty, slightly chunky direction. Colorways that pleasantly seek every attention centre - and find it unerringly. Combine the Reebok Aztrek under your rolled up Chino and fasten it relaxed under your cut jeans or shorts. The sneaker also goes well with skirts and leggings. With ther hoodie or the t-shirt, the college jacket or the oversize coat. The style break for style-conscious people is ready.

The Reebok Aztrek at Keller x

The original radiates its own unique appeal, but at the same time it only rolls out the red carpet. The selection in our Reebok Aztrek Shop opens every border, from the angular 96 to the Double Mix, up to the Aztrek models from Cardi B and Gigi Hadid. At Keller x you can get all these versions of the Aztrek online and you can also find monochrome and colorful colorways. You can also find the Runner with neon-colored overlays as well as with muted accents.