You recognise them by their characteristic logo - Reebok shoes. Wherever you see the red, stripey triangle with Reebok lettering, you can rest assured you`re getting a quality product because that`s what the delta logo stands for, and the brand behind it as well! For company CEO Matt O`Toole, the delta symbolises a positive change and encourages you to reach your full potential. Discover the extent of your own abilities and make the most of the opportunities offered by Reebok.

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Sports articles by an innovative company

Reebok is based in Massachusetts and is the daughter firm of German sports article manufacturer adidas. The company produces sports shoes, sports clothes and accessories. As a global market leader, Reebok specialises in ice hockey equipment. The brand name is derived from the Afrikaans word Rehbock, which is a kind of antelope. The label`s innovative inventions have contributed to a revolution in the sports product market and have earned the brand international fame.

A sports article manufacturer with British roots

Reebok`s history actually began in Great Britain in 1895, when the Foster family from Bolton founded the company J.W. Foster and Sons. By 1924, the family business was already providing running shoes for the athletes taking part in the summer Olympics. In 1958, two of Foster`s successors founded a company named Reebok. 21 years later, Paul Fireman, from the US, purchased the company`s distribution rights in North America and began to offer the brand`s shoes to the USA public. After passing from hand to hand, today, Reebok International Limited is the daughter company of adidas and is enjoying more international success than ever.

World renown advancements

Reebok is famous for its genius ideas and infallible nose for trends. In 1982, at the height of the aerobics wave, the company launched a women`s freestyle running shoe. It didn`t take long for women to be wearing the model at the gym, on the running track and everywhere else too! The beautiful, comfortable model followed the 80s fashion and became a very popular street style shoe. Reebok contributed both low top and high top sports models to the aisles of shoe shops around the world. Reebok`s 1989 Pump technology is legendary. Led by Paul Litchfield, Reebok engineers designed a shoe with an integrated pump that would fill air chambers in the shoe to enable the footwear to adjust better to the shape of the foot. Athletes Michael Chang and Dee Brown were absolutely blown over by the pump models.

For men, women and children - for everyone!

Reebok shoes aren`t aimed at any specific target group. The selection of products is perfect for people of all ages and both genders. Requirements? Just a need for comfort. Because of their outstanding comfort and functionality, Reebok shoes are just as suited to sports as they are to leisure activities and everyday life. If you work on your feet, Reebok shoes are for you. We have a well-stocked selection and offer you all kinds of innovative shoes. Among them are timeless models with the elegant touches that make Reebok an international legend. We`re constantly updating our selection, so check out Keller x on a regular basis and you`re sure to find something special.