RAINS designs high-quality raincoats, windbreakers and bags off the beaten track. Products that not only defy wind and weather, but also make a stylish statement. Learn more!

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"It never rains in Southern California", sang Albert Hammond in his 1972 megahit. In Denmark, on the other hand, it does - over 120 times. Every year. Reason enough for the Danish RAINS founders to redefine the quality of rainwear. SimpleScandinavian lifestyle versus dirty weather: the rain can come. The Aarhus-based brand was launched in 2012 with just one product: a poncho. It had style and kept everything under it dry.

In the following years the Danes created complete collections consisting of jacketsbags and accessories like rainproof caps. All designed exclusively, real lifestyle pieces, without forgetting the tradition of rainwear. Developed with the claim to stand up to wind and weather. In the meantime, the Danes have opened RAINS stores in Copenhagen, New York, Paris and London. The English in particular, including songwriter Albert Hammond, should appreciate this, as the RAINS shop brings colour to the famous London Wet.


What could be more natural than to give a company for innovative rainwear the self-confident name "RAINS"? A statement, just like the logo of the brand. In addition to the RAINS lettering and a Scandinavian lighthouse, the word "Drip" can be read three times. Just as if the fire wants to mock the Nordic storms: the raindrops can come, as many as they want. People who have bought in the RAINS shop will not be able to harm them. The Scandinavian designers have internalised one principle: to optimally combine functionality with charming design.

The creators of RAINS have also succeeded in doing this since the brand was founded. With their stylish models, they present Friesennerz and Co in a new guise. The colours of the RAINS products vary from collection to collection and depending on the intended use. Sometimes elegant grey or black for the way to the business appointment, sometimes turquoise for the excursion to the flea market, sometimes cracking orange for the stormy bike tour through the city. Light, waterproof materials are the basis for the high-quality RAINS articles. Double-welded pockets, adjustable hoods and variable sleeve cuffs make the rainwear waterproof even in more susceptible areas.


Urban and contemporary as well as elegantly restrained - this is how the design of RAINS rainwear can be summed up. The whole thing is combined with absolute function in the fight against wind and weather. The brand develops its individual products in such a way that different RAINS articles can be optimally combined. The gender-neutral design of the RAINS range is also impressive in nature, but above all in the city. You can be sure that other people's eyes will recognise you. As official RAINS dealer Keller x concentrates on unisex rain jackets, parkas, windbreakers, bags and backpacks from RAINS.

All made of waterproof, lightweight material with a matt finish for an elegant look. The cut is casual, always wide enough to wear the desired outfit underneath. That's how you go down. The Jacket Rainjacket, the Long Jacket Raincoat or the Color Block Unisex Tech Pants are all plain coloured. The Color Block Windbreakers, on the other hand, come in two or three colours. The clou with the color combinations: RAINS products can always be combined in colour. Jackets with bum bags, backpacks with caps.


As a globally active manufacturer of lifestyle products, the young Danish brand is fully aware of its social responsibility. The lighthouse depicted in the RAINS logo should point the way to a sustainable future. Central aspects are the longevity of RAINS products and the materials used in production. For example, the company uses fluorinate-free polyurethane coating, which is more environmentally friendly than the hormonally effective alternatives PVC and PWR-PFC solutions.

In combination with the woven polyester fibre used by RAINS, the result is a strong construction that keeps the fit and ensures dryness even in heavy rain. But the fire is not enough. The goal is to use only polyester and nylon from recycled plastic bottles by 2021. And there is more: RAINS manufactures all its retail packaging with materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. To prevent the Scandinavian weather from becoming even more capricious in the future due to climate change.


In addition to responsibility for the environment, the company also cares about the well-being of its employees and fair working conditions at its suppliers. In keeping with the times, RAINS also refrains from using down or other animal products for its products. Sustainable, transparent and functionally inspired - this is how urban lifestyle products made in Scandinavia are created today. Made by RAINS.