A tribute to the past that is more than comfortable in the present: with the RS-X, Puma revives its legendary damping technology from the 1980s, deliberately and intentionally taking it to extremes with the help of a Chunky silhouette and eye-catching colourways. Past meets present, meets comfort, meets a good dose of style... Learn more!

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The Puma RS-X

The 80s will probably not go down in history as a decade of understatement. In Miami, Crocket and Tubbs combined linen suits with rolled-up sleeves with shirts glowing in various pastel shades. Hairstyles sometimes grew up to the ceiling and Madonna's outfits increasingly followed the trend towards minimalism. Being conspicuous was part of it.

Even for Puma – and somehow not. Because instead of packaging their new damping technology as pompously as possible, the brand concentrated on two letters. R met S, and the Running System was ready. A name like a traffic sign: practical, pioneering, but not really exciting. Yet this polyurethane cushioning was so incredibly comfortable for 80s conditions that it actually deserved every spark of attention. A spa weekend for your feet!

At the same time, comfort naturally needs space, which in turn tickles the call for attention and caused the midsole to swell significantly. And a thick midsole naturally looks best around a Chunky Sneaker. That's why Puma revived its once revolutionary cushioning technology as well as the RS series with an eye-catching shoe. Despite its unmistakable Runner Connection, the Puma RS-X Reinvention, the first version of the RS-X, is wonderfully eye-catching - and completely deliberate. Because the "X" also does its job.

It stands for extreme and thus indicates the direction the sneaker zshould follow at any given moment. Especially as bright, colourful colourways additionally push the silhouette into every angle of vision. Sometimes it even looks as if the individual colours are applied in different layers, which in turn promotes a very individual look. In addition, Puma is working with game manufacturer Hasbro, Hot Wheels and even Mercedes to create even more striking and unique special editions of the RS-X. And just like back in the 80s, the understatement only watches from a safe distance.

Features of the Puma RS-X

The most striking detail of the Puma RS-X - and therefore rightly so - is the midsole. Once an innovation, the RS cushioning still provides you with maximum comfort for relaxed trips to the barista, your favourite bar or a relaxed dinner with friends. At the same time, the shoe goes to extremes, just because of its name. Different layers. A material mix between mesh, leather and suede. Striking colourways. Puma combines all of this in the RS-X and is therefore offering one special edition after another. Thus, Reinvention reissues the RS-X, while RS-Tracks celebrates the music and RS-Trophy the culture of our time. But there is more to it than that.

Extremely times three: the RS-X³. One digit, and an already convention-breaking sneaker turns even more intensely to the extreme. Especially when you secure the RS-X³ Puzzle. Like a jigsaw puzzle, it seems to be made up of different layers and colours, while the RS-X Millennium expresses its sympathy for the technology boom of the 2000s and the RS-X³ Luxe focuses on the luxury of a leather upper.

The sneaker also has a midcut version and a ladies' version available. The Puma RS-X Proto has a particularly clear tendency towards extravagance, with a sole that looks a little clunkier - in the best sense of the word -, decorative seams that stand out a little more intensely, and colourways that seem to shine a little more clearly.

Key facts about the Puma RS-X

  • Original name: Puma RS-X Reinvention
  • First release: 2018
  • Original colorway: Bold Red / White / Blue
  • Price range: 50 to about 120 €.

How can the Puma RS-X be combined?

As soon as you want to give a friendly wave to the convention and then leave it for the foreseeable future, our Puma RS-X offers will make your farewell easier. The break in style here is a seal of quality, understatement a vague reminder from the distant past. So combine the RS-X as you wish. The wide, up to the ankles rolled up Chino?

With white, maybe even neon socks? Fits. The used jeans below, the relaxed T-shirt above? Anytime. Even the Crossbody-Bag, the Hoodie, the Crewneck harmonize perfectly with the products from our Puma RS-X Shop. As for the ladies by the way, the monochrome, long, wide cut dress. Your sneaker. Your choice.

The Puma RS-X Store at Keller x

The extreme knows not only this one direction. It pushes everywhere. That's why at Keller x you won't find just one variant in the Puma RS-X Sale. You have the choice. Between RS-X³ Puzzle and Millennium. Between Proto and Midtop. In addition, you will find all the colourful, eye-catching colourways of the sneaker, plus of course simpler variants with a tendency towards almost monochrome. Just choose your Puma RS-X online and order it with a simple mouse click. It's so easy to organise your Puma RS-X with Keller x.