Porter-Yoshida & Co.

A bag, a backpack, a cross-body bag as a work of art. Created with dedication and genuine Japanese craftsmanship. This is what PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO. A brand that was founded in the 1920s and has been living out its penchant for its own identity to the fullest, creating various style icons - and is always inspired by the military style of the US Air Force. Learn more!

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PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO: Bag perfection after a painful lesson

Some lessons are painful, but in the end they are invaluable. In 1923, at the age of 17, for Kichizo Yoshida, literally much lay in ruins. After the great Kanto earthquake, he tried to take as much as possible from his destroyed house. What remained was no more than a string. Kichizo Yoshida tied its ends together and hung everything he could carry over his shoulder. Not practical. Instructive. Yoshida was certain that a bag should primarily be used to transport things. A lesson for eternity. For only twelve years later he founded Yoshida Kaban Seisakujo, a bag fire, in Tokyo.

Their aim: the bag as a timeless companion and a regular part of life. A few years later, Yoshida Co. presented the Elegant Bag, a zippered expandable bag, an innovation never before seen. What was missing, however, was undivided attention. In the 1960s, few people had discovered a deep love for a single brand. Off to the department shop and see what you like and what fits your price. That was the way it went. Until Kichizo Yoshida founded PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO in 1962. With his own brand, Yoshida now wanted to give customers an understanding of the craft behind the products. A compass for a matching bag and from this a close relationship should develop. The plan worked out.

PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO continued to work on the perfect everyday companion with a penchant for utility and established itself. Also thanks to the TANKER. For the TANKER, the 1983 Brand was inspired by the US Air Force's flight jackets. Military look for the journey. So it all began with duffle and shoulder bags. Today, however, the TANKER is available in around 60 different styles. The brand continued to expand. In 2009, Porter Girl was added to the brand's own women's line. They also collaborated. With Sony and Apple. With other fashion labels like James Jarvis, Stone Island, M/M Paris and Off-White. Fashion icons emerged, but in the end they always followed the lesson learned by Kichizo Yoshida in 1923. Because for all their style, for all their visual perfection, bags are still primarily designed to transport things.

PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO: Craftsmanship x Leather x Nylon x Canvas

Craftsmanship as the centre of your own DNA. In order to keep to this, PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO produces by tradition in Japan, relying on a tribe of craftsmen and craftswomen and thus creating its own quality family tree over decades. Soichi Inose, for example, who has been making PORTER-YOSHIDA's leather products for over 50 years, is one of the people involved. With a love for detail. Where the "normal" leather bag is made of around 30 pieces, the leather backpack introduced by PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO in 2002 is made of 80 pieces. But leather alone is not enough. Some TANKER products, for example, rely on a material that is similar to that used for flying jackets. Canvas and nylon are also used in PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO products.

Clear forms x monochrome designs x Japanese craftsmanship

PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO articles are close to perfection in writing. After all, since 2007, several bags from the brand have won a "Good Design Award". The basis for this is minimalism. Clear forms, paired with monochrome designs decorate the PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO bags, bagpacks, cross-body bags, weekenders and overnighters of the Japanese brand. Soft materials and discreetly placed logo patches are also used. All of them, of course, assembled with the friendly support of sophisticated Japanese craftsmanship. Zips, extra pockets and straps are placed in such a way that they are both functional and attractive. Pocket symbiosis close to perfection.

Inspired by the flight jacket - popular PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO styles

A series, entirely to the taste of Kichizo Yoshida. First introduced in 1983, TANKER bags and backpacks are still one of the label's most popular styles today. Military style inspired by the US Air Force MA-1 flight jacket works across decades. Especially as the cotton-nylon-polyester mix is pleasantly soft, each bag is beautifully light and yet practical at all times. Like many PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO styles, every TANKER fits perfectly in the city. However, Brand does not want to specialise in this alone. That's why EXTREME backpacks and bags feel good on an outdoor trip thanks to their functionality, but with their monochrome look and matt upper they also make a great streetwear accessory.

PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO - always stylishly equipped

Wherever you go, your PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO bag, the backpack, the cross-body back should practically accompany you. laptop. Clothes for a relaxed city trip. equipment. You can stow everything in the unagitated styles, always find the right extra bag - and the right outfit to go with it. PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO products are simply too unagitated to trigger the stylistic biting reflex. That's why the slim as well as the relaxed jeans, the chino as well as the shorts fit. Leather or coach jacket? Shirt or tea? Coat or trench coat? PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO bags are always ready to go.

Vans or Air Jordan 1 x PORTER-Yoshida Co. - at Keller x

The traditional duet rarely plays louder. Here the minimalist military bag of an almost one hundred year old Japanese bakery, there the first sneaker of the most legendary basketball player in history. A shoe which at the same time drew the basic lines of the sneaker game. PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO meets Air Jordan 1, using the minimalism of the bags to combine them with either a monochrome or multicoloured upper, with low or high cut silhouettes. Or you can go to Keller x's PORTER-YOSHIDA & CO shop and pick up one of the famous skate styles of Vans to go with your Japanese backpack.