Peak Performance

The name Peak Performance is a big giveaway of the brand`s goal. Sportswear by this Swedish label combines a timeless athletic design with extraordinary functionality. Choose your favourite from among countless practical models and enjoy it for years to come. Find out more!

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Ben Gorham is himself a passionate outdoor adventurer, skier and cold water surfer. The result of his collaboration with Peak Performance is the multifunctional unisex outdoor collection "Possessions Of My Soul".


The unique unisex outdoor collection "Possessions of My Soul" in collaboration with Byredo founder Ben Gorham is being continued.


What is the vision behind "Possessions of My Soul"?

Before Ben Gorham started enjoying winter sports, he spent his time in the city and longed for the end of the dark and cold season. In the meantime, however, he calls himself a passionate winter explorer. With his new collection, Ben Gorham wants to bring the magic of nature closer to the people of the city and is designing a minimalist, highly functional collection together with Peak Performance.


What distinguishes the special collection?

The collection is inspired by a hike in the Swedish Riksgränsen, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, and is perfect for activities of all kinds - from 2° below zero, heavy rain, snow and rough wind to +15° and sunshine. The 19-piece collection includes a wide range of products, from base layers to GORE-TEX shell products, for optimal winter equipment in the mountains.


"I want to bring the magic of nature closer to people. Most cities hardly differ from each other, whereas the first-hand encounter with nature brings a completely new world view. A new adventure can begin". - Ben Gorham, 2020.




From necessity comes virtue

The history of Peak Performance began with three young skiers` dissatisfaction. They were unhappy with the range of ski clothes available at the time and the lack of functionality all-round. Cool, chic and practical is the kind of clothing the three young athletes were looking for. World-class mogul skier Stefan Engström, passionate designer Christer Martensson and chief editor of the largest ski magazine in Sweden Peter Blom took to the Swedish mountains to find a solution to their problem. Very soon, ski dealer and alpine skier Jonas Ottosson joined the effort. Together, they designed their first fashion pieces and tried them out on the slopes. The group didn`t have big plans yet - their functional ski clothing was originally supposed to be for them and their close friends. But soon, their homemade ski clothes started attracting attention and demand increased.

Peak Performance - work towards your goals with passion

Peak Performance was born from persistence, patience and enthusiasm, officially launched in 1986 in the winter sports region of Are. For the founders, it was important to find the right technological solutions and combine them into appropriate designs right from the start. With this recipe for success already in the bag, things went from good to better. Orders were soon flooding in so fast that the founders had to hire their first employees. After just ten years, Peak Performance had become a large organisation with headquarters in Stockholm. Next came expansion to Japan, and after that, the brand opened a shop in Dubai. With time, Peak Performance passed from being a simple sports fashion label to a way of life. The collection was added to constantly. Apart from practical ski clothes, the brand soon offered highly functional gold, running and mountain bike gear.

Sportswear by Peak Performance

It`s been over three decades since its conception, and Peak Performance has now become a way of life. As always, active, dynamic youngsters are part of the label`s target group. But with time come changes, and life speeds up. People are now active during their leisure and work time, not just when they`re practising sports. Peak Performance has spotted the change and adapted to it by adding everyday sportswear to its product offer. It`s now not just athletes who shop Peak Performance but also creatives, business people and, above all, adventurers. The sports fashion is perfect for an urban setting. Apart from being highly functional, the sportswear is incredibly long lasting thanks to timeless designs and extremely robust materials. Peak Performance`s aim is for you to enjoy the brand`s clothes for many years to come.

Discover the benefits of Peak Performance

By wearing fashion by the Swedish label, you`ll have your individuality on full display. The sportswear is simple but clever. Discreet eyecatchers embellish the pieces, though some models are made up entirely of clean lines. Most models have a neutral look that`s easy to mix and match. In one word: essentials. Peak Performance sportswear will offer you top functionality. Enjoy browsing through Keller x and discovering your favourite models.