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Pas Normal Studios delivers bike and casual wear made in Denmark - and deliberately with the obligatory trained eye for the necessary style effect and an eye for nature. Learn more!

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Pas Normal Studios: Bikewear with Nordic Style

Copenhagen. Danish capital. Cycling capital. The perfect place. Because in 2014 Pas Normal Studios (PAS) set to work there. Their self-imposed mission: to develop bikewear close to perfection. With the help of another Danish speciality, of course. Nordic style, less cliché than visual seal of quality. So PAS doesn't just make bike wear. The brand thinks along with the visual impression. What used to be exclusively functional should be aesthetically pleasing - without neglecting the function. To this end, the company tailors minimalist casual wear for the after-work drink after the tour. Most of the production takes place in Europe, with close contact to suppliers and partners.

PAS: Function X Style X Sustainability

High-tech function packed into a stylish appearance. This is exactly the licence Pas Normal Studios prints. The brand adapts cuts and fabrics exactly to the needs of bikers. At the same time, PAS leaves the pure utility tunnel to lead the bike apparel industry not only in terms of function. The goal is to work more ecologically. To achieve this, the Danes are researching new, more sustainable solutions for synthetic materials and compiling a preferred material list. Where possible, PAS uses recycled fabrics and actively reduces dependence on fossil fuels. For the casual collection, the brand uses organic cotton and GOTS certified organic cotton. This creates a tight framework for supply chain, ecological footprint and fair working conditions - and a third dimension alongside style and function.

Minimalism for bike and after

Thinking a lot of things in a new way does not tempt Pas Normal Systems to look disdainfully at tradition. The brand sees itself as part of the cycling evolutionary chain. Tight cuts are standard in view of proven drag reduction. In addition, there are patterns and colours that think ahead to tradition. Pas Normal Studios bases its styles on current fashion and streetwear, and then translates everything visually and in terms of colour to cycling. Monochrome looks dominate. The casual wear is often decorated with discreet, sometimes striking prints that are reminiscent of cycling, but which also find a home in the city and seem to come directly from streetwear.

PAS-Bikewear X PAS-Casualwear

Functional styles form the foundation. In perfection. PAS bike tights offer tight cuts and functional materials, plus the characteristic brand print. This also serves as a bridge to casual wear. So after a quick jump in the shower, just throw on the PAS t-shirt, keep the cool breeze out with the off-race jacket in relaxed Coach jacket style, and a little later toast to the kilometres you've covered. Pas Normal Studios supplies these products for men and women:

  • Cycling jackets
  • Cycling trousers
  • Cycling vests
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts
  • Bike shorts and bike tights
  • Tops and sports bras

Combine Pas Normal Studios skilfully

When you jump on your bike, you combine PAS' tights and bike shirts with the matching helmet, or perhaps a softshell. If you're rolling through the city towards a café or restaurant, the fashion world is open to you. T-shirts, longsleeves and caps by Pas Normal Studios harmonise with jeans and chinos, with the relaxed shirt as well as with the cross-body bag and the puffer jacket: the fruits of discreet casual styles.


Long tours call for light luggage. That's why you strap a POC backpack onto your shoulders to go with the PAS bike wear, which is just as happy to forego the flashy appearance. Combine the brand's casual wear with a relaxed pair of Vans - and build a bridge between bike and skateboard. You'll find all this at Keller x.