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Moso Inserts Shoe Cleaner

Jason Markk Moso Inserts Shoe Cleaner

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    The Jason Markk Moso bamboo charcoal inserts protect your shoes against odours, bacteria, harmful substances, allergens and damp. Insert the fresheners into your shoes when you're not wearing them and you'll find your footwear smelling like new in just a few days. As they're completely scent-free and perfectly safe to use, the inserts can form part of your regular shoe hygiene routine. To improve the lifespan of the inserts, lay them out in direct sunlight once a month for an hour - this can be done up to twelve times. The practical planner on the back of the packaging helps you keep track of how many times you've recharged them.
    Art. No.: XEQJM00G000
    MPN JM104008-0001

Moso Inserts Shoe Cleaner

7,90 € incl. VAT