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Function and style? Go together perfectly. All you actually need is a little Nordic weather and style expertise. Already you're wearing jackets, hoodie and trousers through the city, relaxed between street style and utility. A new connection. A little Danish stroke of genius. Friendly presented by Norse Projects. Learn more!

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Norse Projects: Scandinavian Minimalism x Function

Clearly the boundaries between art and fashion have never been completely blurred. Even a simple shirt with a matching print or cut can quickly take a few steps towards your personal gallery space. Creativity creates parallels, serves as a seam of new alliances. This is how Tobia Sloth, Mikkel Grønnebæk and Anton Juul saw it. The three had started with skate shops in Denmark, which of course needed their own in-store line at some point. The first step. The shirts opened the door to their own footprint in the fashion world. Creativity put art as +1 on the guest list. Because when Norse Projects opened its flagship store in Copenhagen in 2004, it wasn't just shirts, hoodies and pants that hung there. Art also found its place. Half fashion store, half art gallery, the brand made new alliances and in 2009 published its first complete menswear collection.

In keeping with Nordic tradition, simplicity created access to the special. Shirts, trousers, graphic tees and beanis were to be, but streetwear was to be given a Danish touch. So Norse Projects combined the approach of the street, special cuts with a view of the Scandinavian weather. Style and fashion approach alone won't get you much further in the regular meeting with wind and rain, of course. So Norse Projects gave streetwear a functional approach and created its own style. A style whose minimalism never expresses optical shyness. A style that can be interpreted, turned and combined in almost any way.

Norse Projects 2015, for example, launched its first own women's collection on the market. On the other hand, the brand cultivates a free-spirited penchant for selected collabo: sneakers in collaboration with Vans for Paris Fashion Week. The next step towards the final fusion of function and style through a collaboration with GORE-TEX. An intense handshake with Dr. Martens to design the ladies' uniforms of the front-of-house staff of the famous Noma in Copenhagen. Norse Project's products are everywhere, without chumming up or imposing themselves. Lived minimalism. That is Norse Projects. With this, the brand easily takes at least one more step towards art.

High quality x fair x sustainable: Norse Projects

The demand goes far beyond the visual appearance. Norse Projects articles are looking for elegant, stylish styles whose materials meet the highest standards. From several perspectives. For example, the Danish label's T-shirts are made of pure cotton and are of medium weight. The impression: high-quality. The wearing comfort: pleasant. One perspective. And then there is the function. Norse Projects, for example, sometimes makes parkas out of GORE-TEX and gives its bucket hats a pleasantly cooling Coolmax™ fabric. Fairness and sustainability remain. This is why Norse Projects produces many of its parts in Europe, more precisely in Portugal. And if one or the other jacket needs a little down for better insulation, the brand applies the Responsible Down Standard. By certificate.

One style, endless venue options

Skateshirts, the label beginnings, equal more or less prominent print. Norse Projects equals Scandinavian restraint. In evolutionary terms, the line is not quite straight. Never mind. Because the style evolution still works. Despite minimalism Norse Projects never hides behind its monochrome styles. At the same time, the brand alienates with its cry for attention. The solution: a simple N. If a label is necessary, the brand misses out on just that, its styles. Perhaps the odd patch or two will be added. Statement enough.

Norse Projects gives the necessary attention to the practice thanks to removable hoods or everyday use, zippered belly and side pockets of its jackets. The cuts do without extravagance, but still attract enough attention thanks to their regular to relaxed fit. Playful simplicity is the goal. Thus Norse Project's offers create a small island where practicality, function and style meet. And in the end, the styles suit both the relaxed afternoon in a café and the office or a relaxed drink long after work.

Norse-Project jackets: Experience beats wetness x cold

Rain. Wind. Not the dream companion for relaxed everyday life. Especially in the far north it is inevitable, but with the right equipment only half as wild. And since Norse Projects in Denmark regularly conducts its own self-experiments in somewhat less comfortable weather, the brand knows exactly what its own styles should be looking for. Especially the top layer. Particularly popular, because on the one hand effective against cold and wet, on the other hand optically suspicious near minimalism in perfection, are therefore the Norse Project jackets like Rokvi, Tromso Infinium or or Willium. They keep out moisture and cold even when they are not made of GORE-TEX and are therefore perfect for your trips to the city when the sun and blue skies take a longer break.

Adapt without giving up - how to combine Norse Projects styles

If neither colours nor prints bang, barriers disappear. The monochrome tea goes with jeans as well as with chinos, with leather as well as with denim jackets. The relaxed cut parka goes just as well with skinny jeans, and you can combine the monochrome hoodie with a skirt, maybe a short. Fitting without giving up your own identity. The special discipline of Norse Projects' styles.

Sneakers and Miki caps for your Norse Projects style at Keller x

From pants to hoodie, shirt and tea to jacket, Keller x Norse Projects Shop has the complete ensemble in its programme. Apart from the right shoe - and for that you'd best look towards Denmark. Direction Arkk Copenhagen. Their styles offer you completely minimalistic sneakers as well as silhouettes that are a bit more chunky and wear more striking colours. For that special style on your head, put on a miki-cap from Beton Ciré.