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It started with basketball, enriched the skate world and finally made itself comfortable in streetwear. The Blazer once brought Nike onto the basketball court, but today it elevates understatement to an art form. Learn more!

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The Nike Blazer is one of the first sneakers from Nike Sportswear. Since its launch in 1973, it has remained true to its design. READ MORE READ LESS


Maybe sometimes you just need a good idea, the right approach. Both led to Nike presenting its first basketball sneaker in 1973 - just nine years after Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman founded their brand with the Swoosh. A leather upper. A nylon tongue. A vulcanised and textured rubber outsole. Plus a prominently placed, never-to-be-missed Swoosh that broke up the otherwise understated style. That's all it took to win over one of the biggest names in the NBA at the time. George Gervin said yes and then floated through the zone in Nike's blazer to let the ball slide into the basket a little later with the help of his patented finger roll. A small gimmick was found on the heel. Gervin's nickname was emblazoned where it usually says "Nike". "Iceman" beat "Nike" and thus favoured the unprecedented. PEs, special player editions of a sneaker, were as famous as Air soles or signature shoes in the early 1970s. Yet Nike did not originally have Gervin in mind. The Blazer is named after the Trail Blazers, a team based in Portland, just ten minutes from Beaverton.

Nevertheless, the combination worked. Nike had arrived in basketball and quickly continued with its duet of good idea and fitting approach. Air cushioning followed, the partnership with Michael Jordan, the rise to the most prominent brand around the NBA. The Blazer, on the other hand, faded into the background. At first. Because a few years later, the skate world discovered that the vulcanised sole of the sneaker gave them exactly the grip they needed. The Blazer moved. From the floor to the board. And once again harmony spread. So much so that in 2005 Nike collaborated with Lance Mountain to develop its own skate version, the SB version of the Blazer. The tongue received a thicker padding, the sole two Zoom Air units. The next step. Long since, however, the Blazer was no longer reduced exclusively to sports. Anyone who exudes so much elegance and understatement is bound to end up in the consciousness of fashion and streetwear. Nike's collaboration with Supreme, which brought three Gucci-inspired special editions into the Balzer range, has finally allowed the blazer to spread. Comme des Garçons and especially Virgil Abloh, who included the blazer in his off-white collection, also took up the sneaker.


Nothing distracts. Not the clean silhouette. Not the understated leather upper. Not the minimalist design. All eyes are on the huge Swoosh that adorns the inside and outside of the blazer. Together with the restrained design, it shapes the appearance of the sneaker, which has reinvented itself again and again over the years. Simple white colourways with colour-varying swooshes became more colourful versions. Smooth leather alternated with suede. The mid cut was followed by the low cut. Evolutionary stages of the Blazer such as the 77 with small suede accents on the toebox also appear again and again. Then there is the Blazer SB, the skate version of the sneaker with Zoom Air cushioning. For women there is also the Nike Blazer Rebel, which you open and close with a zip on the inside and whose lacing is also slightly slanted.


  • (Original) Name: Nike Blazer
  • First release: 1973
  • First colourway: White/Black


White or monochrome leather plus subtly coloured accents and a clean design are basically not mutually exclusive. So you can combine the Nike blazer with skinny or relaxed jeans, with chinos or shorts. The Nike blazer also goes well with a long skirt. On top you wear a hoodie or crewneck, leave the T-shirt alone and maybe throw a relaxed shirt over it. The sneaker also goes well with an oversized, jeans or leather jacket.


Keller x offers you the clean Blazer 77 in white with black, yellow or red swosh. The suede and low-cut version. Or the Rebel for women, which deviates from convention. Nike gives you choice - Keller x a comprehensive Nike Blazer range. You can choose your favourite model online in our Blazer Store and then order it directly to your home - often at particularly attractive prices in the Nike Blazer Sale.