Nike Air Max

Nike's collection of legends almost overflows - and yet the Air Max pushes itself to the fore without actively pushing itself forward even a millimeter. It has natural sneaker authority. This is based on the iconic silhouette, the pioneering work in cushioning and its presentation. And, of course, an unmistakable style that masters evolution without ever neglecting its roots. Learn more!

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The Nike Air Max

Sport as a canvas, space travel as a source of inspiration. A work of art in two acts. In the late 1970s, Frank Rudy, once an engineer at NASA, was driven by the idea of equipping sports shoes with air cushioning. A cushion partly filled with compressed air was to provide more cushioning and responsiveness while maintaining the stability of the sneakers. As brilliant as the idea sounds, Rudy needed convincing. And patience. No shoe brand shared his vision - until he presented his plan to Nike founder Phil Knight. Space travel and sport, innovation and the silver screen merged. Within a few years, holy sneaker giants followed, whose cushioning was based on Frank Rudy's invention; including Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1. Only what made the sneakers so technologically unique was hidden away shyly inside.

To reveal it, Tinker Hatfield, as the legend has it, first had to travel to Paris. There, the famous shoe designer, who since the Air Jordan 3 almost single-handedly created the myth surrounding the Jordan series, walked past the Centre Pompidou. The interior of the Centre Pompidou is wonderfully visible on the exterior façade. The next source of inspiration. Hatfield took a runner silhouette, gave it air cushioning and a small window at the heel. The view into the interior. The basis of the next myth. In 1987 she favored the Air Max 1 - and Nike never looked back. Pop culture took over, the fashion industry entered. Since 1987, the Swoosh has been following its primal revolution with ever new evolutions, keeping the Air Max constantly in the collective consciousness of streetwear.

Features of the Nike Air Max

The window for damping. Nothing more characterizes the silhouette, style and legend of the Nike Air Max. Nevertheless, Nike did not use the clamp handle. The Brand saw the Air Max 1 as a starting point, not a finale. So the silhouette changed, especially the Air window changed. Over the Air Max III, now better known as the Nike Air Max 90, it kept growing and growing until the Air Max 93 finally swung around the entire heel. It reaches 270 degrees overall, which earned the sneaker the nickname Air Max 270. An intermediate step. Because the Air Max 95 suddenly makes the air cushion visible on the forefoot, until the Air Max 360 finally reveals the complete cushioning of the shoe. But it is not just individual aspects that form a character. The overall impression is decisive. Colorways count just as much as visible air cushions, materials and silhouettes.

For the first time, Nike completely harmonized this quartet with the Air Max 90, using Max Window and Infrared Colorway as the basis, Brand combined its modified silhouette with different materials, with mesh, natural and suede or nubuck - and the Air Max took its next step. Thanks to its silver Colorway, the 97 variant leaps into optical awareness. According to designer Christian Tresser, its layered upper is also intended to remind us of water circles in a fountain. Sean McDowell again based the Air Max Plus on the sunsets of his home state of Florida. The canvas. In addition, there is high-tech. Cushioning remained, but with the Air Vapormax, Nike helped Flyknit-Upper and Air Max to date, while the Nike Air Max 720 features a 720-degree air cushion.

Every evolutionary step, every new model brings a new twist. Futurism enriches tradition. Because for all its penchant for the new, Nike manages the feat of maintaining the Air Max DNA with every new model. The Air Max 2090 has been working hard to build bridges, and it's obvious that it takes the design of the Air Max 90, translates it into the future and creates the perfect symbiosis. Some Colorways of the Max are also reserved exclusively for the ladies, who will find the shoe in sizes made especially for them.

Key facts about the Nike Air Max

  • (Original) Name: Nike Air Max 1
  • First release: 1987
  • First colorway: OG ? White / University Red / Neutral Grey / Black
  • Designer: Tinker Hatfield
  • Price range: 100 - 190 ?

How to combine the Nike Air Max

This one, special occasion is not really needed for the legendary sneaker. Nevertheless, you get your Nike Air Max out every year on March 26th. On Air Max Day everything is allowed in terms of style. But also during the other 364 to 365 days Nike's flagship easily adapts to almost every streetwear inspiration. shorts. jeans. Chino. Air Max. Hoodie. Loose shirt. T-shirt. Air Max. Also in combination with Dadcap, Snapback or Beanie, the air cushion glides stylishly from the office to the restaurant, from the café to your favourite bar.

The Nike Air Max Shop at Keller x

Of course there is no such thing as the real Air Max. So we from Keller x do not draw any boundaries in our Air Max Store. When you shop online, your eyes will wander from Air Max 1 to 90, from Plus to 720, from 95 to 97. You'll find monochrome and colorful Colorways in our Air Max Sale, a little pastel, and eye-catching neon next to it. The selection will take you through the entire Air Max range, and at the end of the day, you can order your long-awaited Nike Air Max online.