Water is what you need on all your outdoor adventures as well as during training. Cyclists, runners and mountaineers use Mizu water bottles as well as athletes for fitness training or tennis matches.

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The idea behind the brand Mizu

In 2008 Jussi Oksanen founded the company Mizu. Jussi Oksanen is a Finnish snowboarder who lived primarily for his sport for 17 years until 2014. He took part in the Olympics and won seven medals at the X-Games. He is considered one of the best snowboarders of his time. His professional snowboard career brought the Finn into the world and finally to the USA. Since 2005 he lives in California. He made many video films and even found plastic bottles in Alaska. This was an experience that led him to do something about it: he decided to change the world and make a bigger impact on people's environmental awareness.

Mizu: the goal and implementation

The company name Mizu is the Japanese word for water. This is what Jussi Oksanen is talking about with Mizu. To enjoy clean water everywhere in the world from sustainable, reusable drinking bottles instead of constantly polluting the environment with plastic bottles. The label Mizu sells the recyclable and almost limitless reusable drinking bottles. Oksanen's non-profit organisation "Protecting where we play" brings water to sports halls, beaches and skateparks. It starts where people spend their free time and engage in sports. The water supply in these places encourages people to drink the water locally instead of bringing it in disposable plastic bottles.

The drinking bottles from Mizu

They are all made of food safe stainless steel. You don't see it the same with all Mizu drinking bottles. Some are available in the classic stainless steel version, others are painted in trendy, fresh or muted colours. In any case, all Mizu drinking bottles have one thing in common: they look really good. Some models have a design reminiscent of classic milk bottles from the past. The retro drinking bottles convince with clear lines, appealing colours and a noble look. Others have a more playful look with their loop cap.

The cap not only looks good, it also serves as a practical handle to hold the bottle in place. The hole in the cap also makes it easy to attach your Mizu bottle to your backpack or belt. Narrow models fit into the drink holder of your car and offer you fresh water, cold drinks or hot coffee anytime and anywhere. By the way, the bottles are fully BPA free and food grade 18/8 stainless steel. It does not rust and does not release any particles into the beverage. In addition, the drinking bottles can even be recycled.

The right drinking bottle for every purpose

At home, in the office, on the campsite or in your backpack: Mizu water bottles are everywhere. But sometimes you need a bigger bottle, sometimes a smaller one. It should fit into the drink holder in the car or be sufficient for two days. If you want to use it at home to fill up with water, a single-walled model will do. For cold or hot drinks, use insulated, double-walled drinking vessels from Mizu. They cool liquids for up to 24 hours and even keep soups, tea or coffee hot for up to 12 hours. If your bottle should have the 360 filter system, then the matching 360 drinking bottles are the right choice for you.

Model overview of the Mizu drinking bottles

For hot or cold drinks, soups or just water: from Mizu you get drinking bottles in the right size and with the right insulation for every purpose.

  • M8 800 ml - single wall, diameter: 75 mm, with loop cap
  • S4 with 415 ml - double-walled insulation with copper coating, diameter: 68 mm
  • V8 750 ml - double-walled, diameter: 80 mm
  • 360 M9 900 ml - single-walled, can be used with filter, incl. Straw-Lid, diameter: 76 mm
  • 360 V5 450 ml - double-walled, for coffee, tea, soups, diameter: 76 mm, stainless steel lid
  • 360 V7 650 ml - double walled, diameter: 76 mm
  • 360 V7 KIT 650 ml - with 360 Everyday-Filter
  • 360 M9 KIT 900 ml - with 360 Everyday-Filter

The Mizu Nanotechnology

There are many water bottles, for daily use as well as for sport. Mizu goes far beyond the mere transport of liquids. With the optional filters for everyday use or outdoor adventure, you always get clean drinking water wherever you are. The company uses innovative nanotechnology developed by NASA for this purpose. The extra-fine fibres that fill the filter systems clean the water using electrokinetic absorption. The charge attracts heavy metals and other particles and binds them to the filter. Alternatively, mechanical influences cause impurities to land in the micropores of the filter material. Each gram of these highly developed fibers has a surface area of 500 square meters. This allows most pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses to be filtered out. What remains is pure drinking water, which is a boon for your body. In addition to NASA, the military and humanitarian organizations also rely on nanotechnology for water purification.

The drinking straw with adapter

The American label offers three accessories for the bottles - individually or in a kit. The drinking straw with adapter, the Everyday and the Adventure Filter. You use the Straw Lip with the 360 drinking bottles to protect your filters. This can be in the office or at home when you fill the Mizu bottle with clean water, coffee or tea. Or during training in the fitness center, when you have water from dispensers at your disposal. The straw is made of BPA-free silicone and is therefore food safe. The water flows through it instead of the filter.

Mizu 360 Everyday Filter for every day

The 360 Everyday Filter is very small and weighs well under 30 grams. Nevertheless it is a piece of high-tech. Through two layers of filter material, the water will air before you drink it. The filter removes 99.99 percent of the impurities from the tap water. This makes it suitable for use at home, in the city and wherever you need to drink tap water. You don't have to wait until the water is purified. The purifier filters more than one liter per minute. The lifetime of Mizu's Everyday Filter is very long. It purifies about 150 liters of water and does not degrade in performance until the last time you use it. By the way, you simply notice when you need to replace the filter. When the filter is full, no more water runs through it.

Water always and everywhere: the Adventure Filter

You do not always have access to clean or pre-purified tap water. On your trekking tours or mountain hikes you will pass springs, streams and wells. You don't know if the water is as clean as it looks. You don't have to, because that's what the Mizu 360 Adventure Filter is for. This is also a lightweight - especially when compared to what it can do. It weighs in at 40 grams and doesn't make itself felt in your luggage, but it does in its performance. The filter cleans more than half a litre per minute, so you can drink the water immediately after refilling.

It also filters around 150 litres before you have to change it. It's a big mountain of rubbish that you save the environment. And you reduce your luggage and its weight, because you don't carry the water with you all the time. The water runs through 24 layers of the filter. This is twice as much as the Everyday filter. The 360 Adventure Purifier from Mizu reliably clears viruses, bacteria and cysts, i.e. parasites out, as well as heavy metals, chlorine, penicillin and carbon compounds. Not only does Mizu claim this, but they are the test results of independent laboratories.

The world - a single well thanks to Mizu

Water is the liquid of all life. When doing sports or on your outdoor adventures, you need it just as much as at home or at work. Mizu's drinking bottles are designed for sustainability and environmental protection. The filters also give you absolute independence. Simply drink water from the tap, wells, rivers, streams or lakes. The Adventure Filter takes care of your health and safety. Mizu drinking bottles give you what your body needs: pure water all over the world.