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Your goal decides which men's outfit is right for you. Do you want to be sporty in wind and weather? Or are you looking for casual everyday and leisure wear with comfort and style? One thing is for sure: Keller x offers you such a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories for men in the best quality. So you can dress for every purpose from top to bottom in our online shop. Learn more!

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Casual and comfortable in a sporty outfit for everyday and leisure wear.

"Form follows function." Make use of this well-known design maxim when you are looking for your ideal men's outfit. The first step is to think about the purpose for which you want to re-dress. The second step is to consider the external conditions: what time of year do you want to be out and about in a sporty look? The activity and temperatures play an important role in the composition of your new casual wear. You can also find potential accessories for your sporty adventures online. For example, add spacious sports bags and backpacks in classically elegant colours to the more colourful men's fashion trends.

Men's outfits for sporty adventures in wind and weather

Sporty materials for the warm season are light, breathable fabrics such as polyester, polyacrylic or polyamide. The synthetic fibres quickly wick away moisture, which is elementary when sweating. Figure-hugging tank tops and casual short-sleeved shirts as well as casual shorts made of the corresponding materials are best suited for summer. In the cold season and in bad weather, you need insulating weather protection clothing for training, in the forest or in the urban jungle. Winter fashion for men is often made of fleece or down. These materials are characterised by their warming properties. Soft and hard shells defy wind, rain and snow. When choosing men's fashion for your leisure time, you certainly place more emphasis on design and trends than when you are actively involved in sports. The clothing should be individual, sporty and comfortable. Depending on the season and weather, high-quality T-shirts, pullovers and trousers with a high cotton content are perfect for this. Many brands offer tops and bottoms that you can combine in style - whether plain or colourful.

Men's outfits for everyday wear and relaxed leisure time

When it comes to shoes, comfort comes first, and this applies to everyday life as well as sports. Sneakers have become widespread and are considered the leisure shoe par excellence. Their advantages? They are light on the foot. Moreover, they are almost suitable for year-round use. With their practical construction and universally suitable designs, they are suitable for three out of four seasons: spring, summer and autumn. On very hot days, slides are also suitable as an alternative - to give your feet some fresh air. In our online shop you will also find suitable care utensils for your shoes. In addition to a shoe brush, you will also need a suitable shoe care product. Note: You need different products for genuine leather than for imitation leather and other synthetic materials. When it comes to shoes made of genuine leather, you need to distinguish between smooth and suede leather. Accessories such as caps or hats complete the fashion for men's trendy outfits. Winter caps are recommended, for example, made of insulating materials or soft merino wool. Caps often serve not only to round off the individual style, but also to protect against the sun. For summer, look for designs that are equipped with UV protection.

Advantages and disadvantages of sporty men's outfits!

Sporty menswear is ideal for leisure time and offers a lot of comfort at the same time. You can choose from classics as well as the latest trends in men's fashion in our online shop. The only disadvantage concerns an occasion for which there are suitable alternatives.


  • almost always wearable and welcome in everyday life and leisure time
  • wide choice of materials, cuts, sizes and designs
  • Functional materials with additional benefits


  • not suitable for formal occasions

Combine your individual men's outfits at Keller x!

If you're looking for stylish, sporty menswear trends, you'll find it here. At Keller x you can combine a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories for men from renowned brands to create high-quality outfits for your everyday life and leisure time.