You've set yourself a goal, now decide what men's outfit you should wear - want to look sporty in all weathers? Or are you looking for lighter everyday/leisure clothes for comfort and style? One thing is certain: on Keller x, you'll find a great and varied selection of men's clothes, shoes and accessories of the very best quality. In our online shop, you can buy the perfect outfit to suit every aim. Read more! Learn more!

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Comfortable x Casual: Always. With a sporty outfit

"Form follows function" - this design concept is useful when you're looking for your the ideal men's outfit. First step: reflect on what you want the new pieces for. Second step: think about external influences, like the season and the look. The activities and outside temperatures are very important aspects to take into account when putting together a new leisure outfit. Potential accessories for your sporty adventure can be found online too. Complete the look with roomy sports bags and rucksacks in classic, elegant colours that go perfectly with more colourful men's fashion.

Men's outfits for sporty adventures in all weathers

Sporty materials for the warm season are light, breathable fabrics like polyester, polyacrylic and polyamide. The synthetic fibres wick moisture away quickly, so you don't feel like you're sweating. Figure-hugging tank tops and breezy short-sleeved t-shirts can be paired up with casual shorts made from the same materials for a perfect summer kit. In bad weather and during the cold season, you need insulating, weatherproof material for training, hiking in the woods or exploring the urban jungle. Men's winter fashion is often made of fleece or down. These materials provide impressive insulating and warming materials. Soft- and hard shells will beat the wind, the rain and the snow. But for leisure time you're more likely to choose an outfit based on design and the current trends in men's fashion as opposed to athletic performance. Clothes should be individual, sporty and comfortable, which is why, depending on the season and the weather, quality t-shirts, pullovers and pants with a high cotton percentage are perfect for you. Many brands offer tops and bottoms that you can combine into stylish outfits, both simple and colourful!

Men's outfits for everyday life and relaxed leisure time

When it comes to shoes, comfort should be the first priority, whether they're for everyday wear or for sports. Trainers have now become commonplace and are the ideal leisure shoes. Their benefits? The low weight and the versatile usage all through spring, summer and autumn. On particularly hot days, you can also choose to wear slides instead and treat your feet to a breath of fresh air. In our online shop, you'll find the matching cleaning products for your shoes. Apart from the shoe brush, you also need a suitable cleaning solution. Careful: real leather should be cleaned with a different product to faux leather and other synthetic materials. Genuine leather shoes need to be cleaned differently and with varying products depending on whether it's smooth leather or suede. Accessories like caps and beanies make a men's outfit look trendy and complete. The best winter beanies are those with insulating materials or soft merino wool. Caps don't just round off your style but also serve to protect you from the sun. Check out all of the summer models that come with UPF.

Pros and cons of sporty men's outfits

Sporty men's models are ideal for leisure time and they offer top comfort. In our online shop, you can find just as many classics as you can current trends in men's fashion. The only downside to these pieces is usage, as they aren't always the appropriate choice for every situation.


  • Perfect for everyday wear and leisure time
  • Big selection of materials, cuts, sizes and designs
  • Multifunctional materials


  • Not suitable for formal occasions

Put together your individual men's outfits on Keller x!

Looking for stylish, sporty men's fashion trends? You're in the right place. On Keller x, you'll find a vast selection of men's clothes, shoes and accessories from renowned brands. Combine them into quality products for everyday wear and leisure time.