The traditional company Lacoste is known for simple, elegant polo shirts. And their legendary logo: the little green crocodile. With the Lacoste Live collection, they are reinterpreting their classic style for a younger target group. Casual shirts and sweatshirts with lettering, rich green tones and stylish cuts perfect a modernised version of the old familiar. Experience more!

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René Lacoste - the founder of the world-famous company - was not known as a fashion designer in 1920s France but as a successful tennis player. After a bet with his team captain about a crocodile leather suitcase, he was nicknamed ?Le Crocodil'. This name was the starting shot: The friendly sportsman Robert Georges drew him the now famous logo of a crocodile with a big mouth, which from then on became René Lacostes trademark embroidered on his tennis shirts.

Shortly afterwards, he designed his own, wider-cut shirt that was better suited for tennis. The tennis clothing that was common at the time was elegant, but restrictive and uncomfortable - especially for sports. The fashion label Lacoste was founded a few years later to mass-produce its polo shirt, which has become famous in the meantime. The shirt changed not only the fashion world but also tennis. Until today the embroidered crocodile is one of the most famous logos in the world. And with the introduction of Lacoste Live - the original spelling of the young brand offshoot is LACOSTE L!VE - in 2011, the company has now ücarried over the classic features of the brand to the present day.


The loose cuts and deep colours of the LACOSTE L!VE range give the products a fresh, urban look. The shirts are made from the classic double-layer Petit Piqué - an extremely flexible fabric woven from high-quality cotton. In addition to plain short- and long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts with large lettering, vintage sweatpants and bomber jackets, of course the famous polo shirts cannot be missing. It doesn't matter whether they are made of stretch material or have a wide lettering: Lacoste never goes out of fashion.


At the LACOSTE L!VE Shop you'll find timeless fashion with a simple design that has stood the test of time for over 85 years. The brand's restrained but very self-confident style fits in perfectly with the minimalism and retro trend of today's fashion world and yet is unique: LACOSTE L!VE offers let you indulge in sepia-coloured memories of swaying afternoons on the tennis court. Nevertheless, the stylish parts bring a little kick into the stores and so into your everyday life.

The monochrome shirts convince with their rich, radiant colours. In combination with a creative reinterpretation of the embroidered crocodile, which is now white and with a green border, the result is a casual, classic look. The retro items in the LACOSTE L!VE Shop alternate with edgy sweatshirts with kangaroo pockets or simple basics. With a wide lettering or all-over print of the brand name, the LACOSTE L!VE range creates a sporty and urban style that brings the brand's original style into today's world while remaining true to it.


In 2018, for the first time in the company's history, Lacoste presented a change in the iconic logo. In order to draw attention to the worldwide extinction of species, Lacoste exchanged the crocodile for 10 endangered species and caused a sensation. The Safe Our Species campaign was a complete success for the company, but not only: the proceeds of the campaign went to the World Conservation Organisation IUCN. LACOSTE L!VE collaborates from time to time with other companies and designers. In the spring collection of 2019, for example, LACOSTE L!VE x Opening Ceremony shirts were presented. Animal print, wide stripes and colour blocking brought everything one could wish for in spring to the stores. What was not to be missed was - of course - the embroidered crocodile. But this time made of glittering thread, a real eye-catcher.


In the LACOSTE L!VE Shop at Keller x, signature prints are particularly in demand. The extra-large Lacoste lettering gives both soft fleece sweatshirts and cotton shirts or the iconic polo a special look. Unisex retro jogging trousers round off the sporty and stylish outfit. But they don't have to be statement pieces with signature prints. LACOSTE L!VE offers a large selection of sports and leisure wear online. From monochrome basics to functional polo shirts and jogging pants to sweatshirts with practical kangaroo pockets. So one thing is clear: the LACOSTE L!VE collection comes to market with a mix of bold and simple pieces - and we love them for it.


Combine the Lacoste Live Piqué Loose Fit Unisex Poloshirt in white with a tight fit jeans with light wash and you get a casual look that's easy to wear and fits everyone - universal and unisex. Who wants to dare more, reaches for his dealer of confidence - clear, Keller x - to the Lacoste Live AOP Logo Men Shirt in green. With French Tuck, Skinny Jeans and lavish sneakers you have a stylish everyday outfit . Or you can wear Chinese trousers and Chealsea boots to the all-over print and take the look to the next level. You will find even more classic modern parts from Lacoste Live online at Keller x.