Latin temperament meets American glamour. That's how easy it is to describe Koral Activewear. The Koral collections are created for the modern and active woman. The functions are just as good as the materials used. The look is elegant and casual. When a woman goes to training like that, she makes a clear statement as to her character. Modern, young, confident and at the same time luxurious: this is sports fashion that is fun - even at night. Take a look in our online shop now and enjoy the fascinating fashion of Koral.

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Koral's founder: Brazilian influence

Ilana Kugel is the founder and creative director of the American label Koral Activewear. The native Brazilian grew up in Rio de Janeiro. She enjoyed the flair on the beaches as well as the unique atmosphere on the city's streets. The fascinating nature of her hinterland and the illustrious skyline are also among the impressions that shape Kugel's collections. All of this inspired her creativity, so she studied art and design in Sao Paulo at the University of Anhembi Morumbi.

Latin American style for sporty California

After graduating, Ilana Kugel moved to Los Angeles in 2006, a city where designers and artists are at home. The Californian lifestyle pleased the Brazilian exceptionally well. The lifestyle as well as the awareness of an active and healthy way of life impressed the sporty designer. However, she did not like seeing women wearing shirts and shorts while they were running or working out. First, she designed swimwear for the beaches of California. Then she got the idea for fashionable, very feminine sportswear. Her idea was to develop a modern, stylish collection of active clothing that works just as well in the gym as it does at night in the club.

Koral: denim mogul supports Activewear

Ilana looked for an experienced and financially strong partner to spread this fashion worldwide. In 2014 - she found just the person - Peter Koral. With 7 For All Mankind, the denim mogul had already proven that he was a clever businessman. He had been running a new denim label with his son David in Los Angeles since 2012. As an experienced entrepreneur in the fashion industry, he immediately recognised the potential of the Activewear collection by Ilana Kugel. Since then, Koral and Kugel have been marketing the sporty and extremely self-confident clothing line under the name Koral Activewear.

What's so special about the Koral collections

The collections of the label are extremely feminine and always emphasise the figure. The active wear is elegant, exciting and comfortable at the same time. The soft fabrics flow around the body, support it during exercise and make women look just perfect. The luxurious women's clothing is suitable for training, yoga class or the beach. However, it also looks glamorous in the disco or the nightclub. Koral is based in Los Angeles. The lounge and active wear reflects this well. American glamour combined with Latin American chic results in an incomparable fashion that delights women. The colour scheme is self-confident and modern.

Koral Activewear: the stylistic features

Sport fashion and luxury fabrics are not a contradiction. How well they fit together is impressively demonstrated by the Koral brand. Very stylish leggings, racy performance tank tops, trendy jackets and chic sports bras - these are the centrepieces of the collection. Leggings not only have a high level of breathability thanks to the use of mesh inserts, but also state-of-the-art and exciting looks. A popular garment among Brazilians is the jumpsuit. It has a very soft and very feminine look. So it is not surprising that this item of clothing is repeatedly found in the Koral collection. Laser cuts provide deep insights. Overlapping straps give the designer pieces their truly unique style.

Luxury with function - Made by Koral

The high-quality materials look luxurious and are also extremely functional. The brand uses high-tech fabrics of the highest quality from Italy, Brazil and Japan for its sportswear. Quick-drying compression fabrics are just one example. They exert pressure on your muscles, which helps them during sports. You achieve higher performance and less soreness. Fabrics with UV protection 50+ are as important on the beaches of Rio as they are under the sun everywhere else. Antibacterial materials with good moisture management are kind to your skin and provide good health during exercise. Chlorine resistance ensures durable, long-lasting colours and clothing that stays in shape for many years. Stretch parts give you the necessary freedom of movement for your workout. Colour-protective technologies ensure that the intense colours of your Koral garments are preserved and will not fade even after frequent washing.

The high-tech materials for Koral Activewear

Some materials are own developments of Koral. This includes Evanesce by Koral. The high-tech material is very stretchy, has a high compression and thus supports the muscles during training. At the same time, the material is very soft and supple on the skin. Sweat quickly drains outwards, leaving your skin dry.

Infinity is the name of the shiny material of Xtra Life LYCRA® or Intimate LYCRA®. The very stretchy material offers a high wearing comfort and a luxurious look. The technological stretch fibre is stretchy and provides for easy support and compression. Infinity ensures that your Activewear will last a long time and stay in shape after frequent washing.

Scuba is an airy double-knit fabric made of soft, textured fibres with a slight sheen. The extensibility is similar to neoprene and similarly voluminous. As a result, the material supports your body and has a slimming effect. Energy is the luxurious fabric that makes its mark with a soft feel and a noble pearl shine. The elasticity comes from LYCRA Sport and also the high compression. The material is bi-elastic, giving you the compression just where you need it.

Other materials from Koral

The list of functional materials in Koral Activewear is long, which explains the variety of different design models.

  • Net: silky Tencel® jersey, cool, soft, airy
  • Glamour: refined for strong metal effects
  • Jacquard: soft, with an elegant structure and UV 50+
  • Powermesh: airy, comfortable and durable
  • Speed: high compression and elasticity, two-tone effect
  • Charge: soft and delicate, perfect fit, satin look

Koral Activewear: the colours and styles

Black, grey and white are the standard colours that can be combined as basics with everything. Neon and pop colours complement your look along with animal prints. Alternatively, the sporty garments impress with colour combinations which occur as they do in nature, in the rainforests of the Amazon. Multi-layered look, cut-outs, crop tops, mesh inserts or asymmetrical cuts pair with shiny fabrics. The collar of fashionably cut jackets with zips turns into a hood on cool evenings when needed. Bouclé jackets, high-legged jogging pants, satin-trimmed mesh jumpers - it's impossible for anything to be more fashionable than Koral Activewear. That's why you can dance through many nights in it, because the style is excitingly feminine.

Sporty luxury fashion for self-confident women

Sport fashion has to be functional, no question. But it can also look exciting, be absolutely feminine and make you look very fashionable. Your work-out becomes a centre-stage appearance. You will draw all the glances in the gym. Koral Activewear is confident fashion that meets all sports fashion requirements. In addition, it stands out with fashionable cuts, shiny fabrics, trendy colours and cut-outs. With Koral there is no more need to renounce designer fashion in sports. Do something for your body, live well and get everything out of yourself: sporty as well as fashionable!