Air Jordan 1

Basketball knows no greater than Michael Jordan, the Greatest of all Time. And a GOAT doesn't wear just any pair of shoes, of course. Legend needs legend. So began the story of Jordan and the Air Jordan 1: Read more

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The Air Jordan 1

Michael Jordan was not convinced. At the Univeristy of North Carolina, he entrusted his feet exclusively to his favorite brand at the time. Converse beat Nike. The soles of Nike were simply too thick for Jordan. He hardly felt the basketball court, he said. Rather disadvantageous if you cultivate a tendency to spontaneous flight. And Nike? He immediately took up Jordan's cause. He wanted him to have a say in sneaker design. The brand wanted to build its own brand around Jordan Convinced. We're in business. Off the ground.

The Air Jordan 1, the first sneaker that Michael Jordan officially wore in the NBA, in a way founded the sneaker business. All it took was one of the greatest athletes of all time, a "different", "exciting" design and a sip of myth. Since the shoe violated the NBA dress code, the league had fined Jordan $5,000 for every game in his new signature sneaker and banned the sneaker. Says Nike. But that's not quite true, because Jordan actually played his first games in the Nike Ship, something like the twin of the Air Jordan 1, but by the time it was released, Nike had made some adjustments to the Air Jordan 1. The Air Jordan 1 laid the foundation for the sneaker hype and made Nike one of the biggest sports brands on the planet.

Die Varianten des Air Jordan 1 und ihre Besonderheiten

Anyone who has been gliding over streets and courts for more than two decades naturally changes his outfit every now and then. The Air Jordan 1 OG Retro gives you an accurate look into the past. They are based on the original from the 1980s and lead the sneaker legend optically almost identically into the modern age. So you can also get Colorways in our Air Jordan Store, with which Mr. Jordan himself flew over the courts of the NBA. Air Jordan 1 High, Mid and Low are high, medium and flat cut, respectively; the highcut corresponds to the original.

In addition, Keller x also offers Air Jordan 1 special models that are based on the original design, but then take the turn towards fashion. The Air Jordan 1 Jester has a thick, jagged sole that makes it look like a Chunky Sneaker. Traditionally designed as a high-cut shoe, the Air Jordan 1 Nova XX elegantly dispenses with lacing and thus provides an eye-catching design experiment.

Features of the Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 is different. Unique and that without empty words. Because the combination of Nike's swoosh and Jordan's wing logo is unique among the 34 Air Jordan models. In fact, MJ's first-ever Jordan swoosh is exclusive to the side of the Air Jordan. Starting with the Air Jordan 3, Nike replaced the wing logo with the famous Jumpman. The legendary silhouette was inspired by a picture taken during a photo shoot with Life Magazine. Today it is one of the most famous sports logos on the planet.

The fact that the Air Jordan 1 does without it intensifies the legend status of this sneaker. Especially if you dust one of the original colorways. Banned or Bred, in any case red and black, is probably the most famous. In addition, there are color combinations that MJ himself wore on the court that are based on the colors of his Chicago Bulls: the "Chicago" as well as the "Blacktoe". There have long been different variations between green, blue, orange, pink and purple. Everything is possible. Even with the material. Although tradition demands (synthetic) leather, some Air Jordan models are now also available in canvas or synthetic fibre. Women find their own styles like the Nova or Jester. Jordan also offers each model in extra women's sizes and publishes special colorways for women.

Key facts about the Air Jordan Sneaker series

  • (Original) Name: Air Jordan 1
  • First release: 1985
  • First colorway: Banned/Bred; Schwarz/Rot
  • Designer: Peter C. Moore
  • Price range: 90 - 160 €

How can you combine the sneaker?

From court to street: 1er Jordans and streetwear go together perfectly. Thanks to its clean 80's design, the Air Jordan 1 closes both jeans and chinos, and both shorts and skirt relaxed. It even refines the sweatpants with style. On top you wear a relaxed shirt, pullover or hoodie. The relaxed cut of the shirt also fits the Air Jordan 1 perfectly.

Air Jordan 1 at Keller x

The one Air Jordan 1 doesn't exist. Accordingly you want to choose for yourself. Between different Colorways. Between different models, cuts, silhouettes. You can do exactly that at Keller x in the Air Jordan Shop. Thanks to the large selection, you will not only find the classic Air Jordan 1 online. Retros, OGs, low, high and midcuts, plus Air Jordan ladies' models. At Keller x for men and women, you can order your 1 Jordan online in a relaxed manner.