"Douchebag" isn`t just the most popular insult in the US but also the name of a Scandinavian label that makes highly functional bags in elegant designs. The idea behind the bags is to make travelling easier for you. Countless comfort and organisation features work together to ensure you feel free and easy on your travels.

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Something big with small beginnings

Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas and Swedish freestyle skier Jon Olssen launched their first practical ski bag in 2009 and named it "Douchebag". The duo began full-scale production in 2012. The unusual ski bag can be extended up to two metres and has won several awards over the years. Despite its large size, the ski bag can be folded up small and stored in a tight space. The Slim Jim is an even more compact version of the original product and it`s taken the market by storm. The collection was further expanded with the very lightweight Big Bastard (90 litre volume) and the Small Bastard (60 litre volume). The 30 and 60 litre Hugger models are smaller and were designed to be used as hand luggage on a plane. Among the brand`s latest models is also the Explorer.

The essence of Douchebags

These functional bags are based on five design principles. Two of these are the adjustable volume capacity and the adjustable length to suit your needs, so you can fit everything you need in these flexible carriers. Ski rucksacks allow you to carry everything with ease and comfort because they come with clever straps and handles. Special ABS ribs provide good protection and reliable support. Douchebags are also some of the lightest ski bags currently available on the market. They can be folded up and rolled up tight so they take up only a small fraction of their original size - genius!

The relaxed way to travel

The Douchebags concept is the result of intense teamwork between the two company founders and their various partners. Jon Olssen and Truls Brataas benefit from the joint expertise of around 150 people, most of which are snowboarders, skiers, airline members and baggage handlers - they`ve all had their say. Even the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has contributed its ideas to the brand. The label Douchebags has its roots in the action sports sector but it`s moving closer and closer to the travel sector. Intelligent travel gear simply makes travelling better, be it short trips or long journeys. Douchebags allow you to bring along everything you need.

Urban chic for active people

Douchebags embodies a lifestyle that teeters on the edge between outdoor sports and city life - that`s precisely where Jon Olssen and Truls Brataas feel at home. Their joint passion for winter sports is what drew them to the Norwegian mountains where their collaboration began. They both suffered the same problems with awkward bags that were painful to carry. The two men agreed on one thing: heavy, bulky bags belong in the past. Jon and Truls turned need into virtue, making life easier for everyone in the process. You`re lucky to live in an era that has the brand`s innovative products on offer. Experience the ultimate lightness and take everything with you on your travels, even things you`ve never been able to fit in a conventional bag before. Keller x and Douchebags will help make your travels a breeze.