Drinking bottles in strong design and attractive colours with intelligent construction: Dopper has the drinking bottles for every day, everywhere and at every time. They are the result of a mission: the fight against the pollution of the oceans by plastic bottles. The Dopper founder Merijn Everaarts couldn't stand this sight any more and steers against plastic madness with his chic and practical drinking bottles. Why buy water in plastic bottles when clean drinking water comes out of the tap? Save the environment and drink water from reusable Dopper water bottles: At home, at work or during sports.

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Dopper: one company, one mission, one solution

The Dutch Merijn Everaarts founded the company Dopper in Haarlem as an initiative against the enormous plastic waste in the oceans of this world. In the Netherlands, the consumption of drinks from disposable plastic bottles is enormous. The founder of the label therefore calls for the use of returnable bottles and tap water. The environmentally conscious brand's service goes so far that they have developed a Dopper app. This app shows places worldwide where anyone can fill their bottle with water free of charge. The Dutch company is one of the few that does not advertise with BPA-free or similar products - the pollutants they do not use. Rather, the label says exactly what each part of its bottles is made of.

Dopper drinking bottle - the unmistakable design

The design was not created in an office of Dopper. The founder Merijin Everaarts launched a tender in 2010. He asked them to design the perfect reusable drinking water bottle. The winner of around 100 designs was quickly determined. Rinke van Remortel won the competition with his idea. The graduate of Delft Technical University drew a beautifully shaped bottle. The prototypes were created according to his designs. Already in October 2010 Dopper started the sale of the first original drinking bottles. The Cup has a double function with the models. Firstly, the neck of the bottle tapers upwards so that you can drink directly from the bottle. If you remove the cup together with the curved cap, you have a practical drinking cup. Without the cup, the water bottle has a wide neck so you can pour your water comfortably into the cup. Depending on the model, the bottle can be transformed into either a drinking bottle or a thermos flask with cup. Each Dopper drinking bottle consists of three parts, which together make a shapely, reusable water bottle.

The different models of Dopper water bottles

The form is always the same. Why should the brand want to change this successful model? Because the design is well thought-out, innovative and fantastically beautiful. The colours and materials, on the other hand, change. The Dopper Original is a bad water bottle. Turn it up, fill it with water and enjoy it. The bright colours are fun and motivate you to drink water anytime and anywhere. The stainless steel versions Dopper Steel and Solid Steel look classically elegant and are almost indestructible. Do you love ice-cold water in summer and hot water in winter? Then the Dooper Insulated is exactly the right bottle for you. The double-walled thermos bottle is made of stainless steel on the inside and plastic on the outside. So it feels normal for your hands, even when the contents are hot. It stays that way for up to nine hours. The cooling even lasts up to 24 hours. So you can enjoy your drink whenever you want on the go.

In these sizes you get the Dopper water bottles:

  • Dopper Original: 450 ml
  • Dopper Insulated: 350 and 580 ml
  • Dopper Steel: 490 and 800 ml

Practical accessories for Dopper Drinking Bottles

If you like running or cycling and want to take your water bottle with you to sport, then the Dopper Sport Cap is a good purchase for you. You simply exchange the usual lid for the sports lid. And you already have a bottle that accompanies you in every sport. Drink water on your bike, take it to the beach for surfing or use it in the gym. With the Sport-Cap nothing goes wrong, no matter how hard you train. Are you more of a trekking type or do you like hiking? Then the Dopper Carrier bottle hook will inspire you. You put the ring over the neck of the bottle and attach the bottle to your backpack or belt with the carabiner hanging from it. So your bottle is always ready to hand.

A small bottle goes around the world

In the Netherlands, Dopper drinking bottles are already part of the street scene. The design and the cheerful colours are popular everywhere. The neighbouring countries followed quickly, but that was not enough for the brand's CEO. He himself moved to the USA and worked the market there. Rightly so, because the Americans have the largest consumption of disposable plastic bottles in the world. In the meantime, the branded drinking bottles can even be found in Japan, Brazil and the Scandinavian countries. Slowly but surely Dopper carries his message around the world, true to the company motto: "The bottle is the message".

Three parts - easy cleaning

At the top of the list of positive properties is the cleaning of Dopper drinking bottles. To rinse, take the three individual parts apart and clean them. You can put them up to 65 degrees in the dishwasher or clean them by hand. A little hint for stronger deposits: Mix some baking soda with water and soak your drinking bottle in it for a few hours. With the bottle brush the dissolved impurities or limescale residues can then be removed very easily. Then rinse the bottle with clear water. Rinse with some apple vinegar and your Dopper bottle will look like new again. If you don't use a bottle for a while, keep it with the lid open. This way the bottle can always be well ventilated and is ready for use at any time.

Dopper and the Cradle to Cradle certification

Dopper got it: The C2C certification for your original drinking bottles. San Francisco is home to the Cradle To Cradle Products Innovation Institute, which examines and evaluates products for their production standards. What do you get from CtoC certification? You can trust that all materials are harmless to your health and the environment. The production of the drinking bottles is carried out under consideration of social aspects and with a view to sustainability. If you decide to discard your Dopper water bottle at some point, all components can be recycled.

The certified products have to meet some strict criteria for this:

  • Recyclable in the technical cycle
  • Use of renewable energy sources and good carbon management
  • Use of healthy materials for people and the environment
  • Production takes place in the sense of social justice
  • Responsible use of water

Transparency: the materials of the Dopper bottles

The body and lid of the original drinking bottles are made of polypropylene, also known as PP. This plastic is fully recyclable. The drinking cup is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, ABS for short. It is a thermoplastic plastic. The seals are made of TPE, i.e. thermoplastic elastomers. All these materials can be classified as harmless to health and BPA-free. In addition to the original bottles, there are also the drinking bottles with body and lid made of stainless steel. The Dopper Solid Steel convinces with a body made of 18/8 stainless steel and a cup made of tritan. This is a shatterproof and tasteless plastic. In the Dopper Steel drinking bottle, the bottle and lid are also made of 187/7 stainless steel. The Insulated Thermos bottle is made of 18/8 stainless steel inside and PP outside.

Drink water, live healthy and protect the environment

Your body needs water, that's uncontroversial. But who says you have to buy it in disposable plastic bottles at the supermarket? Nobody! The label Dopper has the mission to convince you and others to drink water from the tap. No production, no transport and above all no disposable bottles - that's good for the environment and your health. The colourful or robust drinking bottles make water and sustainability especially tasty. Choose your favourite bottle from our online shop. Or buy two in different colours and combine the individual parts of the Dopper water bottles just the way you like it.