Diadora Heritage

Diadora Heritage is the expert when it comes to blending popular retro looks with contemporary materials and modern functions. The Italian company wants one thing above all else: to share success. With the brand and collection, Diadora Heritage has succeeded in bringing back yesterday`s trendiest models and offering them to the customers of today. Sporty elegance, a fusion of retro and modern, and boundless character - this is Diadora Heritage.

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Diadora Heritage: legendary innovation

The label Diadora Heritage creates sports shoes in the style of the 70s and 80s. The brand serves to relive Diadora`s successes afresh. In this case, ‘afresh` means combining up-to-date designs with technical aspects. The word ‘heritage` is already a clear sign that the brand`s innovative collection is living up to its ancestry and honouring past successes. The label`s way of doing this is both authentic and creative - shoes by Diadora Heritage, for example, are modern, detailed, versatile and comfortable. They`re made of outstanding materials like premium leather and luxury nylon, which are breathable, hardwearing and elegant. Thanks to refined adjustments to trainers and sports shoes, you enjoy the most up-to-date standards when it comes to quality retro shoe craftsmanship and total comfort on the streets and on your sports ground. The highlight of the Diadora Heritage shoes and clothes collection is the use of bold colours and clean lines.

Italian passion, avant-garde style and technological progress

Like every other sub-brand of the Italian company Diadora, Heritage is based on decisiveness and wild passion for unique styles and functional advancement. The heads of the company are on the constant lookout for opportunities to improve their products, so Diadora always has something new to offer. This manufacturer`s mission is to bring sports, wellness and security under one roof. Apart from that, Diadora also adds a touch of typical Italian elegance to all of the shoes, sweatshirts, vests and pants in the Heritage collection.

Profound, romantic, expressive: Diadora`s hallmarks

Diadora places a high value on team spirit and, thanks to its company philosophy, the brand is seen as being profound and romantic. The symbol that forms part of the manufacturer`s logo plays a big part in this too: the mark next to the second ‘d` represents an open, stylised shoe upper. Both the founders and the current brand leaders recognise that this is the most important element when it comes to designing first-class sports, leisure or work shoes. The symbol is also representative of Diadora`s handmade origins. The company was founded in 1948 by Marcello Danieli, a professional cobbler who specialised in functional shoes from day one: mountaineering boots, ski boots, après ski shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes, football shoes and basketball shoes have all been added bit by bit to the Diadora selection. Some of them are even part of the Diadora Heritage collection.

A successful, athletic interplay between yesterday and today

The Keller x shop offers different highlights from the Diadora Heritage collection. The wide selection of products on our online shop is made up of both colourful trainers and classic black-and-white ones. You`ll also discover casual-functional pants, vests and sweatshirts for your sports, leisure time and work. Draw inspiration from this innovative, high-performance collection - on your own or, better, as part of a team. Diadora Heritage is a successful marriage of yesterday and today.