Although previously specialising in sports shoes for a wide range of disciplines, Diadora`s selection now also includes urban sportswear. The pants, jackets and hoodies feature a sporty design and look great on the streets and at the gym. Keller x offers a small but hand-picked selection of this Italian label`s products.

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Diadora - from the traditional to the modern

Diadora was founded in 1948 by Italian shoemaker Marcello Danieli. Originally, the label was meant to design shoes for mountain climbing, but a decade later it launched its first ski boots. Using his specialist knowledge and fine nose for trends, Marcello went on to design the first après ski shoes, before then moving onto the production of running and tennis shoes. In the 70s, Diadora improved its technologies massively and began to work in collaboration with top athletes like Swedish tennis player Björn Rune Borg. This led to great successes for the small company, and, in 1975, Diadora also entered the football market. With the help of Roberto Bettega and other players, the label climbed to the top of the US market for football equipment, and has been reigning over it for over 40 years.

Authentic street styles made with conviction

Success isn`t the aim for Diadora but rather the core of the creative process. The company philosophy leads to products based on technical innovation, avantgarde styles and pure passion. Diadora is known to be a global leader when it comes to quality, sports and lifestyle. No compromises, just a touch of elegance. The label owes its success to Marcello`s inventiveness, creativity and constant search for new production systems and materials. The result? Continuous progression that has been influencing the sports scene to this day. But this brand couldn`t have grown so large had it not been for the team spirit Marcello and his people at Diadora are part of. This teamwork is reflected even in the brand name: "Dia-dora" is Greek for "sharing gifts and honours".

Always up to date - innovation for comfort

How are you supposed to make shoes for athletes if you don`t know what they require? This is what Marcello thought too, so Diadora`s been working with a variety of sports professionals for around 70 years. Thanks to this collaborative work, the label is always coming up with new technologies - these are put through their paces during testing and improved all the time. The goal is to achieve a top performance. For this reason, shoes and clothes by the Italian brand are hardwearing and robust. They offer all of the benefits of professional sportswear product and guarantee superb functionality. Take the sophisticated moisture management system for example: in Diadora t-shirts, tracksuits and pants you`ll sweat significantly less than usual and will stay nice and fresh even in hot temperatures. This is because the perspiration is quickly drawn to the surface of the material so that it can evaporate. Apart from this, all models are breathable and made of skin-friendly fabrics.

Diadora is so much more than just practical streetwear chic

Looking for comfortable, uncomplicated clothes that look edgy or even bold? Diadora sportswear is the right choice for you. You`ll enjoy the comfort and freedom of movement you need from high-quality fabrics worked into Italian street style-inspired designs for a completely unique look. Young, dynamic yet lighthearted, Diadora sportswear provides both quality and functionality. Check out the label`s benefits for yourself and shop the latest collection on Keller x - you won`t regret it.