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Premium materials, high-quality workmanship and a timeless, simple design - buy jackets by Descente ALLTERRAIN online now at Keller x. Learn more!

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Minimalism at its best: the Japanese label Descente Allterrain is premium sportswear without show-off logos, ballast or fancy bells and whistles. The function, freed of unnecessary features, is in the foreground. A targeted reduction to what really counts, true to the mantra of the brand, "form follows function". And this guiding principle is not an empty promise, but visible: in every detail, in excellent quality, less is just more.


"Programme" is the key theme at Descente Allterrain. Since 1930, the Japanese brand from Ishimoto Shoten has been designing superlative sportswear. Their goal was and is to provide athletes with "allterrain" equipment - for every terrain and every situation. Originally a company for men's outerwear, Descente Allterrain achieved international success by specialising in its core competence: sportswear. The first breakthrough came in 1950: the legendary baseball uniforms made of specially shrunk cotton were considered must-haves for baseball players. But it is not just fans of popular ball sports who appreciate the high-quality pieces. Ski athletes soon followed. The hype surrounding the activewear got bigger. In collaboration with Japan's first ski professional, Kazyoshi Nishimura, Descente Allterrain designed uncompromisingly perfected ski clothing. In 1961, the official three-part arrow logo, representing a fast-paced descent on a mountainside ("descente") came into being.


Descente Allterrain captivates with a clean look. The technically sophisticated collections are unisex, timeless and ageless. An optical reduction to essentials, purely for the purpose of functionality - something that has long ceased to appeal to just athletes. For many a season, sport has been influencing fashion like nothing else. The current Athleisure hype has made sporty materials and comfort shapes a trend and conquered the catwalk. Haute couture labels such as Chanel, Balenciaga or Miu Miu have cycling tights, trekking pants and hoodies - even sneakers are designed with an overload of accessories and oversized soles to the very limits of wearability. The fundamental question behind the trend: why forego the comfort and support of activewear in everyday life? A change in fashion philosophy towards everyday comfort, which makes sports pieces such as the revolutionary Descente Allterrain Mizusawa Mountaineer Down Jacket a must-have for trend setters.


The innovative technical implementation of the Descente Allterrain collection is as impressive as the quality it delivers. Cuts are not made on dolls, but made with meticulous precision - with a 3D design technique called "Motion 3", which simulates original materials realistically from paper and thus enables even more accurate fitting. Even basic models like the Descente Allterrain Mountaineer Anchor Jacket are over-achievers. Visible seams? None. Descente Allterrain Pieces are not quilted, but welded thanks to the Supersonic technology. This is not just an optical innovation, but a functional one too. Of all the models, the Descente Allterrain Mizusawa Mountaineer, the first waterproof down jacket with maximum comfort and functional performance, is a real high-spec model and highlight of the current collection. Here, too, the non-quilted thermal bonding and the seam band structure ensure high water resistance and prevent the annoying leakage of down at the seams. Their clever hooded system gives water and snow no chance. Cold and heat regulation has also been revolutionised: a mesh panel between the two front zips sucks in air from the outside to prevent heat and moisture build-up inside.


Are you, like us, always on the look-out for go-to pieces which will do justice to your lifestyle and optimise your life? In our Keller x assortment, you will find the crème de la crème of such pieces, which have everything: style, quality and function. And we are certain of one thing: Descente Allterrain Premium jackets not only impressed in the Mountain Performance category at ISPO 2013 - they will impress you too. Get your own styles that will make you love the winter, whether on the ski slopes or in city life, now.