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Pull it over, snuggle in and feel at home: A hoodie conveys a feeling of security like hardly any other item of clothing. The soft, casual sweatshirts with attached hoods are among the most popular basics of our time and it's hard to imagine the streetwear scene without them. The reason? The interest in normcore, so-called unisex fashion, is experiencing its "all time high" in fashion and genderless jumpers like sports sweatshirts or hoodies are celebrated by both men and women alike. Learn more!

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But it wasn't always like this: the history of sweatshirts goes back to 1920s New York, where a woman in a hoodie would probably still have caused a sensation. The name reveals the original function of the jumpers made of cotton jersey: sweatshirts were originally invented by the sportswear label Champion as a practical work utensil to protect workers in New York cold stores from the extreme cold. The warming effect of the softly roughened interior, hood and kangaroo pocket on the stomach was then quickly discovered by athletes who used the hoodies to keep warm before competitions.


Another side effect of the hoodie becomes clear when you consider the cult figure of the British outlaw Robin Hood: Hoodies offer privacy, disguise, anonymity from law enforcement. A feature that quickly became gangster romance - and makes hoodies a symbol of racial inequality and African-American resistance to this day. For a long time, sports and drug dealing were the only ways for African-Americans to gain social advancement - and hoodies with their warmth and protective function were perfect for both. With the hip-hop movement of the 1970s, marginalisation turned into coolness - and the pullover for men became an item of clothing that not only rappers wore with pride, but also fashion designers increasingly discovered for themselves.


Today, streetwear labels like Off-White, Vêtements or Balenciaga count the "hooded sweatshirt" among the highlights of their collections and hoodies are jumpers for women as well as for men. In addition to the typical sporty elements such as cut, kangaroo pocket, drawstring at the hood, zipper and cuffs at the hem and sleeves, overlength, logo prints and creative details are used. Adidas, for example, plays with the composition of two differently coloured jumpers into one or with the elegant interpretation of hoodies into sweat dresses as an extra-long jumper for women. This shows: The cotton jersey jumper, originally conceived as workwear, has great fashion potential. As part of the athleisure trend and the accompanying logo mania, not only the original brand Champion but also other sportswear labels such as Fila, Nike or Adidas are experiencing a popularity boom and dropping one hoodie model after another.


Sweatshirts owe their popularity not only to their style factor and functionality, but also to their comfort. The cotton jersey from which the jumpers are made is knitted in one piece on circular machines. The clue here is that an extremely soft lining thread on the back of the fabric creates the typically cuddly soft interior of the hoodies. This so-called "lining fabric" ensures that sweatshirts are thicker than T-shirts and thus warmer, even though they are made with the same thread thickness. Unfortunately, the cosy factor of sweatshirts does not last forever: as the inner fibres are roughened during the shearing process, the soft inside hardens after some time due to washing or abrasion. However, this is only the case with hoodies that are lined on the inside: for warmer temperatures, jumpers have been developed that are made of thinner cotton and do not have a soft lining on the inside, but rather an air-permeable rougher surface.


Of course hoodies look good with matching sweatpants. Thanks to athleisure, such a head-to-toe sports look is now also quite suitable for everyday wear and is styled by fashion pioneers not only with sneakers but also with Dr. Martens boots with platform soles or statement heels. But it can also be less all-in. Hoodies are key pieces when it comes to the art of layering. Oversized models are worn over shirts, shirts or dresses as well as under leather jackets or trench coats, making a look not only temperature-resistant but also stylish. Playing with style breaks is particularly popular in the street style scene. Pleated skirts, transparent maxi dresses or mini skirts made of patent leather suddenly become casual streetwear pieces with hoodies. Models and style icons like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski also show that hoodies are the perfect way to dress up or down: Hoodies are the perfect solution for taking some of the danger out of hard-to-wear or too-sexy garments - think crisp cycling shorts or skin-tight leather leggings, for example - and adding some casualness.


If you can't get enough of hoodies at home on the couch, you can instantly make the look suitable for everyday and even the office with an oversized blazer over it. The contrast between elegant tailoring and a sporty pullover works particularly well with neon-coloured hoodies like the Iconic Sweatshirt by Puma or with oversized logo emblems like the Trefoil Warm-Up Hoodie by adidas Originals or with the Lacoste Croc Sweatshirt. The ultimate chic, however, is minimalist tone-on-tone styling, which also works with jumpers for men and women: A simple hoodie like the Urban Sweatshirt by Peak Performance with suit or cloth trousers in the same shade is a refreshing new take on sporty chic. Discover your future favourite hoodie now in the innovative Keller x range.