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Cult sports trends have long since conquered the catwalks of this world and enrich the wardrobe with young everyday fashion. Stiff-looking cuts, boring designs and bland style are out. Long live the dynamic outfit! At Keller x you'll find the latest sports fashion that you can also wear on your trip to the city. Learn more!

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Athleisure - sporty fashion as a cult

Are you passionate about sports, but reluctant to swap your comfortable workout clothes for conventional everyday fashion? Then you're in the best of company and can browse extensively in our range for trendy sportswear. The athleisure trend makes it possible for you to get on your bike straight after university and finish off the evening in the gym with a sweaty workout - without the hassle of changing clothes. Nowadays, it's in to present yourself as athletically as possible in attractive sportswear, even when strolling through the city. Your style is casual and relaxed, but not too loose. Combine close-fitting training trousers with casual sweatshirts, sneakers, a fitness watch and other sporty accessories. A wide range of designs and visually appealing cuts provide the fashionable accents.

Clothing with added value

With sportswear, you are not only the centre of attention visually, but you also benefit from above-average quality. The sportswear is made of high-quality materials, some of which are innovative high-tech designs. Breathable equipment is just as natural as excellent moisture transport. You don't sweat in the clothing, even if you really exert yourself. The material ensures that sweat reliably escapes to the outside and you feel pleasantly dry. Mesh inserts in summer models provide additional air circulation and freshness. Clever details such as reflective elements on some garments increase your safety in road traffic. Elastic cuffs and a stretchy fit further increase comfort. In short, you'll find many of the practical refinements in everyday sportswear that the professional models are also equipped with.

Designer sportswear for different occasions

A good fit and a comfortable cut are always welcome. That's why the number of people who like to wear sportswear not only for training but also in their free time and even at work is increasing. Sporty clothing is just as present in an urban setting as it is at school, at university, at a folk festival, on a trip to the countryside or when travelling. You can even find particularly hip models in the disco. Exclusive sports fashion is accepted almost everywhere. However, there are a few exceptions. If you wear tracksuit bottoms at your desk in an advertising agency or in a young and dynamic company, your colleagues will certainly think it's okay. In a bank or insurance office, you should maintain the required seriousness and perhaps prefer to wear a suit and tie to work. Work is not always a comfortable thing.

The advantages and disadvantages of sports fashion

Fashionable sportswear can be used universally. You can move freely in it and benefit from a quality and functionality that you would otherwise only find in professional sports fashion. That's why sportswear is so popular for everyday wear and leisure. However, casual sports fashion unfortunately does not suit every occasion.


  • sporty design
  • High wearing comfort
  • Light fabric quality
  • Good moisture transport for a dry feeling
  • breathable
  • quick drying
  • easy to clean


  • not always suitable for upmarket occasions and the office

Dress up now!

Casual yet chic, comfortable yet sophisticated - you'll be the ultimate eye-catcher in this sportswear. Take your time and look for the pieces that suit your type. At Keller x, you can get a whole new wardrobe, but you can also buy pieces that you can combine perfectly with what you already own. Enjoy the fun of discovering the latest styles and let yourself be inspired by the wide range of colours and designs from well-known brands.