Iconic sports trends have long taken over the world`s catwalks and filled everyone`s wardrobes with youthful everyday fashion. Angular cuts, boring designs and stale styles are out. Long live the dynamic outfit! On Keller x, you can find the latest sports fashion to incorporate into your city trip. Read more! Learn more!

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Athleisure - sporty clothes have gained cult status

You enjoy practising sports but you don`t like using your comfortable training clothes as everyday wear - sound like you? Well, you`re in the best of company - just browse through our selection and discover popular sportswear. Thanks to the athleisure trend, it`s now possible to get straight onto your bike after uni and head to the gym for an evening workout without having to change clothes once! It`s also "in" to stroll around the city sporting athletic clothes. Your style is casual and relaxed but not overly loose. Slim-fitting training pants combine with a light sweatshirt, trainers, a fitness watch and one or two sporty accessories. The vast selection of designs and attractive cuts guarantee a modern touch where you need it.

Clothes that mean so much more

With sportswear, you won`t only be the centre of attention but also benefit from superb quality. Sports clothes are made of high-quality materials, some of which are equipped with innovative technologies. Breathable properties are to be expected, as is excellent moisture transport. In this kind of clothing, you`ll never get sweaty when you push your limits because the material draws perspiration away from the skin, so you can feel nice and dry. Mesh panels on summer models add extra air circulation and freshness. Clever details like reflective elements are used on certain garments to increase your security when you`re close to roads. Elasticated cuffs and hems and stretchy fits make the pieces even more comfortable to wear. In a nutshell: everyday sports fashion offers you many of the practical highlights that you get with professional sports clothes.

Designer sportswear for different uses

A good fit and a comfortable cut are always welcome, which is why there are more and more people wearing sportswear for much more than just training - leisure time and work included. In an urban setting, sporty clothes are to be seen in colleges, unis, at national celebrations, out in the countryside and on your travels. Particularly trendy models might even be seen in nightclubs. Exclusive sports fashion is acceptable practically everywhere these days, with a few exceptions. If you work for an advertising agency or as part of a young, dynamic team, then sitting at your desk in jogging bottoms won`t be a problem. If you`re part of a bank or an insurance company, you might want to choose more formal clothing like a suit and tie. Unfortunately, not all of us can work in comfort.

The pros and cons of sports fashion

Modern sports clothes are loved all over the world. You can move freely in them and enjoy quality and functionality that is only ever found in professional sports clothing. This is the very good reason why athletic clothing is so popular for every day and leisurely use. But the breezy sports fashion pieces aren`t suited to every occasion.


  • Athletic design
  • Top comfort
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Good moisture management for a dry skin feeling
  • Breathable
  • Fast-drying
  • Easy to clean


  • Not always suitable for formal occasions or work

Get yourself a new outfit now!

Casual but chic, comfortable but elegant - sportswear is the ultimate head-turner. Take some time to browse through all of our pieces and find the ones that suit your style. With Keller x, you can completely redefine your style or simply add one or two garments to complete your look. Have fun discovering the latest models and enjoy looking through the wide range of colours and designs by the most renown manufacturers.