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"Let's take the simplest product and make the most out of it" is Mike Giles` motto and the philosophy of Ciele Athletics. Functional caps for runners created with timeless designs and a creative "Million Miles" guarantee make up the selection of this Canadian brand.

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Ciele Athletics: why complicate things when simple works?!

In our complex world, simple ideas are rare, but they`re usually the best. Mankind seems to want more and more all the time and nothing ever seems to be enough. In reality, we don`t need lots of things, we just need a few things that last a long time thanks to good craftsmanship and a clever design. Attractive designs are important but certainly not the be all and end all. Simple can be effective - this is the concept that founders Jeremy Bresnen and Mike Giles apply through their brand Ciele Athletics. They`ve taken a simple product and taken it to another level. They haven`t revolutionised running caps but redesigned and redefined them. The result? Caps that can`t beaten on functionality.

Need is the mother of invention...

Bresnen is an enthusiastic runner himself, and he wanted to create a product related to his passion. In 2014, he got a brainwave to make running caps. He`d spent years looking for the perfect practical model for his own personal use but failed, so he decided to get together with his buddy Mile Giles and make functional caps that were significantly better than the competition. And so, Ciele Athletics was born. The caps have a unique design and construction, which is what catapulted the brand into international fame. Nowadays, many runners wear Ciele Athletics - from style-conscious casual joggers and ambitious amateurs to marathon runners.

What makes Ciele Athletics running caps special

Ciele Athletics running caps are high-quality and crafted with great attention to functional details. They offer everything runners could wish for: the breathable COOLwick mesh makes the caps breathable, so you can look up without getting sweat in your eyes. The first-class, moisture-wicking knitted fabric has a cooling effect and allows warm air to escape. This fabric is both at the back and at the sides of each cap. Ciele Athletics caps are also extremely light. Last but not least, they`re easy to store and you can wash them in the washing machine without having to worry about damage. Highlights include the reflective details at the front and back and the UPF 40 around the front, back and rim of the cap.

An effective team for great successes

Jeremy Bresnen and Mike Giles are a very compatible team. Like yin and yang, their abilities and knowledge complement each other`s. While Bresnen contributes overall knowledge on the technical and aesthetic aspects of caps, Giles is at home in the logistics and production departments of the company. Their combined know-how is reflected in the globally successful brand they`ve built together and the caps it manufactures. You have several Ciele Athletics models to choose from on Keller x. Whether you prefer classic black or white, or perhaps opt for bolder reds, blues or browns, with these extraordinary caps you`ll enjoy an unbeatable running experience and can rest assured that you`re covered for the next million miles.