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Just like in competition, the same applies in everyday life: those who believe in themselves achieve their goal. "Embrace your inner champion" is the motto of the Brand Champion. Learn more!

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Champion is constantly evolving and remains true to its guidelines. Use every day as a chance to be your own champion. READ MORE READ LESS


Behind the ambitious brand name Champion is an equally ambitious philosophy. The label sees every day "as a new chance to take yourself to the next level. We can't all be the strongest or the fastest, but we can all be the best version of ourselves". Something that every (future) champion works towards. And it is for these people that the sports brand designs its collections. Champions in the gym, champions in everyday life, champions in the office or champions in the sports field - it does not matter, because there is a champion in every one of us.


"There can be many competitors, but only one champion" said the sports brand of itself, which was founded in Rochester in 1919. Founded by the Feinbloom brothers, the company specialised in sportswear right from the start. Keen to support future champions, the brand initially provided university sports teams with jerseys. From the close cooperation with the sports teams and their coaches, the famous "Reverse Weave" material of the hoodies came into being in the 1940s. The objective of the patented textile production was to prevent the jerseys from shrinking when they were all thrown together into the washing machine after the game. "Reverse Weave" is derived from how the fabric works. In order to prevent retraction in the vertical direction, the fabric was processed in the transverse direction. Smart and, most of all, robust. Another processing innovation of Champion hooded tops: side panels on cuffs, hem and necklines which also provided heat regulation during and after sporting activity - and still guaranteed freedom of movement. The innovative quality of the Champion sportswear did not go unnoticed and made the brand a legend. Fun fact: Champion also designed the first sports bra for women in 1977. An innovation for which every female athlete will gratefully fall to her knees.


After the initial outfitting of universities around 1920, Champion collaborated with the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) in licensing programs in the 1960s, eventually culminating in a partnership with the National Football League (NFL) in the 1970s. Big time, big goals, big champions - over time, the brand even became the official outfitter of all 27 National Basketball Association (NBA) teams. Champion's reputation as a pioneer in American sports was assured: the golden age for the NBA was equally golden for the Champion brand, which became known as the NBA partner for the authentic merchandising items of American basketball which are still highly sought after to this day.


Champion can now look back on a century of experience and success. And the typical blue and red "C" worn by artists, athletes and creatives around the world has become a symbol of authenticity. However, the Champion-C is not quite as old as the brand itself. The current logo established itself in 1950 - until then it had changed colour several times and appeared only in the inner label. The typically discreet placement on the chest has become a trademark. But in the wake of the athleisure hype, Champion put more emphasis on the logo and soon, the XXL prints on hoodies and T-shirts in particular became popular. Current highlight of the streetwear scene: funny packs with the Champion logo, which is worn across the chest.


Maybe the reason why Champion has been a big player in the sportswear business for nearly 100 years is because the brand is constantly evolving. It engages in current trends and movements - and not just in terms of style. Its personnel management and production are now as sustainable as possible. Champion sees combating the exploitation of textile workers in the fashion industry as its mission - and along with the other brands of the Hanes Australasia Group, has received Grade A in the Ethical Fashion Report of the Baptist World Aid in Australia for prioritising people and nature.


Champion can proudly identify itself as the one brand that popularised the most popular sportswear piece of the 20th century: hoodies. An originally thoroughly functional garment designed to keep athletes warm during workouts or off-season. Comfort, freedom of movement, cuddle factor. And this is another reason why Champion is even more popular today - because with the trend of athleisure, this kind of comfortable and yet stylish activewear pieces have become suitable for everyday use and fashionable. Champion hoodies have become an athleisure legend - and are no longer worn only by athletes, but also by the fashion crowd - at Fashion Week as well as in the office.


An exciting fusion of sports and fashion: Champion shirts in white and pink are suddenly combined with vinyl skirts and mom jeans (hello Instagramability!) by the fashion elite. Men wear Champion sneakers with a blazer in the office, in the club, girls wear Champion logo caps with glittering bling earrings. A hype that has made many athleisure fans searching frantically in the depths of their closet: did I used to have a Champion hoodie? If not, do not worry: in our innovative Keller x range, you are guaranteed to find the piece you are looking for.