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Carhartt WIP is always reinventing itself and yet remains reliable: with each new collection, you get fresh and casual styles for everyday life between the street and work. Started as a pure workwear brand, they have long since become an icon in streetwear. Learn more!

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Only a year after its founding, carhartt WIP can already be seen in the cult film "La Haine" and quickly gains importance in the street scene. The Pieces are characterized already then and until today by functionality, robustness and timelessness. Through the connections to workwear, skateboarding, music, film and art carhartt WIP creates a uniqueness and above all high authenticity.


From London to the whole world: In 1997, carhartt WIP opened its first store in London. Meanwhile, the iconic pieces are sold in over 80 stores worldwide.

What is the difference between carhartt WIP and carhartt?

carhartt was founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt in the USA and still produces rugged workwear today. Carhartt WIP is only founded in 1994 by Edwin Faeh and combines authentic adaptations of traditional carhartt workwear while engaging with the subcultures that shaped it.


Is carhartt WIP just a clothing manufacturer?

No way! Carhartt WIP has, among other things, its own skate team, runs its own music department and is involved in many collaborations with artists, musicians and other creatives that go far beyond the clothing sector.

"Carhartt WIP is just really a timeless and amazing product that traces back to something real." Matthew Williams



Carhartt WIP: Work never stops

When Edwin Faeh brought Carhartt to Europe in 1994, he attached an acronym to it: WIP. Work in Progress. A mantra as a translation job. Carhartt's US workwear was to find its place on the old continent - and more. Because work in progress also fuels the excursion out of one's own bubble. So Carhartt WIP never looks exclusively down the tunnel of apparel production. Fashion serves as a link. To art. To music. To the street. The brand now has its own skateboard team, a music department and a radio station. It publishes, works with artists and streetwear stars. Carhartt WIP always seeks exchange. Because the company sees its numerous coops as a source. For new ideas. For inspiration. In order to always go back to its roots for its creations. Because to this day, the label still cultivates the workwear approach. Only it is never thought through to the end. Work never stops...

Carhartt WIP: Workwear X High-Tech

Detroit's hard workers shouldn't have to constantly spend their money on new clothes because the old ones were no longer up to the hustle. That's why Carhartt tinkered with high-quality workwear when it was founded. Durability. Function. The cold shoulder for even the worst weather. Three pillars of Carhartt's first collections - the foundation of Carhartt WIP's creations. Because the workwear theme can be found in almost all creations. Especially in the material. It is often firm and thick. Canvas or flannel can be found just as often as robust cotton. On the one hand. Work in progress also means rethinking the familiar. That's why the brand works with GORE-TEX, among others. Even more functionality. Constant style. Workwear meets high-tech.

Discreet and relaxed: Carhartt WIP at Keller x

Hard work speaks for itself. So Carhartt WIP doesn't throw its logo, the famous "C", onto its apparel with a running start so that it spreads over as large an area as possible. The brand also mostly avoids oversized lettering. Instead, it places everything discreetly - and stays true to the workwear idea when it comes to colours. Pastel and earth tones dominate. Now and then camouflage or a touch of batik are mixed in. You get shirts with discreet breast pockets or a relaxed check look. There are also casual to wide cuts and relaxed fits. After all, if you work all the time, you need the necessary freedom of movement for the next big step. In addition, there are various collaborations with streetwear institutions such as Fragment Design, Junya Watanabe, Nike and Motown. Curious? Find your Carhartt WIP style at Keller x.

Beanies X Hoodies X Pants

Beanies and hoodies by Carhartt WIP belong to the street like lampposts and road markings. As a simple canvas, they like to be the style chameleon: there's a matching version for every style. You'll feel the same way with the brand's Nimbus windbreakers and crewnecks. And down below? The Rebel and Newel Pant leave all style doors open. Here's an overview of the different styles from Carhartt WIP for men and women:

  • Hoodies
  • Trousers and cargo trousers
  • Shirts and sweatshirts
  • Beanies and caps
  • Jackets
  • Socks
  • Bags and other accessories

Discreetly styled with Carhartt WIP

The reliable companion for the flashy vintage shirt, whose restraint stands on its own. Which could be combined almost at will. That's exactly where Carhartt WIP comes in. Hoodies. T-shirts. Crewnecks. Shirts. Jackets. Trousers. Everything is designed so that you can always find the right fashion companion.

Carhartt WIP X Nike Blazer X CÔTE&CIEL

Carhartt WIP takes the penchant for relaxed street style to the extreme - and Nike provides the matching sneaker accompaniment. In the past, the blazer moved between the NBA parquet and the asphalt of New York's street courts. Today, it is just as stylishly inscribed in the golden book of street style as Carhartt WIP's workwear. The crossbody bag to match the look? CÔTE&CIEL supplies it - and you can find it all at Keller x.