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Did you know that a tiger can jump a distance of 6 metres? With quality shoes by ASICS Tiger, you`ll feel like you`ve got the strength and speed of the largest cat in the world yourself! Trainers with the characteristic tiger stripes are athletic companions for everyday life and for people with high expectations.

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Security and comfort for everyday life

ASICS Sportstyle, formerly known as ASICS Tiger, creates trainers with special Gel technology. This cushioning provides the wearer with pure comfort while walking and running. It allows you to stroll along the streets as lightfooted as an elegant tiger. ASICS Tiger first came into the limelight in the mid 80s, when it launched the innovative Alpha Gel technology. This technology provides the perfect amount of padding and cushions every stride - similar to a tiger`s paw pads when it`s patrolling its terrain. Apart from comfort, ASICS Tiger`s first class shoes provide a feeling of security thanks to the foamed rubber outsole and the reinforced toe box. Many of the brand`s trainers sport these features.

ASICS Tiger - a healthy sole in a healthy body

Kihachiro Onitsuka, from Japan, founded the sports brand Onitsuka Tiger in 1949. It was during the merge with GTO Sports Nets & Sportswear in 1977 that the mother company of ASICS Tiger got the name we know it by today: ASICS. The choice of name came down to creative inspiration. Ancient Roman poet Juvenal invented the popular Latin phrase "Mens sana in corpore sano" - ASICS made an alternative version of the figure of speech, "Anima sana in corpore sano", took the initials of all five words and turned them into the brand name "ASICS", which is a very good representation of what the company aims to achieve: the physical and mental wellbeing of its customers by means of excellent products. This ambitious goal applies to the sub-brands just as much as it does to the main brand ASICS. ASICS Tiger has been one of these sub-brands since 1981.

High-quality trainers with extraordinary retro charm

Shoes by the label ASICS Tiger have a very characteristic hallmark: the so-called tiger stripes. These tiger stripes decorate all of the brand`s trainers and distinguish them from those of all the other brands out there. The tiger is a very important figure in Japanese and other Asian cultures. Attributes like "king of the jungle" or "ruler of the animal kingdom" mean that this big cat has a particular emotional draw on the Asian peoples. Several ancient tribes even revered the tiger as a God, so it`s only natural that the Japanese company ASICS should have a sub-brand that pays homage to the animal with high-quality trainers embellished with elegant tiger stripes. The shoes are also often designed in retro styles typical of the 80s and 90s.

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In our shop, you`ll find ASICS Tiger trainers for women and men. One thing that makes this brand different is that some of the models are just as suited to men as they are to women. The athletic products serve to add a touch of elegant sportiness to your outfit. Whether you opt for classic colours like pure white, beige, black or grey or prefer shoes highlighted with purple or blue details, you`ll find the perfect footwear for your everyday life. We offer you everything you`re looking for. The robust trainers are perfect for spring, summer and autumn and, if cared for properly, they`ll last you for years. Discover your inner tiger every day!