adidas Superstar

Basketball revolution meets streetwear icon with its own hip-hop track. The story of the adidas Superstar is enough for two or three sneaker series, yet never keeps the shoe in the past. Its clean design full of character transports the Superstar loosely into every streetwear era and has also served as a canvas for various icons from pop culture. Learn more!

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The adidas Superstar

"With no shoe string in em..." Run DMC did not provide a generally valid carrying instruction. But Reverend Run, D.M.C and Jam Master Jay were responsible for the big push of the second career of the adidas Superstar. The tracksuits. The sneakers worn without laces. The tongue exposed during the push. In addition a separate track. What began as a basketball shoe revolution in 1970 used the second educational path to metamorphose into a streetwear and pop culture essential. The basic idea was as simple as it was effective. Canvas sneakers, especially the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star, had served the NBA well for years. But now the players were looking for something new. They wanted more stability, more cushioning and therefore switched to leather high top models. What was missing was the flat cut alternative. Enter, adidas Superstar. The first basketball shoe ever to combine low-top silhouette with leather uppers, it also brought more stability and cushioning.

An offer that the superstars of the league could not refuse. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar celebrated his Skyhook in the new adidas creation. Jerry West, the model for the NBA logo, also slipped the superstar over it - and at one point even 75 percent of the league wore it. But at some point, every revolution mutates into normality, later into a relic. The progress. He could not stop the adidas Superstar. Instead, the sneaker changed direction. Run DMC brought him into pop culture, dedicated their track "My Adidas" to him, drove the metamorphosis forward and later even signed a deal with a sports brand as the first music act. The adidas superstar quickly cemented his status as an essential for the cultivated streetwear appearance. Pop culture had taken a liking to adidas' character silhouette and immediately adopted it. Missy Elliot created her own superstar variations just like Pharrell Williams. Collaborations with Prada and model Blondy McCoy were added to the collection and Run DMC also received their own adidas Superstar for the anniversary. In the basic setup first with Laces, of course.

Characteristics of the adidas Superstar

Expressing character without turning the volume control too intrusively is an art that hardly any sneaker can master as relaxed as the superstar. The three adidas stripes plus the Trefoil logo. The minimalist design in its original form doesn't need much more. Except for that one detail that sets the Superstar apart from the crowd and from Stan Smith, who appeared almost at the same time, based on the same sole and heel construction: The thick rubber toecap, whose characteristic pattern gave the sneaker the nickname Shell Toe and is the starting point for the sneaker's clean leather upper. Similarly essential for the silhouette is the low cut. By the way, adidas' Pro Model is the high top version of the Superstar. Over the decades, new development stages, special editions and collaborations have been added.

The Vintage has a slightly flatter and finer toe cap, while the adidas Superstar 1 is similar to the model from the 80s that accompanied Run DMC to their shows. The adidas Superstar 80s, on the other hand, comes in between the other two versions. The WS1 and WS2 are again the result of an adidas internal design workshop and offer new details that break up the clean design but never betray it. For women there is also the reduced adidas Superstar Lite, which is so clean that it doesn't even need the three stripes on the side. For colder days, the adidas Superstar Boot is the perfect choice for women.

Key facts about the adidas Superstar

  • (Original) Name: adidas Superstar
  • First release: 1969
  • First colorway: White / Black
  • Designer: Design team around Chris Severn
  • Price range: 80 to 140 €

How can you combine the adidas Superstar?

It doesn't have to be the tracksuit. It works too, but on the other hand the minimalism of the adidas Superstar is wasted if you don't take full advantage of it. Jeans. Monochrome sweater. A relaxed jeans or bomber jacket. Soon the outfit is above the superstar. In the summer, a T-shirt or relaxed shirt is sufficient, plus shorts if necessary. Thanks to its clean, unobtrusive look, the Superstar can be worn in any combination, thus underlining its status as a streetwear essential.

The adidas Superstar at Keller x

The real adidas Superstar OG in white and black. With black or pastel colourways. At Keller x you can find the whole range of the adidas Superstar online and therefore also special collections like the Boot, Lite or WS1. Some of the nuances are distinguished in our adidas Superstar Store, some of them by the cut. The sneaker legend always looks reverently back to his roots and stays true to them. Choosing your personal favourite from the wide selection in our adidas Superstar Store remains the only challenge. Once you've made your choice, you can order online with ease.