adidas Supercourt

Wisdom of age without feeling old. A rare gift. The adidas Supercourt is reminiscent of clean retro tennis sneakers, but in the end it just drew on the experience of some of the most legendary silhouettes of the three stripes, translating the idea of elegant minimalism into the modern era in a relaxed way. Learn more!

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With the Supercourt, adidas looks back on 40 years of tennis style. A shoe that is made to make history as a new classic. READ MORE READ LESS


The tennis court. Almost nowhere has adidas made itself so sustainably comfortable. Not only, but of course in large part because of the long legendary Stan Smith sneaker. Some of the brand's most iconic silhouettes with the three stripes once fulfilled their basic duties on the tennis courts of the planet. This in turn demanded a very specific dress code. It had to be elegant. Simple, without being boring. Minimalist, without being suspected of being arbitrary. So with its tennis sneakers, adidas shaped the penchant for relaxed minimalism, which over the years and decades has slipped easily from the court to the street. Experience. Hands-on. Submission. Because when the Herzogenaurach company unveiled its Home of Classics collection in 2019, it bowed to its legends on the one hand. In addition to the Stan Smith, they also gave the Superstar and the Rivalry Lo a special edition. At the same time, the brand presented a new silhouette. 50 years of compressed tennis experience, perfected in a single sneaker. This idea was the inspiration for the adidas Supercourt. This idea and an intensive look into the archives. The brand took inspiration from some of its most famous sneaker silhouettes to create an image that relaxed between old and new school. Leather sneaker tradition met minimalism for a sneaker that could have easily defined the 70s. Today, it combines elegance and style in a relaxed way. Monochrome leather met a discreetly coloured midsole, happily dispensing with experiments or the desperate cry for attention. Simple tennis elegance, inspired by five decades of style, by legendary sneaker icons. This makes the Supercourt look older than it is. In the best sense of all. And adidas can get a little more comfortable while they're at it.


Simple as an art form. adidas has been celebrating it for decades and with the Supercourt pushes the mantra a little further towards the summit. Monochrome leather uppers as a starting point work anytime anyway and are reminiscent of retro sneakers from the past without ever having seen the 70s or 80s themselves. A minimally colour-contrasting midsole and outsole as well. Big brandings? The Supercourt doesn't need it. Instead, perforations on the inside and outside suggest the famous three stripes. So much for the beginning. Because adidas uses its clean silhouette to create small evolutionary steps with striking colourways, material blends of leather and nylon or special editions. The adidas Supercourt RX, for example, has a somewhat beefier midsole and thus tilts a little towards the chunky sneaker, while the upper covers half the distance from tennis sneaker to runner. Of course, the outfitter from Herzogenaurach also supplies special Supercourt women's models.


  • (Original) name: adidas Supercourt
  • First release: 2019
  • First colourway: White/Tan
  • Designer: -


Clean retro silhouettes don't draw any boundaries in the first place. An inner circle that would be preferable to all other styles is alien to them. Instead, the adidas Supercourt fits both on the street and in the office, for a slightly more expensive dinner as well as in your favourite bar. The sneaker can be stylishly worn under a wide skirt with a blouse or under tights with a wide shirt. The jeans. The chino. The tee. The hoodie. The minimalism of the Supercourt finds its place in every society.


Clean, almost monochrome leather retro style is just one face. Because in the adidas Supercourt Shop at Keller x you can order your favourite Supercourt model online in a relaxed way: With different colourways, adidas gives the Supercourt additional colour and puts it on a beefier midsole for a shot of chunkyness. The choice? You do. Also in the sale between particularly attractive adidas Supercourt offers.