adidas Stan Smith

Pharrell Williams designed his own version. A$AP Rocky likes to wear it for a walk. Sneaker magazines honour it as one of the best sneakers in history - the Adidas Stan Smith. Learn more!

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Over the decades, the Stan Smith has shown time and again what potential a sports shoe can have. From 2021, he will show us what potential an environmentally conscious sneaker can have.


Timeless. Uncomplicated. Versatile. For more than 50 years, the adidas Stan Smith has been a staple. This modern version features a recycled upper and eco-friendly construction as part of adidas' commitment to using only recycled polyester by 2024.

Style meets sustainability.

At the intersection of fashion and functionality, the new Stan Smith proves that sustainability doesn't have to come at the expense of style. The white PRIMEGREEN recycled upper stands out against an off-white outsole. The golden lettering adds a subtle eye-catcher.


Timeless in the truest sense of the word.

As part of adidas' mission to end plastic waste, adidas Originals is relaunching its iconic sneakers with sustainable materials. Step by step, we are moving towards a greener future. Without changing its signature look, the Stan Smith has been given a recycled upper as part of the Primegreen series. Primegreen comprises various recycled functional materials. 50% of the upper is made from recycled materials. Made without the use of newly produced polyester. Because style and sustainability should not only go hand in hand - they also belong on your feet.




When Robert Haillet ended his career in 1971, things took a turn that Stan Smith could never have expected. Back in 1965, adidas had launched the first tennis shoe with a leather upper, starting a small revolution. As with the adidas Superstar, the big brother from the basketball court, the new material construction provided more support, thus protecting ligaments and the ankle. Players who benefited from the new set-up were soon talking about the best shoe in the industry. Horst Dassler's concept had worked.

However, the son of Adi Dassler, the company's founder and godfather, did not want to leave it at that. In order to make the new sneaker even more popular, he looked for a face and ended up with Robert Haillet, who initially lent his name to the new shoe. Until he resigned in 1971 and the search began again. The course of events. It led Horst Dassler via the agent Donald Dell directly to Stan Smith. He had previously sprinted back and forth along the baseline in the canvas shoes that were common at the time - and successfully, too.

In 1971, the American Stan Smith won the US Open and even Wimbledon the following year. The brand got its new face for its tennis shoe, Smith received an outfitter contract that guaranteed him all-embracing marketing as well as shares in the sales of the sneaker. The classic "we win, you win" situation. Nevertheless, it was not until 1978 that adidas renamed its sneaker "adidas Stan Smith", but then also printed Smith's profile on the tongue. Icons are not created overnight.

Its clean design almost merged with the tennis court, but fit just as well on the street, and so the adidas Stan Smith opened the door to the fashion world. Even more intensively, after adidas had inserted a small marketing stunt: anyone who wanted to buy a new Stan Smith between 2012 and 2013 was left disappointed. The assortment. Suddenly it was poorer by one of its most prominent members.

To free it from its role as a mass product, adidas simply stopped production of the Stan Smith. Demand through shortage. The plan worked. Completely. In 2014, the sneaker made its comeback, not quietly, of course. Pharrell was sent his own model, Giselle Bündchen posed on the cover of Vogue Paris with the adidas Stan Smith. New colourways gave the clean, legendary silhouette a new look.

They were joined by variants with Boost cushioning or Primeknit uppers. Suddenly A$AP Rocky and Pharrell were wearing a sneaker that started out in tennis and eventually found its way to the sale department. Along came collaborations with Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3, Raf Simons and Pharrell himself. The adidas Stan Smith even appeared in songs. And today, adidas has sold over 50 million Stan Smith sneakers. Nobody could have expected that in 1971.


Clean. A single word is enough to aptly convey the first, second and third impressions of the adidas Stan Smith. The sneaker is traditionally white, with green highlights on the heel in the original, which have long since been dyed differently. On top, adidas' Trefoil logo shines and below it a Stan Smith lettering, while Smith's profile adorns the tongue. The famous three stripes? Just hint at perforations inside and out.

What counts is minimalism and simplicity. The reduction to the essential. This is also reflected in the different colourways and variants that we also have in our adidas Stan Smith range. Some models are made of suede instead of the usual smooth leather and say goodbye to clean white. Others replace the shoe laces with three Velcro fasteners. What remains constant is the clean design, without which an adidas Stan Smith is simply not an adidas Stan Smith.


  • (Original) Name: adidas Robert Haillet
  • First release: 1965
  • First colourway: White / Green
  • Designer: -
  • Price range: 80 to 120€


Those who seem to have invented visual restraint always find the right accompaniment everywhere. With its clean silhouette, understated colourways and discreet look, the adidas Stan Smith goes perfectly with any minimalist outfit. The dark jeans.

The relaxed overshirt. Monochrome style. Everything looks like it was made for each other. You can also wear the adidas Stan Smith with a hoodie and combine the cult sneaker with a T-shirt or crewneck. Chinos also work in combination with the Stan Smith.


Nuance creates the difference. With the Stan Smith, just a few differently coloured patches bring a completely different look, a new exterior - and at Keller x you can find the sneaker in the adidas Stan Smith Shop with the classic green as well as black or sky blue details. White leather is a must, of course.

However, the pastel suede version also works well and you can fasten your new shoe with Velcro instead of tying it. Of course, you can order the sneaker online at Keller x and have it delivered to your home.