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adidas expands its innovative city-inspired MYSHELTER Jacket collection with the introduction of the MYSHELTER 4IN1 PARKA. Created with outdoor technology and expertise to enable wearers to own the elements as they navigate fluctuating city environments, the MYSHELTER 4IN1 PARKA offers the perfect blend of function and style.


The new parka was developed following research into the climate, weather conditions, and seasonal transitions of major global cities around the world, including London, New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo. With these cities experiencing volatile weather changes at minimal notice, including humidity, wind, light snow and rain, as well as extended hours of darkness across the winter months, the MYSHELTER 4IN1 PARKA was designed for all-day and night adaptability, allowing wearers to move seamlessly between the elements across different times of the day as part of modern city life.


What are the parts that make up the 4IN1 PARKA?

Consisting of two pieces, the versatile garment offers a unique 4-in-1 approach to design and styling that enables the wearer to easily adapt to transitioning weather. A stylish water repellent parka made with WIND.RDY fabric – a densely-woven yet breathable material – to help wearers feel protected and confident by resisting wind whilst enabling sweat to escape. The insulated kimono piece is made using a water repellent fabric that offers 140g of padding per yard for warmth against colder spells, a popper closure for adaptable styling, and is mid-hip length to enable the pieces to be effortlessly layered. Both shell and lining are made from 100% recycled Polyester. Both garments reveal the design inspiration of city lights at night with an all-over reflective graphic on the insulated kimono, and the application of iridescent reflective elements to the branding of the parka.

In what ways can you wear the parka?

Inspired by classic parka design, this garment provides a new level of versatility. These two pieces enable city-goers to choose from four different ways to wear: Parka only – for wet yet mild days or dry windy days. Insulated Kimono – for dry colder days. Parka worn over Kimono – for dry or wet, cold, windy days. Kimono worn over Parka – for cold evenings. The all new MYSHELTER 4in1 parka is your companion for your adventures in your city. Inspired by a classic parka silhouette it combines the best of city-focused aesthetics and outdoor technology into a versatile garment. With versatile styling, high visibility and a modern oversized fit, there is no compromise needed.


“Currently with less opportunities to travel, people have the rare chance to explore and get to know their cities better than ever before. We designed MYSHELTER 4IN1 PARKA to reflect this new lifestyle, creating a functional garment that works around their day to day lives as they go about the city, from train to park, street to office.” - Laure De Kervenoael, Product Manager adidas Outdoor.





Adidas AG is a sports article manufacturer based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. Over the decades since its foundation, in 1949, adidas has become the second largest sports brand in the world. It all started off small in the 20s, when brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler launched their first sports models for runners and footballers in the Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (their joint shoe factory). They were the first to make football shoes with studs on the sole. The track and field athletes taking part in the Amsterdam Olympics wore Dassler shoes for the competitions. After the Second World War, a rift grew between the brothers, so they went their separate ways. In 1948, Rudolf Dassler founded the brand "Puma", while Adolf Dassler continued his work under the brand name "adidas".


From the very beginning, adidas has been making specialist sports clothes for both professionals and amateur athletes in different disciplines. In the years after the war, the players of the Germany national football team wore adidas shoes and, with them, brought about the "Miracle of Bern" by unexpectedly winning the World Cup in 1954. From then on, fashion sporting the three stripes was no longer limited to just German athletes: Sports teams and solo sportspeople from around the world are now wearing adidas gear. The brand is represented by not only some of the most successful athletes on the planet but also several celebrities from the music and show business industries. One reason for this is the brand`s increasing use of style elements in its pieces. The sports fashion collections are not only functional with innovative technologies but also come in the most modern designs.


The easiest way to recognise adidas clothing is by looking at the three parallel stripes, which are in a contrasting colour to the background of the product and are all three of the same width. This logo was patented at the same time the brand was founded, on 18th August 1949. The brand name is made up of the first name and surname of the founder: "adi" being a nickname for "Adolf", and "das" from "Dassler". Since 1971, the trefoil logo has also featured on many of the label`s articles as a symbol for Olympic spirit. The three leaves represent three continental plates. In 1990, the brand introduced yet another symbol: three diagonally-placed bars that form a triangle, symbolising a mountain. This logo is used to highlight "adidas Performance" products. The adidas "style" logo has been around since 2002, and it consists of a dark circle intersected by three stripes of a lighter colour.


adidas sports fashion impresses with its functional yet urban-sporty design. You can literally wear adidas from head to toe. Start off with shoes, pants, a t-shirt and jacket, and finish it off with some headgear - the German brand really does provide it all. Have a browse in our selection and find the latest articles by the second biggest sports label in the world!