Love sportswear and don`t just look for style when it comes to clothes? You should browse through Keller x to find the perfect women`s sports accessories. Here you`ll find bags, rucksacks, purses and much more, all in the latest designs. It goes without saying that all of these items are great for travelling. Read more! Learn more!

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Feminine chic for athletic women

The woman of today needs more than just clothes to wear. When she`s on the go, she wants to impress with an urban look. We have precisely what you need to complete your outfit. In our shop, you`ll find neutral models that combine perfectly with any style, and you`ll also find more extravagant models to define your look. It`s bags and rucksacks that communicate aesthetically most of all. Paired up with sportswear, they look dynamic and very long lasting, but they can also look elegant. This versatility is the dream of many women out there on the search for stylish models.

Design meets functionality

Most renowned labels are global players that have battled for a good position in the global market. Women are becoming more and more ambitious, which is reflected in the design of women`s accessories. Nowadays, products without any elegance don`t get the attention they deserve. Accessories in our online shop have gone through strict product tests to ensure they impress functionally, are reliable and were crafted with care. Quality materials can either be natural raw materials and synthetic fibres depending on the model, but they all guarantee top quality and practical value down to every single detail. The grand design is also a big plus.

Women`s accessories

The accessories in our shop are just for women. Renowned designers have created them especially for ladies, both from the point of view of style and also construction. Rucksacks have been made to fit the female anatomy, the bags were made to fit comfortably in women`s hands and the colour selection leans more towards those in popular demand among the female population. Discreet style elements will ensure you turn heads even on the most crowded streets. You`ll look great and show off your sporty, dynamic side to the world. These are accessories that you`ll love to look at every day, they`re a treat for the eyes and suit every woman out there.

The pros and cons of women`s accessories

The small extras are what can make a city outfit perfect. If you benefit from additional functionality, i.e. that you can store things in your accessory, then even better! But a coin has two sides, after all. A well-made rucksack with cleverly placed pockets might entice you into filling the bag to the brim, to the point where you take much more than you need. Just think about whether you really need that lipstick or that scarf with you all day. Other accessories like shoe cleaning sets are made to be used, so make sure it`s worth the effort before you pack them


  • Clever constructions
  • Light & compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Modern designs
  • Easy to mix and match
  • Robust and long lasting


  • Accessories only make sense when you intend to use them
  • Risk of taking too much with you

Accessories in stylish sportswear designs

You`re a sporty woman and you want the world to know, right? Well, it`s time to now only wear sportswear fashion but also kit yourself out with the matching accessories. In our online shop, you can order everything you need, be it rucksacks, sporty travel bags, vanity bags, purses and much more. Put together your own little selection so you have the perfect choice of colours and designs to opt for day to day.