Are you into sportswear and don't just want to dress smartly? Then you should browse at Keller x for the right sports accessories for women. Here you will find bags, backpacks, purses and much more in the latest design. Of course, all these things are also happy to go on the road with you. Learn more!

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Feminine chic for sporty women

Today's woman needs more than the clothes she wears. Especially when she's on the go, she wants to impress with her urban look. We have exactly what you need to complete your outfit. You'll find deliberately neutral models that can be combined with almost any style, as well as accessories in extravagant designs. The bags and backpacks in particular communicate with the eye in a clear design language. In combination with sportswear, they look dynamic and very lively. But it is also possible to make them look classy. This tremendous versatility inspires many women who opt for the stylish models.

Design meets functionality

Most of the renowned labels are global players competing in a highly competitive world market. Women are becoming more and more demanding and this is also reflected in the design of women's accessories. Without sophistication, hardly any product gets the attention it deserves. The accessories in our online shop have passed stringent product tests. The parts convince with a functionality that is in keeping with the times. They are absolutely reliable and carefully crafted. High-quality materials, made of natural raw materials or synthetics, depending on the model, guarantee high quality. Well thought-out down to the last detail, the products offer practical added value. A grandiose design is also characteristic.

Accessories for women

The accessories presented here belong entirely to women. Renowned designers have created them especially for ladies like you. This applies to the style on the one hand and the construction on the other. The backpacks fit your female anatomy perfectly. The bags look even more attractive in women's hands. The choice of colours is also typically female. Discreetly placed appliqués make you an eye-catcher even in the densest city bustle. You stand out positively and show your sporty and dynamic side. These are accessories that you also love to look at. They flatter the eye and are a compliment for every woman.

The advantages and disadvantages of women's accessories

The little extras make your appearance in the city perfect. You profit from an additional benefit, for example by keeping your things safe. But there are two sides to every coin. A well-designed backpack with cleverly positioned compartments naturally encourages you to fill them. You may end up taking more than you really need. Think carefully beforehand if a lipstick and a scarf are not enough. Other accessories like shoe shine kits want you to use them. Keep in mind that this is a hassle - logical!


  • well thought-out design
  • light and compact
  • easy to clean
  • fashionable designs
  • easy to combine
  • robust and durable


  • Accessories only make sense if you also use them
  • Risk of taking too much with you

Accessories in stylish sportswear design

You are a sporty woman and want to show it. That's why we now have not only fresh sportswear fashion, but also the matching accessories. In our online shop you can order whatever you like: backpacks, sporty travel bags, toilet bags, purses and much more. You can put together your own personal range and enjoy an above-average selection of colours and designs.